First Ever Evidence for Ancient Bone Surgery found in Peru

First Ever Evidence for Ancient Bone Surgery found in Peru - Holes Drilled in Legs

Drilling holes in the head, otherwise known as trepanation, is the earliest surgical technique known. Holes were bored into a patient’s skull in an attempt to relieve physical ailments and mental...
Mesolithic sanctuary

Mesolithic sanctuary reveals evidence of ritual and astronomical practice

Archaeologists have uncovered evidence for the practice of rituals and possible astronomical practices in Western Pomerania, dating back to the Mesolithic period, at least 9,000 years ago, according...
A reconstruction of the shaman woman’s burial at  the Hilazon Tachtit cave

First Feast? The Burial at the Hilazon Tachtit Cave Site

Excavation at the 12,000-year-old Hilazon Tachtit cave site, located in what is now Israel, led to an astonishing discovery. At the cave site, twenty-nine Natufian individuals are buried. Twenty-...
The rock art of Sego Canyon

The haunting rock art of Sego Canyon – extra-terrestrials or spiritual visions?

The sandstone cliffs of Sego Canyon are a spectacular outdoor art gallery of petroglyphs painted and carved by Native Americans peoples over a period of around 8,000 years. They are characterised by...
Rare pre-Hispanic shaft tomb uncovered in Mexico

Rare pre-Hispanic shaft tomb uncovered in Mexico

Archaeologists have uncovered an ancient shaft tomb in Colima, Mexico, containing the remains of children and small dogs, as well as the sculpture of a long-faced shaman. The intact pre-Hispanic tomb...
Himiko - Japan

Remains of building in Japan may be palace of ancient shaman Queen Himiko

Archaeologists in Japan have uncovered the remains of an ancient building that they believe was the palace of the shaman Queen Himiko , who is said to have ruled Yamatai in 3 rd century AD. Scholarly...
Shaman Rain Making in Africa

Shaman 'Rainmaking' Center Discovered in South Africa

Archaeologists in South Africa have stumbled upon an ancient shamanic rainmaking site atop a 1,000-foot-tall hill at Ratho Kroonkop,(RKK) Zimbabwe, while investigating rock art. The shamans would...