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ArticleStudy of Ancient Teeth Reveals Native American Origins Lie in Siberia Cecilia Bogaard15 days 15 hours ago
ArticleKesaria Stupa: Ancient Site Commemorating the Alms Bowl of the Buddha Cecilia Bogaard03 weeks 1 day ago
ArticleThe Pyramids of Tzintzuntzan: Vestiges of the Purépecha Empire Cecilia Bogaard11 month 2 weeks ago
ArticleAztec Pyramids in Wisconsin? Welcome to Aztalan State Park Cecilia Bogaard11 month 4 weeks ago
ArticleChomping Away at Human Evolution: The Hobbit Bite of Homo Floresiensis Cecilia Bogaard21 month 4 weeks ago
ArticleEarliest European Hunting Dogs Supported Their Weak Cecilia Bogaard12 months 1 week ago
ArticleExperts Have Found the True Age of Machu Picchu Cecilia Bogaard62 months 2 weeks ago
ArticleFragments of Chinese Coins Are Evidence of World’s Oldest Minting Site Cecilia Bogaard12 months 2 weeks ago
ArticleEvidence of Earthquake Recorded in the Bible Found at City of David Cecilia Bogaard02 months 2 weeks ago
ArticleDid Japanese Population Originate with this Minatogawa Man? Cecilia Bogaard03 months 22 hours ago
ArticleValeria: Thriving Roman Holiday Resort Emerging From Abandoned Ruins Cecilia Bogaard03 months 2 days ago
ArticleCluster of Yuan Dynasty Tombs with Stunning Brick Murals Found in China Cecilia Bogaard03 months 2 days ago
ArticleThe Tollund Man Spills His Guts: New Analysis of Bog Body’s Last Meal Cecilia Bogaard03 months 3 days ago
ArticleAnchor Church Caves: Anglo-Saxon Home and Oldest House in Britain? Cecilia Bogaard03 months 1 week ago
ArticleArchaeologists Unveil 2,000-Year-Old Underground Banquet Hall in Jerusalem Cecilia Bogaard13 months 1 week ago
ArticleDiscovery of Kouros Statues Puts Euromos Temple of Zeus Lepsynos on the Map Cecilia Bogaard03 months 1 week ago
ArticleNew Findings On How Climate Affected Body and Brain Size in Genus Homo Cecilia Bogaard03 months 2 weeks ago
ArticleDiscovery of Snake Staff Leaves Archaeologist “Utterly Speechless” Cecilia Bogaard23 months 2 weeks ago
ArticleThe Araña Caves of Valencia: Entering a Bygone Era Through Rock Art Cecilia Bogaard03 months 2 weeks ago
Article6,000-Year-Old Yukon Throwing Dart Was Made Using Beaver Secretion Cecilia Bogaard24 months 1 day ago
ArticleSan Juan de Gaztelugatxe: Take a Pilgrimage to the Basque Dragonstone Cecilia Bogaard04 months 1 week ago
Article1000-Year-Old Chicken Egg in Israeli Cesspit Dubbed a “Cracking Find” Cecilia Bogaard14 months 1 week ago
ArticleThe Walls of Seville: Roman Defenses With A Very Moorish Upgrade ancient-origins05 months 1 week ago