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Ancient Egypt & Mesopotamia


Pyramid Texts

The Pyramid Texts were funerary inscriptions that were written on the walls of the early Ancient Egyptian pyramids at Sakkara.

These date back to the fifth and sixth dynasties, approximately the years 2350-2175 B.C.E. However, because of extensive internal evidence, it is believed that they were composed much earlier, circa 3000 B.C.E.

The Pyramid Texts are, therefore, essentially the oldest sacred texts known. 

Child Tombs in KV 40


The tomb which was unmarked and only identified as a depression in the ground was known as KV 40 (Kings Valley 40):

The remains of royal children and members of the royal entourage have been found in an unmarked tomb in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt. The tomb, KV 40, was only identifiable as a depression in the ground before excavations began, but the dig revealed five subterranean chambers filled with artefacts including textiles, wooden burial equipment, large numbers of pottery fragments, as well as the mummified remains of at least 50 adults and children.


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