Welcome to Ancient Origins

Introduction and Welcome from the Editor


I am very pleased to announce that Ancient-Origins is officially online.  From the entire Ancient-Origins team, we would like to welcome you all to our fresh and exciting website and invite you to explore all that Ancient-Origins has to offer.

My goal as editor is to make sure that you, the readers, can be assured that the time you spend with Ancient-Origins will be filled with the most important, interesting and meaningful articles and news, as well as opinions produced by members of our community.

Ancient-Origins seeks to publish articles that advance our knowledge and understanding of our human origins.  The website focuses on four areas – Theories of Human Origins as explained by Science, Religion and Folklore; Ancient Places; Myths & Legends; and Ancient Technology.  I am particularly interested in articles that go beyond a mere description of facts to offer intelligent ideas, opinions and theories which may explain them.

The site strives to create a community of thinkers and visionaries through the articles and comments that appear in its pages, but honours the past through recognising the forces that have created our current understanding of human origins.

The site depends upon the participation of our community for its continued growth and evolution. I encourage you to participate as a contributor of articles, as a reader, as a reviewer, and as an advocate for the ideas you find useful by commenting on articles or through submitting letters to the editor.  You may also wish to sign up to our weekly newsletter to stay up-to-date with latest news.

Some of the material may at times be challenging or confronting, but we hope you’ll also find it interesting, insightful, stimulating, helpful and accessible.  While we certainly understand that controversial subjects can easily lead to heated dialogue, we will strive to promote an environment where we are united in our interest to understand our origins, our world and the many mysteries it holds.  We hope that our readers will also strive for such an environment and we invite you to join us in the discussion and the journey.

As editor of Ancient-Origins, I am excited about the sites’ opportunity to influence the future through the dissemination of ideas and the sites role in providing a forum to celebrate the best work of our community writers.

Editor, Ancient-Origins.Net