Ahnenerbe: Nazis and the Search for Relics


Few know of the Ahnenerbe organization, a secret society that was created by Heinrich Himmler , Hermann Wirth and Richard Walter Darre —but the names may sound familiar. Herman Wirth was a Dutch historian obsessed with Atlantis, while Walter Darre was the creator of the Nazi ‘ Blood and Soil ’ ideology, as well as the head of the Race and Settlement Office. As for Himmler, he later became known for his appointment as the leader of the SS ( Schutzstaffel).

Officially, Ahnenerbe was registered as a study society for primordial intellectual history and German Ancestral Heritage. Yet the organization was funded by members and the 3 rd Reich, and its true goal was to research the cultural history and characteristics of the Aryan race in an effort to prove that they were a god-like advanced race from which Germans were descended. (One of Himmler’s dreams was to create a new religion that would replace the Christian religion in Germany.) For that purpose, Ahnenerbe, who was integrated into the SS at about 1940, fulfilled numerous missions all over the world to search for rare relics, mythical places and ancient texts. The organization had many (50) different branches dealing with more than one hundred research projects total. Some of the branches were responsible for research in Tibet, India and archaeological expeditions. Archaeological excavations were conducted in Germany, Greece, Poland, Iceland, Rumania, Croatia and many other countries, including Africa and Russia (the occupied section). Tibet was especially a priority for the researches, and specifically the Institute for inner Asian Research.

One of the research Institutes of Ahnenerbe was dealing with the World Ice Theory , which has suggested that there are several moons in different orbits around Earth, and the approach of those planetary objects resulted in polar shifts and cataclysmic events. Scientists in the Organization also supported that Earth was created when a giant chunk of ice collided with the Sun.

Ahnenerbe also intensively searched for Atlantis and the Holy Grail all over the world.

Apart from history exploration, Ahnenerbe also conducted top-secret experiments with new technologies, some of which are thought to have involved artefacts or ancient texts that have been discovered during these expeditions. Furthermore, notorious experiments were also performed on live human beings.

The intensive work of the Organization in so many fields leaves us wondering where all this knowledge has gone. The last center at which Ahnenerbe’s work was located was in the village Waischenfeld in Bavaria. According to the information that is available, before the fortress fell into the hands of the Americans, a large number of documents were destroyed.

All the artefacts that Ahnenerbe’s organization had recovered, along with the wealth of ancient texts, information and research have forever been lost, or so we have been led to believe.

By John Black

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People believe that the Earth formed when a massive block of ice hit the sun? Unfortunately, I'm not even sure how anyone could come up with such a claim.. Why??!

I love this kind of stuff and the stories of the Bodlanders and New Berlin

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