Boats on the river in Hoi An.
Saturday, July 21, 2018 - 01:57

Hoi An is a beautiful coastal town in central Vietnam that escaped the devastation of the American War. In 1999, it was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site because of the charm of its original architecture, river location, and continuity of cultural practices

The Mars lies at the bottom of the Baltic Sea, where it sank during a naval battle in 1564. Composite photograph by Tomasz Stachura, Ocean Discovery
Saturday, July 21, 2018 - 01:13

Mars was one of the largest battleships in the world when it was buil,t and it was re-discovered in 2011 at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. More discoveries about this important wreck have just been announced.

Stone block and decapitated skeleton
Friday, July 20, 2018 - 23:35

At the end of May, archaeologists working at Pompeii made a remarkable and grisly discovery when they unearthed the remains of a man who had apparently been decapitated by a huge rock. However, further excavation has found the skull and its condition tells a different story for the cause of death.

A prehistoric human face stone carving, which is believed to be over 7,000 years old, discovered in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, North China.
Friday, July 20, 2018 - 23:01

Somewhere, deep in prehistory a human being gazed at their reflection in rock-pool, and was struck with an urge to carve what he saw. Subsequently, the first selfie was created!

The immense black stone sarcophagus found in Alexandria still holds more mysteries
Friday, July 20, 2018 - 18:57

Rumors have been rolling about since the 27-ton (59,500 lb.) black granite sarcophagus was uncovered three weeks ago in Alexandria, Egypt. 

The Sumela Monastery, Turkey
Friday, July 20, 2018 - 18:08

The Sumela Monastery is one of the oldest and most historic monasteries in the Christian world.   There are no exact records about when it was built or by who, but it is estimated that its history dates back some one thousand years and that the locals who constructed it did so to escape


Archaeology News on Human Origins, Ancient Places and Mysterious Phenomena

Tomb of Djehutihotep in Egypt - Wall Depiction

Researchers claim that key to Ancient Egyptian architectural brilliance is in wet sand

For centuries, people have theorized how the great pyramids of Egypt were built. The traditional perspective is that they were built through hauling massive stones across the sandy desert using just...

New study suggests Neanderthals never went extinct

Scientific debate regarding the demise of the Neanderthals has been ongoing for decades with many experts proposing factors such as climate change, competition for resources, of lack of intelligence...
8,500-year-old footprints and graves in Istanbul

8,500-year-old footprints and graves are rewriting the history of Istanbul

The discovery of more than 1,500 footprints and a number of graves dating back 8,500 years has shed new light on the Istanbul’s history, which was previously thought to have begun less than three...
Tombs in the Valley of the Kings

More than 50 royal Egyptian mummies unearthed in Valley of the Kings

In a remarkable new discovery, archaeologists have uncovered a massive tomb in the West Bank of the Nile Valley of the Kings in Luxor containing more than 50 royal Egyptians, including four princes,...
Great Lakes Underwater Structures

9,000-year-old complex hunting structures found beneath the Great Lakes

A new study conducted by the University of Michigan has revealed a complex set of ancient hunting structures found under nearly 40 metres of water in Lake Huron, according to a report in Live Science...
Depiction of Jesus - Egypt

Egyptologists discover unusual structure with a possible early depiction of Jesus

A team of Catalan Egyptologists from the Catalan Egyptology Society and University of Barcelona claim to have found one of the earliest-known pictures of Jesus in a 6 th century tomb unearthed in...
Loch Ness

Buddhist Lama says Loch Ness monster is mythological water deity

The first Buddhist Lama in Britain, who is leading the project to create a new Buddhist centre in the Highlands of Scotland said the famous Loch Ness monster is a naga, a water deity which brings...
Treasure Vishnu Temple

Could newly discovered ancient stairs lead to more treasures under Vishnu Temple?

Archaeologists have unearthed a set of three ancient granite steps and building foundations near the northern entrance to the Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple, located in Thiruvananthapuram, the capital...
Neolithic Farmers

New study reveals Neolithic farmers assimilated local hunter-gatherers

A new study published in the journal Science has revealed that Neolithic farmers assimilated local hunter-gatherers into their communities in Scandinavia, according to a new report in Phys Org . The...
Old cities through satellite images

Old satellite images reveal lost cities and previously unknown ancient sites

Archaeologists have discovered numerous archaeological sites scattered across the Middle East thanks to work on the new Corona Atlas of the Middle East, which features Cold-War satellite images from...
Decapitation of King Louis XVI

DNA test on bloody gourd reveals it is not from decapitated King Louis XVI

A new study published in the journal Nature Scientific Reports has cast doubt on a centuries-old belief that the blood contained in a decorated gourd (container made from a hard-shelled fruit)...
Great City of Cahokia

Scientists seek answers for the abandonment of the Great City of Cahokia

The ancient Native American city of Cahokia, located is Collinsville, Illinois, is known to have been one of the most sophisticated pre-Columbian settlements north of Mexico. At its peak, it was home...
Western Wall Chisel

2,000-year-old chisel found at the Western Wall may have been used in its construction

Archaeologists have uncovered an ancient chisel that may have been used in the construction of the Western Wall in Jerusalem, according to a report in Haaretz . The chisel was found along with a...
Life Expectancy Myths

The life expectancy myth, and why many ancient humans lived long healthy lives

It is not uncommon to hear talk about how lucky we are to live in this age of scientific and medical advancement where antibiotics and vaccinations keep us living longer, while our poor ancient...
Ancient Cave in Spain

Ancient Cave in Spain reveals advanced astronomical knowledge of inhabitants

Research carried out in a cave located on the Canary Islands in Spain, in what was probably the indigenous region of Artevigua, suggests that the ancient islanders had an advanced understanding of...
Star Betelgeuse

Australian Aboriginals knew of variable star Betelgeuse before European astronomers

Recent research published in the Journal of Astronomical History and Heritage suggests that an ancient Aboriginal love story written in the sky reveals their knowledge of variability in the star...