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stone structures

The pre-Hispanic stone structure excavated in Mexico.

Unusual Pre-Hispanic Stone Circular Structure Found Near Mexican Village

In April near the small village of Tecacahuaco, Hidalgo in east central Mexico, a farmer exploring his land discovered an unusual circular structure made from stone, which was partially covered by...
Menga Dolmen in Malaga, Spain. Source: Tony Makepeace/CC BY 2.0

Menga Dolmen Unveiled As “The Greatest Neolithic Engineering Marvel”

A team of archaeologists has deciphered the hidden Neolithic building dynamics within Spain’s 5,700-years-old Menga dolmen . Not only were sophisticated engineering and building methodologies...
View along the length of a mustatil structure, note researchers at far end for scale. The image shows the character of these structures as two platforms connected by low walls.         Source: Huw Groucutt / Max Planck Institute

More Ancient Mysterious Stone Structures Found in Saudi Arabia

The pre-Islamic history of Saudi Arabia has been little researched, and it is only in recent years that archaeologists have begun to investigate the country’s vast deserts . Experts have found over...