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The Salem Witch Trials: "Trial of George Jacobs, August 5, 1692" by Thomkins H. Matteson. Source: Public domain

Salem Witch Trial Hysteria and the Courageous Stance of Giles Corey

In Spring of 1692, a group of young girls in Salem Village, Massachusetts, accused others in their village of practicing witchcraft, unleashing a hysteria that caused the deaths of at least 24 people...
The witch trials. Source: Justinas / Adobe Stock.

The Chilling True Story of the Pendle Witch Trials (Video)

The Pendle Witch Trials tell a chilling true story of fear, superstition, and religious tensions that ignited one of the most infamous witch trials in English history. At the heart of this dark...
Examination of a Witch (1853) by T. H. Matteson, inspired by the Salem trials, which have been finally “closed” by the exoneration of the last Salem witch, Elizabeth Johnson. Source: Peabody Essex Museum / Public domain

Last Salem Witch Has Been Exonerated Posthumously By Boston Court

It’s not just something one can bury in the recesses of history because even today many cultures across the world accuse women of practicing black magic and witchcraft. And women accused of this...
Mass hysteria. Source: / Adobe Stock

Bizarre and Horrifying Cases of Mass Hysteria Through History

Mass hysteria is a term used to describe the situation in which physical or psychological symptoms appear en masse, spreading rapidly throughout communities, and occasionally across whole cities and...
The persecution of witches is a common theme within the history of witchcraft. Source: Matrioshka / Adobe Stock

The Long History of Witchcraft Persecution

Since the beginnings of history, humans believed in religions of a polytheist type, worshipping a plurality of gods and spirits. By proposing a monotheist religious system, Christianity intended to...
The Satanic Temple headquarters are located in Salem, Massachusetts. The controversial group uses Satanic imagery to promote egalitarianism, social justice and the separation of church and state. Source: wimage72 / Adobe Stock

Rise of Satanism: Satanic Temple Offers Higher Education Scholarships

In 1692 a darkness descended on Salem , Massachusetts, like no other in American history. Children and adults alike, claimed that the devil himself was walking the streets of the early English colony...
Muslim schoolgirl

Exorcists Called as Mass Hysteria Takes Over Malaysian School Girls

A school in Malaysia was shut after a dark spectral figure was reported taking over children’s minds in what is being called a case of “mass hysteria”, a psychological phenomenon that has been...
Old engraving depicting a coven.

The Zugarramurdi Witch Trials: Welcome to the Spanish Salem

On the border with France, embraced by a vast green pasture on which the cows calmly graze, lies the village of Zugarramurdi. Located in the Navarre region of Xareta this tiny village currently has...