The 2,100-year-old marble mother goddess sculpture of Kybele is still under threat at the ancient Turkish castle near the Black Sea.

Ancient Castle in Turkey Remains Threatened by Dynamite Blasts

Commodities versus conservation – yet again the debate is playing out. This time the site of interest is the ruins of an ancient castle in Turkey; where dynamite may shake a unique mother goddess...
Artist’s representation of the Hittite city of Hattusa in Anatolia.

The Anatolian Histories Part 1: Emerging Empires and Lands Changing Hands

What comes to the mind when one says Anatolia? Does the phrase “land of the rising sun” (as the ancient Greeks called it) appear? Or, because it technically belongs to the Middle East, do you think...
Pointing to Witchcraft: The Possible Origin of the Conical Witch's Hat

Pointing to Witchcraft: The Possible Origin of the Conical Witch's Hat

If one were to walk down a crowded street wearing a black conical hat, passersby would not question the wearer's intention. Obviously, the wearer would be playing the role of a witch. Yet as obvious...
Mysterious ancient tracks dissect the landscape in the Phrygian Valley of Turkey.

Controversial Claim by Geologist: Mysterious tracks in Turkey caused by unknown civilization millions of years ago

In what is sure to cause controversy, a researcher has claimed that the mysterious and ancient ruts which crisscross the Phrygian Valley of Turkey were caused by an unknown and intelligent race...