Mysterious, Giant Face Found on Cliff in Canada - Man-Made or Natural?

Mysterious, Giant Face Found on Cliff in Canada—Man-Made or Natural?


By Tara MacIsaac Epoch Times  

Parks Canada is trying to figure out how a face, estimated to be about 7 feet tall, appeared on a cliff in a remote region of Canada. It was discovered a few weeks ago by Hank Gus of the Tseshaht First Nation. He’d been searching for it for two years.

In 2008, a kayaker had reported seeing it and sent a photo of it to Parks Canada, but could not identify the precise location. Parks Canada had contacted the Tseshaht administration office to ask about it and Gus eventually began his search.

The debate now is whether it is man-made or a natural formation.

It is difficult to get to. Gus estimated it’s about 40 feet up from the bottom of the cliff face and about 25 feet from the top. A rugged coastline and rough waters have prevented further investigation these past few weeks, reported CTV News . It is located on Reeks Island, part of the Broken Group Islands, in British Columbia.

Parks Canada First Nation’s program manager Matthew Payne  told ABC News : “The Tseshaht has lived in area for thousands of years, so we working with the First Nations to find out if there are any oral histories the face could link back to.”

The strange face was spotted on Reeks Island in British Columbia, Canada

The strange face was spotted on Reeks Island in British Columbia, Canada ( Wikimedia Commons )

Discovery News noted  that, “There are psychological reasons why people see faces where they don’t exist: It’s a phenomenon called pareidolia, in which the brain sees faces in ambiguous stimuli such as clouds, coffee stains, and rocks. The human brain is hard-wired to recognize faces; in fact faces are the first things that babies learn to recognize, and parts of the brain are specialized for finding and recognizing faces.”

Is this a case of pareidolia or is it the handiwork of someone who scaled the difficult landscape long ago?

Gus told CTV it reminds him of a carving on the door of the Tseshaht administration offices of “Ugi,” a symbol of the wind.

Featured image: A face found on a cliff face in Pacific Rim National Park Reserve's Broken Group Islands in British Columbia, Canada. (Parks Canada/Tanya Dowdall)

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so many cry “IMPOSSIBLE” for this reason or that.. i say impossible and ignorant are synonyms… and just for clarification to prevent fiery backlash.. this is not ad hominem attack, merely observation.. so much labeled impossible has been proven possible by the creative human  intellect.. i posit NOTHING is impossible, merely not proven possible yet...excellent article AO, hoping for a followup

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manipulatable by thought ability supressed in humans since birth

Le Sphinx with lion head held a disk on his head, and formed a group which perform spiritual rituals in veneration of the sun god Ra.
To idyllically file a "Solar Balance" built two "dishes balance" giant (like two pyramids really are), for imagine a worthy instrument of divine support for those priests was the star king. Finally it confirms what has always been said: "The pyramids of Giza mimic un-esoteric cosmic somehow to link heaven and earth knowledge." And this also applies to the time when the Pyramid of Menkaure, the smallest aligned in Giza, did not exist.

Geographic “human faces” profiles (aerial photos) in several blocks, including landscape, profiles at rocks,space, etc:

This isn't difficult to sort. Just take lots of pictures round the edge of the crevasse from lots of different angles. It will always look like a face if it was manufactured to look like that.

There is no conceivable reason to believe that anyone / any group would go to that much effort so that one person would see a mildly consternated and partially obscured face...  at that specific point in the day when the shadows are just so (at a particular time of year), to no real end. Would love the chance to see it, though.

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It has eyebrows. If we can carve presidents and horses in mountains, why is it so hard to believe that an ancient people could also carve images into rock? 


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