Hoard of Bronze age weapons and tools found in Havering, London.  Source: Museum of London
Tuesday, October 22, 2019 - 00:40

Archaeologists in England have announced the discovery of a hoard of Bronze Age weapons and tools, that are almost 3000 years old. They were found in London on a construction site.

Constellation Map. (DarkWorkX/Pixabay)
Monday, October 21, 2019 - 23:45

Archaeologists agree, Göbekli Tepe changes everything. This hilltop sanctuary in southern Turkey, probably the World’s first megalithic temple, is like a time capsule that dates back nearly 13,000 years to the most extraordinary time in human history

A section of the Pilgrim’s Path dating to the Second Temple period.    Source: SHAI HALEVY/Israel Antiquities Authority
Monday, October 21, 2019 - 22:27

The Israel Antiquities Authority has announced it has found solid evidence the Pilgrim’s Path in Jerusalem dates from the 1st century AD. This means that it was possibly commissioned by Pontius Pilate, the man who ordered the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

The world’s oldest pearl has been discovered at Marawah Island, United Arab Emirates. Source: Arundhati Chaudhuri / CC BY-SA 2.0.
Monday, October 21, 2019 - 18:47

Archaeologists in Abu Dhabi have found an 8,000-year-old pearl - the world’s most ancient specimen. According to Emirati archaeologists the exquisite natural pearl is proof that valuable objects have been traded since Neolithic times. 

The Tower of London (Photocreo Bednarek /Adobe Stock). Inset: Representational image of a skeleton (tuulimaa / Adobe Stock)
Monday, October 21, 2019 - 14:01

The skeletons of a woman and child have been discovered at London’s famous 1,000-year-old royal fortress and prison, the Tower of London.

The Cathedral of the Dormition is an 11th century cathedral in Kutaisi, Georgia of the Bagrationi dynasty. Photo source: viii / Adobe Stock.
Sunday, October 20, 2019 - 23:04

The Bagrationi (sometimes Hellenized as Bagratid) dynasty was the ruling dynasty of Georgia for over a millennium. This dynasty was founded during the Middle Ages and ruled the country until the early part of the 19th century, when its last king was overthrown by the Russians.

Illustration of the later Bronze Age by Rasmus Christiansen.               Source: Dandebak

Puzzling Family Structure Revealed in Bronze Age Households

Archaeogenetic analyses have provided new insights into social structures of Bronze age households in ‘Europe’ 4000 years ago. Nuclear families lived together with foreign women and unrelated...
Archaeologists in Egypt have unearthed a previously unknown tomb and several artifacts. Source: Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities

Industrial Zone Found In Luxor’s Valley of the Monkeys

Archaeologists in Egypt have made two remarkable discoveries at the Valley of the Monkeys in Luxor . They have found evidence of industrial areas or zones, where workers lived and worked. Then they...
Liberty Leading the People by Eugène Delacroix (1830), celebrates the French Revolution (Louvre Museum).    Source: Public Domain

The French Revolution and Birth of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity

The French Revolution is often considered to be one of the most significant events not only in the history of France and Europe, but also in the world. This revolution is known also as the Revolution...
Early Human diet: Marrow inside a metapodial bone after six weeks of storage. Source Dr. Ruth Blasco/AFTAU

Did 420,000-Year-Old Humans Plan Their Diets and Store Food?

Israeli scientists have found evidence that early humans thought ahead and stored fat and marrow laden animals bones for rainy days. According to a new study published in Science Advances the early...
Provocative scenes from the medieval poem, ‘Roman de La Rose’, have been discovered. Source: Dmitry Pichugin / Adobe Stock.

Does This Explicit Medieval Poem Hold Dark Undertones?

Fragments from a popular sexually explicit medieval French book have been discovered describing what journalists are calling a “hot-encounter" and “ X-rated language ”, but is this text a much more...
Ancient ecosystems were very different from those found today. Source: Heinrich Harder (1858-1935) / Public Domain

Early Humans Evolved in Ecosystems Unlike Any Found Today

To understand the environmental pressures that shaped human evolution, scientists must first piece together the details of the ancient plant and animal communities that our fossil ancestors lived in...
The cave lion cub now known as ‘Sparta.’ Source: Siberian Times

Uniquely Preserved Cave Lion Cubs: Stunning Photos and Secrets Revealed

By Valeria Sukhova / Siberian Times At first, scientists believed they had found male cave lion cub siblings that were born 44,000 years ago and found ten meters (32.8 ft.) apart in Yakutia, but the...
Traditional totora reed raft usage is fading away.  Source: ecuadorquerido / Adobe Stock

Riding Peruvian Waves for 2000 Years on the Totora Reed Raft

Traveling on the dry windswept northern coast of Peru, beside a spectacular landscape, one finds interesting ways whereby people make a living. That’s how we stumbled on a strange little raft made of...
Remote beach and rocky coastline on Sark Island. Source: allard1 / Adobe Stock.

Criminal Element Returns to Sark Island

Sark , the tiny Channel Island with a deeply criminal pirate history is once again “awash” with crooks, according to a police report. At a mere 2.10 square miles (5.44 square kilometers), with only...
An ancient fresco of Macedonian soldiers from the tomb of Agios Athanasios, Thessaloniki, Greece, 4th century BC (Public Domain)

The Floating Warhorses of Alexander the Great: The Menacing Mount of the Macedonians

The rider must have a firm seat when going at full speed over all sort of ground and must also be able to use his weapons well on horseback. ( Xenophon, On Horsemanship , 8) When Philip II came to...
Oldest Egyptian Soul Map has been found on the text of a woman’s coffin.     Source: Boggy / Adobe Stock

Inscription on Coffin Discovered to be Oldest Egyptian Soul Map

A 4000-year-old ancient Egyptian text illustrates the oldest map of the underworld in existence. In 2012 archaeologists opened a burial shaft in the Middle Egyptian necropolis of Dayr al-Barsha and...
Peru, old Incan road in the canyon Cotahuasi.

Inca Empire Constructed Over 40,000 Kms of Roads and Superhighways in 100 Years

The Inca Empire was a superpower that was centered on the western coast of South America. This prevailing civilization flourished between the 15th and 16th centuries, and at its height of power it...
Pilbara, Australia where scientists discovered microbial remains in ancient rocks. Source: Terry / Adobe Stock.

Oldest Life On Earth Traced To Land

Scientists have found exceptionally preserved microbial remains in some of Earth's oldest rocks in Western Australia - a major advance in the field, offering clues for how life on Earth originated...
A dancers curse has been revealed on a Byzantine tablet.                  Source: par /Adobe Stock

Mysterious 1500-year-old Tablet Deciphered as Dancer’s Curse

An academic has finally deciphered the mysterious writings on a lead tablet after 70 years. They were shown to be a curse aimed at a dancer. The curse-tablet dates from the Byzantine era and is...
Landscape of the ancient city of Eretria, Euboea, Greece. Source: photo_stella / Adobe Stock

From Mycenaean to Macedon: The Prominence of Eretria in Greek Colonization

Eretria is an ancient Greek city state located in the southern part of Euboea , a Greek island facing the coast of Attica . Eretria is said to have been founded during the 8th century BC and was one...
Ancient tsunamis destroyed and killed. Source: Kevin Carden / Adobe Stock.

Creating Waves, Destroying Lives: Ancient Tsunamis That Left Their Mark

The catastrophic Indian Ocean tsunami of late 2004 claimed up to 300,000 lives in the space of 24 hours. In 2011, the Japanese tsunami claimed another 20,000 lives. Prior to these events, few...