The High Priest is depicted tearing his robe in grief at Jesus' perceived blasphemy. Was this a calculated move to stop secrets from being revealed? Fresco, Giotto di Bondone (1267-1337).

The Fatal Secret Jesus took to Jerusalem


Arriving in Jerusalem, Jesus made an extraordinary accusation that infuriated the priests and scribes of the holy city: “Every secret you’ve kept will become known. What you have whispered in hidden places will be shouted from the housetops.”  What was Jesus talking about? And how did he come to possess knowledge that threatened these influential men?

Jesus and the high priest Joseph Caiaphas (left). Painting circa 1630.

Jesus and the high priest Joseph Caiaphas (left). Painting circa 1630. Public Domain

In the second century the Greek philosopher, Celsus, wrote an invaluable book about Christianity based on a variety of older, now lost, sources. A Christian writer, Origen, ( fl. 247 AD) wrote a reply to Celsus’ book, quoting from it extensively. Of special interest is the revealing statement that poverty forced Jesus to travel to Egypt where the son of a carpenter might find work. It was there that he learned: “…certain arts for which the Egyptians are famous. Afterwards, returning from thence, he thought so highly of himself, on account of the possession of these arts, as to proclaim himself to be a God.” In the same passage Celsus provides an early description of the Egyptians’ gift for the art of puppetry. “These magicians also represent animals as moving, which are not in reality animals, but merely appear to the imagination to be such.”


Like the Egyptian-trained magicians, Jesus became famous for his ability to cast out demons and cure the mentally ill. It was his skill wielding the power of suggestion that enabled him to perform these impressive exorcisms; a hypnotic skill most likely imparted by his Egyptian mentors. (Notably, Jesus was unable to perform such miracles in his hometown where the people were not in awe of his reputation. An example of the hypnotist’s power of suggestion voided by familiarity.)

A priestess performing a ceremony. 'The Obsequies of an Egyptian Cat' by John Reinhard Weguelin.

A priestess performing a ceremony. ‘The Obsequies of an Egyptian Cat’ by John Reinhard Weguelin. Wikimedia Commons

Jesus would be aware that the ancient Egyptian art of puppetry had long been used for political ends. Together, hypnotism and puppetry were important keys to unlocking a secret story which the priests and scribes of Jerusalem wished to conceal.

Jesus timed his entry into Jerusalem to coincide with the Passover; the sacred day set aside by the Jews to commemorate their history-changing flight from Egypt led by Moses. As he rode into town the people, keen to believe the Messiah had finally arrived, tossed palm leafs across the road before Jesus. The tumultuous gathering soon drew the attention of the “chief priests and scribes” who were not amused by this display of adulation.

The Book of Exodus: “Departure of the Israelites”, by David Roberts, 1829.

The Book of Exodus: “Departure of the Israelites”, by David Roberts, 1829. Wikipedia Commons

At the time that Jesus entered Jerusalem to such acclaim Rome controlled the known world. Normally, they found it pragmatic to use local princes or kings as proxies to rule on their behalf. But on that fateful day the Roman Procurator, Pontius Pilate, (ruled 26-36 AD) was in charge. Pilate was one of three key characters who figure in the plot to kill Jesus. The others were Joseph Caiaphas, the Levite high priest of Jerusalem and Herod Antipas, the ruler of Galilee. Jesus called him “that fox.” Herod Antipas (20 BC to 39 AD) was considered only a ‘half Jew’ because his ancestors were from Edom, rather than Israel. Herod’s father (Herod the Great) had been responsible for the fabulous construction of the Temple in Jerusalem; the outer buildings of which were still being built when Jesus arrived.

Herod Anitpas. Painting circa 1886.

Herod Anitpas . Painting circa 1886. Public Domain

We suggest that Jesus was specifically calling out Joseph Caiaphas and Herod Antipas as hypocrites because they “… build the tombs of the prophets, and garnish the sepuchres of the righteous, and say, If we had been in the days of our fathers, we would not have been partakers with them in the blood of the prophets. Wherefore ye be witnesses unto yourselves, that ye are the children of them which killed the prophets.”

The tomb he was confronting them about was the Jerusalem Temple which had been built to house the Ark of the Covenant, a holy relic constructed by Moses. Jesus’ words suggest that it was the blood of the prophet Moses which dripped from the ancestors of Caiaphas and Antipas. Joseph Caiaphas was descended from Israel’s third son, Levi. Herod Antipas’s ancestors came from Edom, where Reuel, Moses’s father-in-law, was born. In KILLING MOSES, we put forward the case that Moses had been murdered by Reuel and Levi at the Mountain of God. Reuel, also an Egyptian-trained magician, used hypnotism and puppetry to manipulate the children of Israel to secure the power he’d sought his entire adult life. Levi and his descendants, the Levite scribes, covered-up the homicide by their careful, and relentless, editing of the early parts of Bible.


Jesus’ unique education licensed him to identify significant evidence of Egyptian magic within the officially sanctioned story of Moses. Stories like the suspicious and sudden revival of Moses, aided by Hur and Aaron supporting his magical staff, as the battle with the Amalekites raged below.

The probability of this impressive feat being an illusion perpetuated by the use of puppetry would have not been overlooked by Jesus.’  He would have been familiar with the critical role played by masks amongst Egyptian magicians, leading him to suspect that the masked Moses who returned to the tribe was not the same man who climbed the mountain of God to receive the Ten Commandments. His less sophisticated tribe believed these stories to be true accounts of miracles. But a man trained in the arts of magic would be more discerning. He only needed to pull one or two threads from the fictional garment that covered the Levite story of Moses before the entire legend unravelled. He had identified the flaws in that carefully woven fabric of lies.

Herod Antipas and Joseph Caiaphas couldn’t afford to let Jesus expose the dark secret of their ancestors. At the very least they would be deposed if the people believed their ancestors had murdered Moses. But it was too dangerous to respond directly to the explosive accusations and bring attention to the very thing they were trying to hide. It was even more dangerous to let the rabble-rouser continue to ignite dissent. It was decided. Jesus must be arrested. The trial would be held in secret.

Looking for a reason to justify execution Joseph Caiaphas demanded that Jesus answer to whether or not he was the Son of God?  When Jesus confirmed his claim Caiaphas shocked his peers by seizing his clothes and tearing them from his body. Since Moses’ time, it had been strictly forbidden for a high priest to “rent his clothes.” Short of setting himself on fire Caiaphas could not have emphasized more the magnitude of the crime Jesus was committing by claiming to be the Son of God. The High Levite Priest of Jerusalem shouted, “…now ye have heard his blasphemy. What think ye?” It was a rhetorical question. The priests clamoured for a sentence of capital punishment. Joseph Caiaphas had his way. Jesus would be silenced; ostensibly because of blasphemy.

Jesus’ legend was built on the foundation created by Moses. To be crucified during Passover linked him forever with the immortal liberator of the Jews. We suggest that Jesus blamed the Edomites and Levites for the death of Moses. He knew exactly which buttons to push to incite them to overreact to his taunts and accusations. Even knowing the torturous fate that awaited him he was willing to assume the role of the sacrificial son whose slow death could redeem the murder of the quintessential father figure, Moses.

This article is excerpted from Rand & Rose Flem-Ath’s book, KILLING MOSES .

Featured image: The High Priest is depicted tearing his robe in grief at Jesus' perceived blasphemy. Was this a calculated move to stop secrets from being revealed? Fresco, Giotto di Bondone (1267-1337). Public Domain


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By Rand Flem-Ath and Rose Flem-Ath


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First, anything pertaining to extra-terrestrial life in the form of aliens from other planets is all Illuminati smoke and mirrors to delude people into accepting their “One World Government/One World Religion.”  They are all Luciferian, and although they DO acknowledge that God (Adonai Elohim Yehovah) does exist, he is inferior to Lucifer, a secondary God if you wish to him. This is what all the “aliens from other worlds is about, part of the deception to turn mankind away from God and to Lucifer, so that when Lucifer’s “son” (aka: the Anti-christ/False Messiah/Dajjal) comes to power here on earth, we will worship him, and through him, Lucifer… One World Government and One World Religion combined as in the days of ancient Egypt (the King of Egypt, aka: Pharoah, a living god)

What we deal with is extra-DIMENSIONAL life forms, Angels and Demons, and seven dimensions actually not four. The Illuminati are and have been in communication with the Fallen Angels and Demons for several hundred years, and the technology we have today comes from and through the Fallen Angels. They have access to our dimension through the Illuminati’s practice of magical ritual when “Gates/Doors” between the dimensions are opened. These “Gates/Doors” are what are known of as “Vortex Points”, and are opened by “Gatekeepers” who possess the “Keys” (ability through Ritual Magic) to open them. These are all spoken of by Freemasonry, and part of Freemason belief. Of course the “Secret” information concerning all of this is only taught to those in the highest levels of Freemasonry. Freemasons as a whole, the vast majority of them, and not and never will be initiated into these “Secrets”. The highest levels are either Illuminati, or agents of the Illuminati. By this stage (29th to 30th level) you have been required to swear alligence to Lucifer. 

Let me return to the subject of the One World Government/One World Religion. This is also referred to as the New World Order, and as stated by David Spangler, Director of Planetary Initiative, (a United Nations World government group) "No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he will take a Luciferian Initiation." .. (Michael Stones should love this)

The Popes and the Catholic Church .. Also controlled by the Illuminati and has been for some time now. Although you do not hear this title used anymore, it still is a Papal title, “Lord God the Pope,” and they have assumed priviledges that only God posseses. Examples of this stretch back far into the past, ie: “the Church has the authority to transfer the holiness of the Sabbath to Sunday, the first day of the week,” up to the present time, ie: “that animals posses souls.” Sorry, but only human beings possess souls, that is why human beings are reffered to biblically as “living souls,” and animals are not. 

The pedophilia in the Church that you speak of. Pedophilia is a part of ritual magic that is used by the Illuminati Luciferians in their worship of Lucifer. And I might add it tends to be specifically male pedophilia I speak of (sex with boys/men ie:homosexual). I am in no way speaking about every day gay males here or gay sex, but RITUAL homosexuality, a completely different matter. By the way, it is RITUAL homosexuality that is condemned in the bible, as it is specifically related to the worship of false gods. (Lucifer ie: Moloch, Remphan, Chium, Ashtoreth, Chemosh, Milcom, etc..)

For your consideration .. The present Pope, Francis, is a Jesuit (once a Jesuit always a Jesuit), and when you become a Jesuit you must swear a lifelong Oath of Allegiance to the Superior General of the Jesuits (referred to as “the Black Pope”). So who is really in charge of the Catholic Church today, Pope Francis, or the Superior General of the Jesuits ? .. (just thought I would toss this in)

It has been stated by many researchers in this field that the Catholic Church is the woman spoken of in Revelations Chapter 17 “and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet colored beast, full of names of blasphemy…...” and Rome is the spiritual heir to Babylon. The “Beast” she rides upon has “seven heads” which are later described as being “seven mountains/hills,” and if there is any city in the world that is known for it’s “seven mountains/hills,” it is Rome. Rome is known as the city of seven hills and of course the Vatican sits on top of it … And by the way, one should strip Revelations of it’s “Christian” influences, as it is a rewriting of ages old Israelite prophecy. 

Okay, this covers the Popes and the Catholic Church. 

You are completely correct when you speak about “the illuminati, religions and the filthy rich all woven together.” and “partisan bickering, American Muslims and the Cultural Center, and the true axis of evil.”  And also that absolutely NO monetary gain is to be made from the teaching of Spiritual matters. What has been freely given to you through and by God must always be freely given to others. 

(For the perfectionst’s here, you have my apologies if in the above you find any misspelled words)

Peti Miklos

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i have read about the secret teachings of Jesus and they will be revealed to us at the second coming of him. i was raised catholic too. read about the illuminati, not sure what they are all about,but if what i have read is true, they are some whack-jobs from hell. religions have made billions of $$$ off the masses selling “hope and faith,” when in reality they are free and eternal, and anyone can have them if they so choose. bible tells us to beware of false prophets, i say beware of false profits! it really doesn’t matter what we all believe in, whether it is creation, evolution, or some hybrid like the alein intervention, christ the savior or the Annunaki, they better shift heir spaceship, time/dimension jumping machine or their cape into hyperdrive. with all of the political/social unrest, climate change and disease, we might be extinct by the time they all get here. personally, i know there are good and evil people right here on Earth, so that means there are good and evil people elsewhere as well, be it on another planet, galaxy, or dimension. i learned in catholic school that there are 4 of them, dimensions, heaven, and hell, the 2 most well known, then the catholics have also, purgatory and limbo. in fact the last pope that just retired several years ago, he , with his magical holy hand made limbo go away. limbo,i was taught was for all of the unbaptised innocent babies that can’t get to heaven because they aren’t catholic. what happened to all those innocent babies? the previous pope was also in charge of sweeping all of the pedophilia under the rug back during that heyday. what happened to all those innocent babies? funny thing, that. at least this new Pope changed the rule on who has souls and who doesn’t. he said, just not to long ago, that animals have souls too. i have always believed that if i have one than so do animals, no matter what catholic dogma was. i don’t know what is going on with all of this, how the illuminati, religions and the filthy rich all woven together. i do know all of the partisan bickering going on in washington is nothing but a shit show for the masses. and while some American Muslims were building a Cultural Center at 51 Park a whole bunch of people got all uptight and their sphincters got even tighter because this center was 2 ½ blocks from ground 0 for 911. this Islamic Cultural center was open to the public so people might learn something. all the while the true axis of evil is living up the street at 740 Park. these billionaires act with impunity hedging our money and losing it then they get more from the bailout. our jobs lives and savings are dumped into the toilet while these billionaires also laundered drug cartel money and channeled millions more through the banking network to terrorist networks keeping the war on terror alive. all i can say now is when you find yourself in the mouth of a Great White, or a Grizzly, have some faith and hope, say a prayer and maybe they will become a catholic, stop and say grace and then you can escape! or on some ordinary morning you wake-up and realise that the brutality of reality and the painful truth has left you with nothing and nobody, you can always have hope and faith. i can’t even charge you for that, why do religions?



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Yes, you speak of THEM, the ones known to us as “the Illuminati”. Many do not believe they exist, and many do. Those who do know they exist and speak of them are commomly referred to as  “whack jobs, conspiracy theorists, crazy, kooks, etc etc” .. well to quote “We swim in a sea of ignorance, the scope and breath of which is more than all the oceans combined; and it exceeds in it’s numbers the deaths of those that died in the Black Plague” 

Peti Miklos

The secrets were to be revealed in the last days, and apparently they are. Think... Internet, NWO , Rothchilds and all the Banker and power broker shennagians that are being aired out to the public to see. Shouted from the rooftops indeed. By deceit they may make their wars but the Baalites hiding out amoung the desendents of the Hebrews are being exposed for what they are. Unfortunatly it looks like a lot of decent people are getting cought in the crossfire.

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This tale belongs in the “Once Upon a Time” category….




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