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  1. Settlement of Iceland: Viking Hrafna-Flóki’s Real Journey

    Iceland is a large Nordic island country, and one of the most sparsely populated nations in Europe. This remote island is known for its iconic North Atlantic climate and somewhat inhospitable nature.  ... colonies of Greenland , and even as far as North America, the Norse longships sailed far and wide. Viking ...

    Aleksa Vučković - 17/07/2020 - 23:00

  2. Native American Art: Thousands of Artists But Only a Fraction of Their Masterpieces Have Survived

    The arts of North American natives typically fall into broad categories of sculpture, painting, quill-work, beadwork and architecture. The Native American art types are further ... American architecture While ancient people in Mexico and Central and South America left complex, wonderfully realized ...

    Mark Miller - 22/09/2018 - 14:07

  3. Did Paleoamericans Reach South America First?

    ... could have crossed a viable land bridge between Alaska and Siberia. Bering land bridge. ( Public Domain ) The ... Have the earliest hunters been overlooked in North America? “ Warwick Bray has pointed out that there ... Human Skeletal Remains form Cerca Grande, Lagoa Santa, Central Brazil, and the origins of the first Americans. World ...

    Clyde Winters - 05/09/2016 - 03:50

  4. The Hominids of Hiberia: Neanderthals, Dolmens and Myths Entwined

    ... resides. With the majestic Pyrenees Mountains to the north, and the Pillars of Herakles at the Strait of Gibraltar to the ... S. 2009.  Guide to the Menhirs and other Megaliths of Central Brittany . Nezert Books. Locker, M. 19 September ...

    Mark A. Carpenter - 31/08/2021 - 14:59

  5. DNA Analysis Reveals Surprising South American Migration Patterns

    ... a vision for how humans first settled South America and made inroads into resolving the Americas puzzle. ... bridge  (Beringia) from what is now Siberia into northern North America between 30,000 and 11,000 years ago. Many ... know how these ancestral genomic signals appeared in Central and South America without leaving traces in North ...

    Nathan Falde - 04/11/2022 - 19:25

  6. Strength, Unity, and Pride: Cherokee Indians Triumphed Over Adversity

    ... found a way to survive after being decimated by war and disease and being forced to live far from their homes. ... far from their homes. There are more Cherokee Indians in North America than almost any other Indian nation. The ... presence at Garden Creek indicates it may have served as a central town with respect to social and political alliances ...

    Mark Miller - 15/09/2018 - 01:53

  7. Ancient Earthworks of North America suggest pre-Columbian European contact

    ... of the Smithsonian became an academic dogma, mounds and earthworks in America were routinely compared to those ... builders resemble those found in Great Britain and the north of Ireland, and even suggest the transmission of the ... Down, Amesbury. Beaker pottery was retrieved from the central burial and the barrow ditch. ( Wessex Archaeology / ...

    Jason Jarrell - 02/07/2015 - 01:28

  8. Real-Life Lord of the Flies: The Strange and Violent History of Pitcairn Island

    Pitcairn Island is a place so remote, and with a history so bizarre, that until recently it was ... to west, the island is not much larger than New York’s Central Park. Yet this tiny dot in the ocean has a long and ... believed that they came from Mangareva, some 490km to the north west in French Polynesia. Wooden carving from Mangareva ...

    Joanna Gillan - 27/07/2018 - 00:05

  9. Precision Stone Carvings of San Miguel Ixtapan – the Mexican Tiwanaku?

    ... dozens of carved megalithic stone slabs of unknown origin and function have been uncovered in the southern part of the state of Mexico and the north of Guerrero, mostly around the small archaeological ... the state of Mexico. (Author provided) Andean Influence in Central Mexico’s San Miguel Ixtapan The first mention of ...

    Marco M. Vigato - 05/11/2021 - 17:58

  10. The Widespread Appearance of Neanderthal DNA: Africans Have It Too

    ... even though Neanderthal skeletons have been found in North Africa at Jebel Ighoud and Haua Fteah. It has long been argued that Neanderthal ... ancestry, Ethiopians carry ~1% Neanderthal ancestry, and Central Africans carried ~0.5% Neanderthal ancestry. Haber ...

    Clyde Winters - 28/08/2017 - 14:00

  11. Rare Bones and DNA of tiny children surprise scientists, support ideas about migration into the Americas 11,000 years ago

    ... in the wilds of Alaska have given researchers a surprising and unprecedented look into the lives of prehistoric peoples ... said to be the earliest human remains found in northern North America. Archaeologists uncovered the skeletons of the ... Sun River archaeological site in the Tanana River Basin of central Alaska, USA. It was found that one child (six- to ...

    lizleafloor - 27/10/2015 - 20:45

  12. Link Between the Huns and Vizsla Dogs Unravels an Ancient Enigma

    ... of the Huns’ (later called Hungarians’ or Magyars’) and even the history of their language.  The history of the ... Spread of the Huns Huns are thought to have arrived from Central or South Asia, possibly from the Hindu Kush, and may ... languages. Although these continued to spread North and West and later to other continents, these routes ...

    Ksana - 14/02/2020 - 19:05

  13. Intricacy and Reflection: Transforming Mandalas from Sacred Designs to Art Therapy

    ... mandalas represented the intricacy of the universe and served as a guide for reflective practices such as ... of 1100 AD. Eight great burial grounds of India frame the central image – a nod to the fact that people often ... restored. These ‘mandalas’ are sometimes compared to North American medicine wheels . Further expansion on the ...

    Alicia McDermott - 17/10/2020 - 00:54

  14. Genetic Analysis Shows Early Contact Between South Americans and Polynesians

    New evidence is emerging about the links between Polynesian and South American populations in the Pacific before the ... the history of the Pacific and also that of Latin America. In 1947 the famous Norwegian explorer Thor ... model suggests that the mixed population then spread from central-eastern Polynesia around AD 1200,” explains Nature ...

    Ed Whelan - 08/07/2020 - 22:59

  15. Evidence of Ancient Megalithic Culture in Massachusetts Revealed For the First Time

    ... rustic country hills of Northern Ireland, about an hour north of Derry, is the tiny hamlet of Laraghirril. In the ... forests of upstate New York, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Maine. The old-growth forests and rocky mountain ridges ... pristine old-growth forest. This rocky elevation in north-central Massachusetts is only seven miles from the boarder of ...

    Josiah Vigneau - 23/02/2017 - 18:50

  16. Maya Animation? Breathing Newfound Vitality into Ancient Maya Art

    This article presents a major breakthrough in Maya art and archaeology, revealing the sophisticated way that Maya ... from the Late Classic Bonampak mural, Structure 1, Room 1, north wall details. Animation extracted and adapted from fig. ... the belief “interbecoming.” This is a dualistic frame central to Mesoamerican beliefs, which held that living and ...

    Jennifer and Alexander John - 07/12/2020 - 21:47

  17. The Mound Builders' Moon Goddess: Grandmother of the Eastern Woodlands

    ... spanning roughly 500 BC—500 AD, the Eastern Woodlands of North America were the location of the most ambitious ... variations of a single cultural continuum known as Adena and Hopewell , respectively. Adena and Hopewell circulated ... out from both sides at a 40-degree angle from the central axis. In the center of the temple Greenman found a ...

    Jason Jarrell - 31/05/2020 - 01:50

  18. Did the Denisovans Walk to North America?

    ... sure received lots of publicity. Both scholarly journals and popularly oriented science magazines were quick to pick ... th Century. The cave is located in the Altai Mountains of Central Siberia, not far from where borders of Russia , ... much of Europe. This wetter climate had given most of North Africa a livable environment. With much of the ...

    Glenn Dahlem - 18/05/2019 - 18:49

  19. The Caledonian Dream: A Scottish Colony’s American Nightmare

    ... of the region. When foreign ships, including buccaneers and corsairs , succeeded in their penetration of Spain’s ... the isthmus. The plan was to control the passages over the central mountain range, with the goal of capturing a trade ... finally reached Bristol and a coach rumbled up the Great North Road to Edinburgh with the details. A family sits and ...

    george fery - 15/05/2020 - 13:59

  20. The Teeth Have It: Tracing the Denisovan Legacy Around the World

    ... the Xiahe Denisovan jawbone as well as in some ancient and modern human populations now provides a rare opportunity ... of 3RM1 in eastern and southeastern Eurasia and also in North America. (Andrew Collins / Author Supplied) What is ... reached the Eurasian continent and moved eastwards into central, eastern, southern, and southwestern Asia, leaving ...

    Andrew Collins - 25/07/2019 - 22:56