A ceremony in the cult of Venezuelan goddess Maria Lionza. Self-harming rituals are practiced in this cult. Source: EJ George/YouTube Screenshot
Wednesday, October 16, 2019 - 22:51

Every year thousands of Venezuelans hike into the mountains around Chivacoa and practice fire, blood, and smoke rituals as they pay homage to their indigenous goddess - Maria Lionza - who is still revered and worshipped across the South American nation.

Marine Archaeologists Retrieve New Treasures at the Elgin Marbles Shipwreck
Wednesday, October 16, 2019 - 17:27

Marine archaeologists have recently added to the collection of valuable finds at the Elgin Marbles shipwreck. A remarkable collection of artifacts has been discovered when they were revisiting the Mentor shipwreck.

Some of the twenty coffins found in the Assasif necropolis.    Source: Ministry of Antiquities
Wednesday, October 16, 2019 - 15:26

The Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities has announced a major discovery near Luxor in the south of the country.  Archaeologists have unearthed at least 20 wooden coffins that date back to the era of the

Archaeological site (Dunluce Castle ruins) in Northern Ireland. Source: Goinyk / Adobe Stock.
Wednesday, October 16, 2019 - 14:00

Since 2015 there have been approximately 800 sites with archaeological potential found in Northern Ireland. New rules mean that construction companies are obliged to record sites of possible archaeological interest. 

Plain of Jars
Tuesday, October 15, 2019 - 19:46

The Plain of Jars in the Xieng Khouang plain of Laos is one of the most enigmatic sights on Earth. The unusual scattering of thousands of megalithic jars across nearly one hundred sites deep in the mountains of northern Laos has fascinated archaeologists and scientists ever since their discovery in the 1930s.

Stone cist graves on Saba represent the burial practices of British settlers. Source: J Haviser/ Antiquity Publications Ltd
Tuesday, October 15, 2019 - 15:15

Stone cist graves on the Caribbean island of Saba are found to represent a cultural continuity with the burial practices of rural 17th-century British settlers.

Sebaceous horn or ‘Devil’s Horn’.      Source: You Tube

Indian Man Removes His Devil’s Horn

A sebaceous horn, popularly known as Devil’s Horn, grew from an old Indian man’s head after an injury. 74-year-old Shyam Lal Yadav from Rahli village in Sagar district in Madhya Pradesh, India,...
Representative image of Mokele-mbembe

Mokele-mbembe: The Monster of the Congo River

Mokèlé-mbèmbé is the name given to a creature believed to inhabit the upper reaches of the Congo River basin, i.e. Congo, Zambia, and Cameroon, as well as in Lake Tele (in the Republic of Congo) and...
The human heart have evolved to be longer and thinner. Source: unlimit3d / Adobe Stock.

Human Hearts Streamlined for Stamina by Neolithic Revolution

Farming caused the human heart to evolve less “ape-like” and be better for endurance and stamina. New research suggests human hearts significantly changed when we dropped hunting and began leading...
A sword from the Talaiotic civilization has been found in Mallorca, Spain.       Source: Diario de Mallorca

Sword in the Stones: 3,200-Year-Old Weapon Unearthed Near Spanish Megalith

Archaeologists working on the Spanish holiday island of Majorca (Mallorca) have made a surprising discovery. They came across a 3,200-year-old sword, completely by accident at a Bronze Age site. It...
The removal of meat from a bone using a replica of the Revadim tiny flake tool. Source: Professor Ran Barkai, Tel Aviv University

Acheulian Culture Had ‘Surgical’ Skills in Butchery

The Acheulian culture endured in the Levant for over a million years during the Lower Paleolithic period (1.4 million to 400,000 years ago). Its use of bifaces or large cutting tools like hand axes...
Arles Amphitheatre. Photo source: emperorcosar / Adobe Stock.

Arles Amphitheatre – A Roman Treasure in the Soul of Provence

Arles Amphitheatre (known in French as Les Arènes d'Arles) is a Roman amphitheatre located in the southern French city of Arles. The city is situated in the Bouches-du-Rhône department of the...
Saul and the Witch of Endor

The Biblical Witch of Endor: Contacting the Spirit of a Prophet

The Witch of Endor is also known as the biblical Medium of Endor. According to legend, she was a medium who apparently summoned the Prophet Samuel's spirit. She is known from the Old Testament but...
Stone carving believed to be of Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine. Source: Milton Keynes Council.

Carving Believed to be Rare Depiction of Eleanor of Aquitaine Found in Abbey

A potentially historic discovery has been made in a medieval abbey in England . During a conservation project, the head of one of England’s most powerful queens was discovered, it has been announced...
Satan – the lead character in the poem ‘Paradise Lost’. Source: Jesse-lee Lang / Adobe Stock

350 Year Old Code Found In Milton’s ‘Paradise Lost’

Has an undergraduate student discovered a secret message in John Milton's epic poem Paradise Lost ? Miranda Phaal, an undergraduate from Tufts University in Massachusetts, discovered what is being...
The Icelandic walrus began extinct at the arrival of the Norse. Source: Calvin / Adobe Stock.

Norse Settlers Wiped Out Icelandic Walrus 1100 Years Ago

An international collaboration of scientists in Iceland , Denmark , and the Netherlands has for the first time used ancient DNA analyses and C14-dating to demonstrate the past existence of a unique...
Tin ingots from Hishuley Carmel.

Surprise Discovery That Ancient Tin Ingots Found in Israel Came From England

Researchers have made an astonishing discovery that is transforming our understanding of the Bronze Age . They have established that ancient tin ingots found in Israel actually came from what is now...
The island of Ischia seen from the sea, showing volcanic features. Colored etching by Pietro Fabris, (1776). (Wellcome Images/ Public Domain)

Pithekoussai: Ancient Greek Colony of Nestor’s Cup

Celebrated for its thermal springs and verdant landscapes, the volcanic island of Ischia, called Pithekoussai during its ancient Greek days —located in the Bay of Naples —harkens back to the...
Wheel of Torture device. Insert, skeleton of young man wh9 was the victim of torture on the wheel.

Deformed Medieval Man Found Broken By the Wheel of Torture

Archaeologists in Milan have uncovered the shattered remains of a young man believed to have been broken on a wheel of torture. In medieval Italy different methods of torture were assigned depending...
Large Pictish cemetery in The Black Isle. Credit: NOSAS/Tarradale Through Time / Andy Hickie

Huge 1,400-Year-Old Pictish Burial Ground Found in Scotland

In Scotland, one of the largest Pictish cemeteries ever found has been uncovered by archaeologists. It is believed to be at least 1400 years old. The find is expected to throw new light onto the...
The temple of the Capitolium

Ancient Capitolium Temple in Brescia Pleased the Roman Gods

Because Italy is so rich in archaeological and historical sites , visitors often do not have the time to visit as many as they wish. One site which should not be missed is the remarkable Capitolium...
HM Bark Endeavour replica in Cooktown (John Hill/ CC BY-SA 3.0)

Would the REAL Endeavour Shipwreck Please Stand Up?

Has Captain Cook’s shipwrecked ' Endeavour' , one of the most famous research ships in history, finally been identified off Rhode Island? The HMS Endeavour was built originally for the transportation...