The Persian Empire used a satrapal system for local rulers. Source: Konstantin / Adobe Stock
Saturday, September 21, 2019 - 21:14

The Achaemenid Empire was an ancient empire whose heartland was the region of Persis, in the southwestern part of modern-day Iran.

Statue of a woman covering herself. Credit: macondos / Adobe Stock
Saturday, September 21, 2019 - 19:02

Virginity has been the obsession of men for thousands of years. It has driven the best people, like the virgin warrior Joan of Arc, to fight for just cause. Virginity has also lured the worst people, such as the sadistic Countess Elizabeth Bathory

Roman soldiers and their general by vukkostic (Adobe Stock)
Saturday, September 21, 2019 - 15:43

In the ancient battle of Thurii in 282 BC, between Rome and the Greek colony of Tarentum, the Romans noticed a youth of extraordinary height marching in front of them and performing miracles of bravery.

Example of a monument for an accused witch – “Maggie Wall burnt here 1657 as a Witch.” Source: Alan Weir/CC BY 2.0
Saturday, September 21, 2019 - 14:00

The Scottish public is being consulted on a proposed national memorial in Fife for people condemned as witches.

Witchcraft? Tributes to Murder Victims? The Uncertain Origins of 17 Miniature Coffins in Scotland
Saturday, September 21, 2019 - 02:53

17 miniature coffins were discovered in a small cave on the mystical Arthur’s Seat outside of Edinburgh, Scotland in 1836. Today, only eight remain and are now on display at the National Museum of Scotland. 

Close up of the monument to Crazy Horse. Source: Scott Lee / Public Domain.
Friday, September 20, 2019 - 23:02

The famous Lakota were one of the three Sioux tribes of the plains. Throughout their history, which is both glorious and tragic, there have been many prominent heroes, braves, and chiefs.


Archaeology News on Human Origins, Ancient Places and Mysterious Phenomena

One million-year-old settlement in Britain

One million-year-old settlement uncovered in Britain

Archaeologists believe they have found the birthplace of British civilisation , and it is underneath a £15-a-night caravan park in Norfolk, England. Discoveries at the site include one million-year-...
Sardsi old relics

Archaeologists find 2,000-year-old relics to ward off demons

Archaeologists have just announced a unique discovery made in Turkey last year – a set of relics that are believed to have been used in ancient rituals to ward off disaster. The artefacts were buried...
Pyramids of Egypt - Construction Theory

Engineer Releases New Theory on How Egypt's Pyramids Were Built

A Welsh engineer has unveiled a new theory concerning how the pyramids of Egypt were built, and his hypothesis completely contradicts what mainstream archaeology claims to be true. According to...
fire - Dukezong, Tibet, China

Devastating fire destroys ancient Tibetan town

A fire that raged for nearly 10 hours on Saturday 11th January has burnt down more than two hundred buildings and destroyed countless historical artefacts in the 1,300-year-old ancient Tibetan...
Alexander the Great

Who or what killed Alexander the Great?

In June 323 BC, Alexander the Great died in Babylon aged 32, having conquered an empire stretching from modern Albania to eastern Pakistan. The question of what, or who, killed the Macedonian king...
Village in Alaska

Archaeologists rescue 700-year-old melting village in Alaska

A group of archaeologists from the University of Aberdeen have been racing to save the remains of a 700-year-old village site in Quinhagak, Alaska, which has been preserved under ice for centuries,...
Spinello Aretino Exorcism of St Benedict

Demonic possession and the ancient practice of exorcism

Last year, the Roman Catholic Church announced that they were training up a new army of exorcists to meet the growing demand for experts to rid people of evil spirits. The Church claims that the “...
Sobekhotep's Tomb - Luxor

Archaeologists identify mystery tomb as belonging to 13th Dynasty pharaoh

Archaeologists from the University of Pennsylvania have finally completed the interpretation of stone slab pieces found in a tomb discovered in Egypt last year, leading to the discovery that the tomb...
Human Remains in Wall - Peru

Human Remains found buried in walls of pre-Inca archaeological site

Archaeologists have discovered human remains buried inside the walls of a pre-Inca archaeological site, challenging the belief that the site was an administrative centre for the Wari culture. The...
Bambo Strips in China

World’s oldest times table found on ancient Chinese bamboo strips

Archaeologists and historians have just finishing piecing together 2,200-year-old fragments of bamboo strips, which have turned out to be the world’s oldest example of a multiplication table in base...
Ark of Covenant

Does newly-translated Hebrew text reveal insights into King Solomon’s treasures?

A newly translated ancient Hebrew text claims to know where the treasures from King Solomon’s temple were hidden. However, the exact location is not revealed and, according to the text, “shall not be...
Morocco Cave

Stone Age foragers had passion for sweet acorns, causing tooth decay

A new study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences has found that ancient hunter-gatherers had a passion for carbohydrate-rich snacks, such as sweet acorns, which...
Lascaux Cave in France

French archaeologists may be on the verge of discovering 'second' Lascaux cave

The Lascaux caves are a complex of caves found in the Dordogne region of southwestern France containing a sensational collection of Palaeolithic cave paintings estimated to be up to 20,000 years old...
Cliff Burials in China

Chinese archaeologists rescue remains of ancient cliff burials

Archaeologists in China are undertaking a rescue operation of 600 cliff burials , the oldest of which date back around 2,000 years to the Eastern Han dynasty (25-220 AD). Most of the ancient mountain...
3,200-year-old tomb of chief beer-maker in Egypt

Archaeologists uncover 3,200-year-old tomb of chief beer-maker in Egypt

A Japanese archaeological team from Waseda University have discovered the tomb of goddess Mut’s head of beer production in the Egypt’s famed temple city of Luxor. The tomb, which is around 3,200-...
Ancient Chinese Herbal Remedy

Ancient Chinese herbal remedy may be solution for chronic pain

A study published in January this year in the journal of Current Biology has provided evidence to support the efficacy of an ancient Chinese herbal remedy that has been used for centuries in the...