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ArticleCretan Footprints Challenge Darwin’s Out of Africa Theory, Says Study Sahir45 hours 18 min ago
ArticleHard to Grasp Relief of Man Holding His Phallus Found in Turkey Sahir07 hours 3 min ago
ArticleThe Aphrodisiacs that Spiced Up Sex Lives in the Ancient World Sahir122 hours 6 min ago
ArticleHotly Debated Origins of Pre-Inca Civilization of Tiwanaku Revealed by Genetic Study Sahir21 day 8 hours ago
Article3500-year-old Babylonian Ghost Image Discovered in British Museum Vaults! Sahir01 day 11 hours ago
ArticleMutilated Remains of a Man Trying to Escape Vesuvius Eruption Found Sahir02 days 7 hours ago
ArticleRare Artifacts Found in Two 6th Century Bavarian Graves in Germany Sahir54 days 3 hours ago
ArticleThe Iron Age Diet: Lots Of Blue Cheese and Beer, Poop Study Shows Sahir15 days 10 hours ago
ArticleThree 2000-year-old Egyptian Mummy Faces Reconstructed! Sahir25 days 21 hours ago
ArticleNeolithic Qujialing Culture Wooden Structures Uncovered in China Sahir16 days 14 hours ago
ArticleDiscovery of Tooth Reveals When Giant Hippos Roamed Britain Sahir06 days 16 hours ago
ArticleNeanderthal Camp Discovered at Princess Diana’s Althorp House Estate Sahir11 week 1 day ago
ArticleReopening Cold Case of Nestor’s Cup Burial Solves a Mystery Sahir11 week 1 day ago
ArticleViking Longboat Blows Out Entire Town’s Power Supply in Scotland Sahir01 week 3 days ago
ArticleLooters Blast Open 2500-year-old Lycian Rock-cut Tombs in Turkey Sahir11 week 4 days ago
Article1,800-year-old Roman Venus Figurine Found In England Was A Home Deity Sahir01 week 5 days ago
Article1300-year-old Prehistoric Ski Found in Norway Completes a Pair! Sahir01 week 6 days ago
ArticleMississippian Period Cave Art Tells A Tale From 6,500 Years Ago Sahir02 weeks 11 hours ago
ArticleEarly Artistic Skills Amaze at Turkey’s Neolithic Karahantepe Site Sahir12 weeks 14 hours ago
ArticleFeisty Grandma Keeps Ancient Indian Martial Art Alive Sahir02 weeks 1 day ago
ArticleArchaeological El Dorado: Stunning Golden Sun Bowl Found in Austria Sahir02 weeks 2 days ago
ArticleFour Hundred 2,000-year-old Rock Tombs Found in Blaundus, Anatolia Sahir12 weeks 4 days ago
ArticleMysterious Origins of the Etruscans: DNA Study Solves the Riddle Sahir22 weeks 5 days ago
ArticleBronze Age Bull Geoglyph Found In Siberia Is A First Sahir02 weeks 5 days ago
ArticleDivers Find Huge 1,500-Year-Old Roman Coin Hoard off The Spanish Coast Sahir02 weeks 6 days ago