The trepanning of the man’s skull, the edges of which had healed, may have been to relieve pain from the deformity of his jaw.

Medieval man with facial deformity may have had head drilled in an exorcism

A medieval or Saxon man whose skeleton was found in a Roman villa in Hampshire, England, may have been buried in the countryside because of a jaw deformity that made his community consider him...
Lincoln Castle Sarcophagus

Sarcophagus in Lincoln Castle Believed to Contain ‘Somebody Terribly Important’

Archaeologists in Britain believe they are on the verge of an important discovery as they are set to extract a sarcophagus discovered at Lincoln Castle , which was built by William the Conqueror in...
Saxon King - Alfred the Great

Archaeologists on Mission to Find Remains of Saxon King, ‘Alfred the Great’

A team of archaeologists have applied for permission to excavate the churchyard of St Bartholomew’s Church in the city of Winchester, England, in the hope of finding the remains of ‘Alfred the Great...