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Hundreds of huge stone statues known as moai built by earlier residents are taken by some as evidence of a onetime much larger population.Source: Stephanie Morcinek via Unsplash/ Columbia Climate School

Study Challenges Popular Idea That Easter Islanders Committed ‘Ecocide’

Study Challenges Popular Idea That Easter Islanders Committed ‘Ecocide’ A new study is challenging the long-held belief that the ancient inhabitants of Easter Island, also known as Rapa Nui, caused...
Shea butter making in Ghana. Source: nomadphotographs / Adobe Stock.

Women's Gold: The Shea Butter Makers of Ghana (Video)

For centuries, women in West Africa have been turning shea nuts into butter, known as "women's gold", as it is the only source of income for many families in northern Ghana . However, the biggest...
Representational image of a fictional Mesoamerican city. Source: fergregory / Adobe Stock

Why Some Ancient Mesoamerican Cities Endured for Centuries

A captivating question has long intrigued historians and archaeologists: why did some ancient cities last for centuries or even millennia, while others vanished rapidly or were forgotten over time?...
Thousands of years of oysters and oyster farming by the indigenous peoples of Chesapeake Bay lay hidden in this coastal oyster shell layer. A recent study on oyster farming by indigenous peoples in Australia and North America is supplying new insights for managing highly degraded modern oyster beds.	Source: Torben Rick / Smithsonian

Ancient Australians and Americans Ate Billions of Oysters Over Millennia

Precolonial indigenous communities in Australia and North America harvested and gorged on vast quantities of oysters. Yet, this copious consumption did not cause oyster populations to crash and...
Ancient recycling discovered at the Saruq Al Hadid site. Source: Jan Kurzawa / PAP.

Ancient Metalworkers in Dubai Desert Had Sustainable Production Ethics

Archaeologists in southern Dubai unearthed evidence of upcycling at least 3,000 years-ago. Polish archaeologists discovered the ‘upcycled’ objects at the famous Saruq Al Hadid excavation site near...
Stylized artists impression of Easter Island.

Can Any Civilization Make It Through Climate Change?

A case study of the inhabitants of Easter Island served in part as the basis for a mathematical model showing the ways a technologically advanced population and its planet might develop or collapse...