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Pacific Ocean

Korean haenyeo divers. Source: ufokim / Adobe Stock.

Haenyeo: The Last Mermaids of Jeju (Video)

In the azure waters surrounding the historic Korean island of Jeju, a remarkable tradition endures. Enter the world of Kim Ok Ja, a tenacious 78-year-old woman who defies age and nature's challenges...
Underwater ruins. Source:  abdulmoizjaangda / Adobe Stock.

The Search for the Long-Lost Continent of Mu (Video)

The long-lost continent of Mu, also known as Lemuria , is a mythical land believed to have existed in the Pacific Ocean. According to various esoteric and mythological theories, Mu was said to be an...
Ancient Polynesian stories tell about a mysterious light guiding navigators across the Pacific Ocean. Source: aleksandar nakovski/AdobeStock

The Enigmatic Te Lapa lights, Utilized by Polynesians for Ocean Navigation

The Polynesian peoples have long been known as incredibly skilled sailors, and have navigated the vast and seemingly empty expanse of ocean - in search of new islands to settle. This they did with...
The site of secondary mining of Phosphate rock in Nauru, 2007.        Source: CC BY 2.0

Nauru, The Tiny Nation with a Blackened Name

One of the many micro-nations in the Pacific is Nauru, once known as Pleasant Island. This small island has a rich and complex history. It is the third-smallest country in the world and, at one point...
Waipio Valley: Home of Demons, Demi-Gods, and Despots

Waipio Valley: Home of Demons, Demi-Gods, and Despots

Hidden deep in the dark blue heart of the Pacific Ocean drifts the Hawaiian Archipelago. One of the youngest landmasses on the planet, made up of 137 volcanic islands covering an area of 1,500 miles...
DNA genetic analysis proves link between Ancient Polynesians and Indigenous South Americans. Source: Ruben Ramos-Mendoza / Nature

Genetic Analysis Shows Early Contact Between South Americans and Polynesians

New evidence is emerging about the links between Polynesian and South American populations in the Pacific before the arrival of the Europeans . The theory that South Americans first colonized Easter...
Trading Treasures and Curiosity: The Fascinating History of Manila Galleons

Trading Treasures and Curiosity: The Fascinating History of Manila Galleons

Every remarkable story starts with curiosity. That is the primary reason why people travel and want to discover new lands. It applies to every period in history, from antiquity to our times. The...