Mars cataclysm
Thursday, June 20, 2019 - 22:55

Analysis of data collected by the Mars Curiosity Rover revealed evidence of a past cataclysmic event that would have ended all life on the surface of the red planet.

Modern Representation of a Varangian Guard.
Thursday, June 20, 2019 - 22:33

The tale of the Varangians continues in its prime in the form of the Varangian Guard, a prominent and selective Byzantine army arising in the tenth century. Composed of the Scandinavian marauders in the beginning, the Varangian Guard survived until the thirteenth or fourteenth centuries as the Byzantine Emperor's elite sentinel.

The lead sarcophagus found in Granada, Spain is believed to come from the Roman period. Source: Granada Hoy
Thursday, June 20, 2019 - 20:54

Spanish archaeologists working in the downtown of Granada were going about routine excavations in a historic building in preparation for underground work at the site. 

Nazca Hummingbird identified as Source: / CC BY-SA 4.0
Thursday, June 20, 2019 - 19:10

The Nazca Lines are among the most mysterious archaeological sites in all of Latin America. However, a team of Japanese experts has published a study claiming the bird images have been wrongly classified for years, and their reclassification has led to a new theory on the purpose behind the designs.

A new study of the Japanese population reveals the true origin of the Japanese people. Source: Monkey Business / Adobe Stock.
Thursday, June 20, 2019 - 15:52

The current thinking on the origins of the Japanese population holds that the original inhabitants, the

Imaginary ruins of a sunken kingdom. Source: manjik /Adobe Stock
Thursday, June 20, 2019 - 14:03

Some of the most exciting archaeological discoveries and mysteries are the ones involving the ancient ruins of kingdoms lost beneath the waves. 


Archaeology News on Human Origins, Ancient Places and Mysterious Phenomena

Ancient Kedah

A race between ancient civilisation and development

The Bujang Valley, otherwise known as Lembah Bujang, is the richest archaeological site in the whole of Malaysia. Sprawling over an incredible 224 square kilometres, it is an ancient historical...
Oldest Humans - Mysterious Branch of Humanity

Oldest Human DNA Reveals Mysterious Branch of Humanity

A new landmark study has revealed the oldest known human DNA ever to be found, dating back approximately 400,000 years – substantially older than the previous earliest human DNA from a 100,000-year-...
China Tomb Raiders

China tomb raiders rescued, then arrested

Two grave robbers ran into some bad luck on Monday when they became trapped in a burial chamber they were trying to rob and had to be rescued by police, who subsequently detained them. The pair was...
Tunnels in Rome

Scientists to Map 'Secret' Labyrinth of Roman Subterranean Tunnels

As tourists wonder the streets of Rome and flock to the incredible sites of the Colosseum and Roman Forum, few of them realise that beneath their feet lies something even more ancient – a maze of...
Neanderthals organised

Ancient rock shelter reveals Neanderthals kept organised and tidy homes

Archaeologists in Italy have found a collapsed rock shelter which has revealed that Neanderthals kept an organised and tidy home with separate spaces for preparing food, sleeping, making tools and...
Stonehenge Sounds

Researchers reveal Stonehenge stones hold incredible musical properties

A team of researchers from London’s Royal College of Art (RCA) have discovered that the stones used to construct Stonehenge hold musical properties and when struck, sound like bells, drums and gongs...
Roman Ruins and Dark matter

Underwater cultural heritage comes second to science research

A debate is heating up in scientific circles regarding the use of lead bricks from ancient shipwrecks for use in experiments in particle physics. The question is whether destruction of artefacts is...
Shaanxi - 80 Skulls found

Archaeologists make grisly discovery of 80 skulls in China's largest neolithic city

Yesterday we reported on the discovery of two massive beacon towers in China’s largest discovered Neolithic city called the Shimao ruins in Shaanxi Province. Now, archaeologists have made another...
Terracotta Warriors

Terracotta Army weapons were immensely powerful

In 1974, one of the most important archaeological discoveries in the world took place when more than 8000 life-size clay warriors were uncovered in Xi’an, China. They have become known as the ‘...
Early human fossils in Kenya

Early human fossils older than previously believed

According to a new study due to published in the Journal of Human Evolution, a group of fossils belonging to early humans that were discovered at Koobi Fora in the Turkana Basin of East Africa have...
Ancient Swedish cult Figurines

1,400-year-old figurines may be evidence of ancient Swedish cult

Archaeologists have uncovered a treasure trove of hand-carved figurines in the quiet village of Vang in Blekinge, Sweden, suggesting the region was once home to an Iron Age cult. The research team...
4,000-Year-Old Fortifications of Stone Age city - Shina

4,000-Year-Old Fortifications of Stone Age city discovered in China

Chinese archaeologists have uncovered fortifications surrounding the Shimao ruins – the largest Neolithic Chinese city ever discovered – including two huge beacon towers. The Shimao ruins , located...
Medieval Mass Grave in Durham

Archaeologists Discover Medieval Mass Grave in England

Archaeologists from the University of Durham in northern England have found the remains of eighteen individuals at a dig on the City’s World Heritage Site, providing clear evidence of a mass grave...
Seals and Amulets in Turkey

More than 600 Ancient Seals and Amulets Found

Archaeologists have uncovered an unusually large quantity of amulets, stamp seals and cylinder seals in an ancient sanctuary in Turkey, which date back from the 7 th to the 4 th centuries BC. The...
Hominids in Africa

Could Cave Findings Unravel Mysteries of Human Origins?

Archaeologists have just completed a 3-week excavation of the Rising Star cave system in the northwest of Johannesburg, South Africa, and the results are expected to be revolutionary. The dig yielded...
Chachapoyas Sarcophagi

Archaeologists may have found children’s cemetery belonging to ‘Warriors of the Clouds’

Last week we reported on the unique culture of the Chachapoyan people, a society of Andean people living in the cloud forests of the Amazonas region of present day Peru, otherwise known as the ‘...