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  1. Lost in the Mists of Time: The Ancient Sao Civilization in Central Africa

    ... in an area which is today partly owned by the countries of Cameroon and Chad. They settled along the Chari River, which is located to the ... Chad. The modern Kotoko people, an ethnic group located in Cameroon, Chad and Nigeria, claim ethnic descent from the ancient Sao. ...

    dhwty - 26/09/2015 - 04:01

  2. 3.6-Million-Year-Old Footprints Imply That an Ancient Hominin Was a Tall, Dominant, and Polygamous Male

    Footprints belonging to a group of early hominins who lived 3.6 million years ago were recently uncovered in Tanzania. The footprints indicate Australopithecus afarensis probably had a gorilla-like social behavior with an aggressive alpha male who had sex with many different females.

    Theodoros Karasavvas - 16/12/2016 - 14:51

  3. Mokele-mbembe: A Legendary Water-Dwelling Creature of the Congo River

    ... reaches of the Congo River basin, i.e. Congo, Zambia and Cameroon, as well as in Lake Tele (in the Republic of Congo) and its ...

    dhwty - 18/02/2016 - 14:53

  4. The Widespread Appearance of Neanderthal DNA: Africans Have It Too

    ... 2005. Brief communication: mtDNA variation in North Cameroon: lack of Asian lineages and implications for back migration from Asia ...

    Clyde Winters - 28/08/2017 - 14:00

  5. When Sailors from Ancient Egypt Discovered the World is Not Flat, No One Listened

    The first ship to sail around Africa left from Egypt sometime around 600 BC. Their only goal was to find another way to the straits of Gibraltar. But by watching the sky overhead, they discovered something they’d never expected: the first hints that the world is not flat, but round.

    When they reached the southern tip of Africa and started sailing west, the sailors reported back to their homes that they noticed that the sun’s position had changed in the sky. Now it rose and fell in the north instead of the south.

    Mark Oliver - 21/09/2018 - 18:53


    ... once more I want to thank you - Brien, David, Hugh, Irene, Cameroon, Glenn - and also all the participants, for the most special journey ...

    ancient-origins - 02/05/2018 - 02:46