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Should Scientists Resurrect Extinct Species?

The prospect of resurrecting species through cloning or genetic reconstruction - with tools such as CRISPR gene-editing - has caught the imagination of scientists and the public alike.

With the new advances in genetic engineering, many researchers believe it’s time to start thinking seriously about which animals we might be able to bring back, and which ones could do the most good for ecosystems. Supporters have also suggested that species revivalism could help to develop ways of saving currently endangered species.

What’s the Meaning of Giant Footprints Found Around the World?

Stories and tales about gigantic beings inhabiting the Earth occur in almost all ancient cultures and several continue to exist today. Giant human-shaped footprints have been discovered around the world and they are often thought to be millions, if not billions, of years old.

Ancient Indian Flying Machines –Truth in the Legends?


Flying vimanas, ancient mythological flying palaces or chariots, are described in Hindu and Jain texts and Sanskrit epics, of which the Pushpaka vimana of King Ravana is the most quoted example. The stories of these flying machines are abundant, fascinating, and controversial. But are they purely myth?