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Were Our Hunter-Gatherer Ancestors Better Off Than We Are?

Were our hunter-gatherer ancestors actually better off than we are?

The answer to that question has been a source of debate for a very long time.

Once agriculture revolutionized life about 10,000 years ago, humans began to find new ways to bend the elements to our will, form settlements and civilizations, create industry and technology, populate the earth to the billions - and all of the wonders and perils associated with those events.

What’s your favorite ancient site or museum virtual tour?

Are you eager to explore more ancient sites? Me too!

But travel has been difficult lately, so one way I’ve managed to keep my passion to see ancient places and artifacts alive is with virtual tours.

Many ancient sites and museums provide interactive virtual tours to take you past travel restrictions and tourist groups and transport you into the ancient past or in front of a breathtaking piece of art or an artifact you’ve only seen in pictures before.

Io - A Black Sea/Egypt Link?


Io is known from the Greek tragedy Prometheus Bound.  She is a girl who is partly a cow and she is portrayed as a total victim.   Prometheus tells her fortune which involves great wanderings from the Black Sea down to Egypt where she gives birth to a boy who will grow up to be the first king of Egypt.  I find it fascinating he’s not the first pharoah but the first king which suggests his time was before the First Kingdom.  The Greek myths hopelessly muddy the story but that seems to be the essential fact.  Then I was reading up on the founding of Byzantium (the city that became Constantinop