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Brien Foerster


Brien Foerster was born in Rochester, Minnesota, U.S.A. but grew up on the west coast of Canada. At age 11, he became fascinated with the Native art of the Haida native people, and began carving totem poles, and other related art forms, learning from Native teachers. After completing an Honours Bachelor Of Science degree, Brien decided to take up carving and sculpture full time, at the age of 25. This included the creation of 13 full size totem poles, dugout canoes, masks, bowls, boxes and other Native style works. In 1995 he moved to Maui, Hawaii, and was hired as assistant project manager for the building of the 62 foot double hull sailing canoe (ancestor of the modern day catamaran ) Mo’okiha O Pi’ilani ( Sacred Lizard That Pierces The Heavens. ) This project lasted 2 years. There, having learned how to make Hawaiian outrigger canoe paddles from master carver Keola Sequiera, he started an online outrigger paddle business, which flourished internationally.

Peru became his next major area of interest. The study of the Inca culture led to his writing a book, A Brief History Of The Incas , which is available on his website,

He has become an authority on the megalithic works of South America and the perplexing ancient Elongated Headed people of the area, and divides his time between Paracas and Cusco, Peru.




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Mr. Donald your comments are a classic example of a lack of common knowledge of the ancients. First the dark ages refers to times when the climate of Europe was extremely cold thus nothing would grow to sustain the populace. Second if you actually believe the ancients would allow the library of Alexandria to burn with its manuscripts still there you do not give enough credit to the ancients. They knew when attwcke were eminant and remove them. They also made copies especially the moslems who started the library of Cordova which was taken by Europeans thus sparking the age of enlightenment afterbthe dark ages when the weather finally warmed up and the heathen euros suddenly decided they were the greatest thing since the dawn of time. Their knowledge came from the Alexandria library and others due to the diligent preservation efforts of the scribes of Allah. Thank a moslem next time you see one. They are not all terrorists.

Dear Brien I read your book and I am glad to see that people in your field are finally acknowledging the ancient technology that was used in the past. But your biggest problem that yourself and many others that have written books on these events is your dating methods,you all date these events by an ice age that never was, if you look into meteorology you will see that global warmth is needed for that much precipitation, and based on all models the summer temps. that are required to achieve this would melt the snow packs, so there would no build up, look at present day Siberia as a model for this as well as our north pole, ice is only 10 feet thick there, theses ice packs on the south pole and Greenland were caused by meteor strikes that made our poles to shift, causing a wobbling effect that affected our magnetic field enough to cause an instant freeze on the new poles and a global flood which is recorded in EVERY civilization around the globe. These events and technology were all common ancient knowledge until all the ancient libraries were burnt down between 700 bc- 600 ad, which put mankind into the dark ages, and this was done on purpose to rewrite history, which is why people find everything so confusing, when facts are altered it is hard to get the truth unless you know what has been altered. The global flood has some very reliable dates to build off, once you trust that you will find things easier to understand, and one more thing your explanation of these events by solar flares, is a minor thing compared to the cycle of meteor strikes that caused that effect on megalith structures, they have an effect of a nuclear explois
ion, just look at what happened in Siberia in the last century from a smaller scale event of this in the early 20th century, and your solar flares were the result of these fragments hitting the sun, there is a book Cycle of Cosmic Catastrophes that has some good info about this, but they too use the ice age as their dating hub mistakenly, think about it regardless of your beginning date any meteor crater before this flood would be erased, so any craters that are noticeable today came after this event

I do not believe so Robert. In fact, they seem to be foramen, or holes where nerves and blood vessels are; an evolutionary feature.

Hi Brien,
I was reading an article of yours on, entitled Elongated Human Skulls Of Peru: Possible Evidence Of A Lost Human Species? I've always enjoyed this type of article, but never had the opportunity to really ask the following questions of anyone.

The two small holes found in the skulls, inspected by Lloyd Pye: Could they be evidence of Skull Trepanation? It was known to happen in MesoAmerica, in addition to other cranial defomation practices.

I read an article about an British dwarf, who was "stretched", by breaking both femurs, and both fibula and tibia. The idea was that they could add length to these bones, by breaking them and placing the subject's legs in traction; allowing for the bones to actually grow, in order to fill the space. To my knowledge, the surgery was a success.

This isn't the article I was citing, but it's similar:

With that being said, could the same principle be applied to the elongated skulls? Fracturing the skulls, prior to binding them? If such a practice were possible, it would explain the change in cranial volume, and weight; as more actual bone would be created. Were there signs of fracture in the skull?
Thank you for taking the time to read my comment.


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