Archaeological excavation with skeleton, representational image only

A 1000-Year-Old Skeleton Rises from The Grave Revealing the Secret Ingredients of a Timeworn Herbal Potion

The 1000-year-old skeletal remains of a man aged between 25 and 30 have revealed to scientists the first physical evidence that ferns were prepared into medicinal concoctions for treating a range of...
The grave of the unusually tall Bronze Age man found in Bulgaria. (Primorsko Museum of History/Nova TV) Representative image of the entrance to a tumulus near the town of Strelcha, Bulgaria.

Bulgarian Looters Couldn’t Get Their Hands on the Grave of an Unusually Tall Bronze Age Man Buried with a Severed Arm

Archaeologists in Bulgaria are fighting a battle against looting in the Black Sea town of Primorsko. Unfortunately, it seems grave robbers are getting ahead of the experts in the number of graves...