Tau Boo Polar Shift on Earth

Could a rapid pole shift change the fate of life on Earth?


One of the doomsday hypotheses is a cataclysmic magnetic pole shift, which would result in widespread destruction from earthquakes, volcanoes, and floods. However, according to mainstream science a pole shift doesn’t happen in a sudden way but rather in a very gradual way that can last several thousands of years.

But in 1995 a team led by geologist Scott Bogue in LA discovered lava flows at the Steens Mountain in Oregon USA that contained unusual magnetic patterns and they suggested that there had been a magnetic pole shift in Earth’s past that took place 10,000 faster than normal which is about 6 degrees per day. But as with anything that goes against mainstream science, the findings were classified as controversial and didn’t get the approval of the scientific community.

A few days ago, astronomers completely observed for the first time the magnetic cycle of another star which is known as Tau Boo located 51 light years away from Earth. It was first in 2007 when astronomers observed a flip in the magnetic field of Tau Boo. Since then to their surprise they have observed 4 pole reversals showing that the rate of a pole shift is so fast that it takes place every 1 to 2 years. If we compare this with our Sun that has a similar magnetic behaviour to Tau Boo but a cycle of approximately 22 years, the difference is huge. Scientists have no idea how this is possible and they are baffled trying to find out why.

But I couldn’t help to observe that this discovery has similarities with Scott Bogue’s discovery in 1995 about Earth’s magnetic past, showing a polar shift on Earth to have happened in a year. Even though Tau Boo and Earth are not comparable as planets, it may give clues and possibly an explanation as to whether a fast pole shift would have been possible for Earth’s past or even for Earth’s future!

By John Black



Thank you for these great links! they show that our Earth’s magnetism is but a small part of a much larger influence. I read the Scholarpedia article and still did not see any references to any possible “physical” flip in polarity changes but it stands as very possible. We all know what happens if you try to push like kind polarities together using magnets, one will physically flip around to expose the opposite attracting polarity.

I think the Ancients understood some of this as just the Nature of Things but they had no reason to question why, It is what it is without need to explain why it is. Just like the first beliefs of Animism. Somehow they knew Everything… even inamimate objects were alive in some fashion and had a “Breath” or “Soul”.

Well, on a Quantum Physic Atomic level, they were absolutely correct, a very long time before Science caught up and proved this reality.

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My curiosity would be whether the Earth “physically” follows suit? Both Hopi and Scandinavian oral tradition points to this possibility.

Universal Magnetic Reversals

A universal polarity flip is a change in the orientation of the universe's magnetic field such that the positions of its magnetic quadrupole become interchanged. These events, which have been described by Oral tradition as lasting three (3) days in darkness involve a decline in magnetic field strength followed by a rapid recovery and increase after the new orientation has been established. Homo erectus observed the last universal polarity flip ~780,000 years ago, their observation passed down to Homo sapiens who recorded (as altered through the millennia by various religious motives) their Oral tradition.

Partial listing of Homo erectus last "universal magnetic reversal" observation to Homo sapiens at GDG, 1961.

The last universal polarity flip ~780,000 years ago was first theorised by Bernard Brunhes (1867-1910), a French geophysicist known for his pioneering work in paleomagnetism, in particular, his 1906 confirmation of geomagnetic reversal, and Motonori Matuyama (1884-1958), a Japanese geophysicist known for his paper On the Direction of Magnetization of Basalt (1929), the period between the late Pliocene and the mid-Pleistocene during which the field reversed. A universal polarity flip reverses global warmings recharging planetary magnetic fields and increasing their magnetic field strengths.

The Brunhes-Matuyama reversal is the name of this planet's Homo erectus observation (this Earth).

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