Tau Boo Polar Shift on Earth

Could a rapid pole shift change the fate of life on Earth?


One of the doomsday hypotheses is a cataclysmic magnetic pole shift, which would result in widespread destruction from earthquakes, volcanoes, and floods. However, according to mainstream science a pole shift doesn’t happen in a sudden way but rather in a very gradual way that can last several thousands of years.

But in 1995 a team led by geologist Scott Bogue in LA discovered lava flows at the Steens Mountain in Oregon USA that contained unusual magnetic patterns and they suggested that there had been a magnetic pole shift in Earth’s past that took place 10,000 faster than normal which is about 6 degrees per day. But as with anything that goes against mainstream science, the findings were classified as controversial and didn’t get the approval of the scientific community.

A few days ago, astronomers completely observed for the first time the magnetic cycle of another star which is known as Tau Boo located 51 light years away from Earth. It was first in 2007 when astronomers observed a flip in the magnetic field of Tau Boo. Since then to their surprise they have observed 4 pole reversals showing that the rate of a pole shift is so fast that it takes place every 1 to 2 years. If we compare this with our Sun that has a similar magnetic behaviour to Tau Boo but a cycle of approximately 22 years, the difference is huge. Scientists have no idea how this is possible and they are baffled trying to find out why.



But I couldn’t help to observe that this discovery has similarities with Scott Bogue’s discovery in 1995 about Earth’s magnetic past, showing a polar shift on Earth to have happened in a year. Even though Tau Boo and Earth are not comparable as planets, it may give clues and possibly an explanation as to whether a fast pole shift would have been possible for Earth’s past or even for Earth’s future!

By John Black



here j-r,

only two (2) universes, one (1) straight, one (1) rounded:

1/c^4 = 1234567.89X,... x 10^-40 second^4/meter^4 (straight universe)
1/c^4 = 1234567.901,... x 10^-40 second^4/meter^4 (rounded universe)

study euclid's fifth postulate about their intersection:

1/c^4 = 123456789X.,... x 10^-43 second^4/meter^4 (straight universe)
1/c^4 = 1234567901.,... x 10^-43 second^4/meter^4 (rounded universe)

we cannot simplify your math any more than this.


Appreciate you sharing this and sorry for delay of reply. I am hip to the multi-dimensional theory but what I am referring to is multiple physical Universes, Each unique in it’s own. Our Universe is always referred to as “The” universe, always singular never plural in terms of physical existence.

I think we are all limiting our perspective and scope in this regard. I think it is possible that it may be a simple affair that we just refuse to consider because we do not see it yet. Just because we do not see them doesn’t mean they are not there.

It may be possible that there is a source out there that continually spits out the seeds to perpetually create new physical universes like a Fungi spits out Spores. If an event cycle like this is a reality then there may be as many physical universes out there as there are galaxies in our own “Local” universe.

Like I said before… We can already observe this cycle from a sub-atomic level all the way up to galaxy clusters, why would it stop at just one universe event? Stands to reason the cycle would continue.

Two (2) Universes in Space/Time created:

1/c^4 = 123456789X... x 10^-43 time^4/space^4 (straight universe)
1/c^4 = 1234567901... x 10^-43 time^4/space^4 (curved universe)

c^1 = 3 x 10^8 space/time
c^2 = 9 x 10^16 space^2/time^2
c^3 = 2.7 x 10^25 space^3/time^3
c^4 = 8.1 x 10^33 space^4/time^4 (four-dimensional universe)

1/c^1 = 3.33333333... x 10^-9 time/space
1/c^2 = 1.11111111... x 10^-17 time^2/space^2
1/c^3 = 3.70370370... x 10^-26 time^3/space^3
1/c^4 = 1.23456789... x 10^-34 time^4/space^4 (four-dimensional universe)

Space/Time Unit Definitions simplified:

Unit of space - "meter"
The meter is the space of the path travelled by light in vacuum during a time interval of 1/300 000 000 of a second.

Unit of time - "second"
The second is the duration of 9 192 631 770 periods of the radiation corresponding to the transition between the two hyperfine levels of the ground state of the cesium 133 atom.

1/c^4 = 123456789X... x 10^-43 second^4/meter^4 (straight universe)
1/c^4 = 1234567901... x 10^-43 second^4/meter^4 (curved universe)

c^1 = 3 x 10^8 meter/second
c^2 = 9 x 10^16 meter^2/second^2
c^3 = 2.7 x 10^25 meter^3/second^3
c^4 = 8.1 x 10^33 meter^4/second^4 (four-dimensional universe)

1/c^1 = 3.33333333... x 10^-9 second/meter
1/c^2 = 1.11111111... x 10^-17 second^2/meter^2
1/c^3 = 3.70370370... x 10^-26 second^3/meter^3
1/c^4 = 1.23456789... x 10^-34 second^4/meter^4 (four-dimensional universe)

Mag Pole Reversal Physics easy:

X = Ten (10)

Someone put some serious thought into this connection! Let me ask a serious question? If the Cycle repeats it’s self… Atoms/Molecules/Planets with their Moons/Solar Systems/Galaxies/Galaxy Clusters...Could it be possible that it would be the same for Universes? Could there be many infinite Universes that we just do not see yet? If so, could you connect this possibility to the Good Book also?

Old story, New names

Kids love Revelation Children story’s Particle Physics.

Rev. 4

1 god is 1 rock.

4 beasts are 4 charges.
father charge .333… e (spin)
son charge .666… e (spin)
ghost charge .999… e (spin)
spirit charge .000…1 e (spin)

24 elders are 24 fermions.
father charge .333… e quarks
(1st gen) down quark – down antiquark (spin 1/2)
(2nd gen) strange quark – strange antiquark (spin 1/2)
(3rd gen) bottom quark – bottom antiquark (spin 1/2)
son charge .666… e quarks
(1st gen) up quark – up antiquark (spin 1/2)
(2nd gen) charm quark – charm antiquark (spin 1/2)
(3rd gen) top quark – top antiquark (spin 1/2)
ghost charge .999… e leptons
(1st gen) electron – positron (spin 1/2)
(2nd gen) muon – positive muon (spin 1/2)
(3rd gen) tau – positive tau (spin 1/2)
spirit charge .000…1 e leptons
(1st gen) electron-neutrino – electron-antineutrino (spin 1/2)
(2nd gen) muon-neutrino – muon-antineutrino (spin 1/2)
(3rd gen) tau-neutrino – tau-antineutrino (spin 1/2)

Rev. 6-8

4 horses are 4 forces.
white charge .999… e higgs force
red charge .999… e strong force
black charge .999… e electro .000…1 e weak force
pale charge .999… e gravitation force

144,000 seals are 144,000 particles.

7 spirits are 7 bosons.
white charge .000…1 e higgs (spin 0/1)
red charge .000…1 e gluon (spin 1/1)
black charge .000…1 e photon .999… e WWZ bosons (spin 1/1)
pale charge .000…1 e graviton (spin 2/1)

Rev. 21

1 great city is 1 standard model.
12 gates are 12 particles
12 foundations are 12 antiparticles

Rev. 22

1 rock is 1.

They like the rock too.

Seven stars (7 stars*)
1) dark temperature: [(hbar*c^5/G)^1/2]/k = 4.2903353(04) x 10^31 K
2) electric current: e/[(hbar*G/c^5)^1/2] = 9.8137286(29) x 10^24 A
3) dark matter: (hbar*c/G)^1/2 = 6.5907305(98) x 10^-9 kg
4) amount of substance: [(hbar*c/G)^1/2]/M = 1.6605387(82) x 10^-24 mol
5) dark length: (hbar*G/c^3)^1/2 = 4.8943724(18) x 10^-36m
6) luminous intensity: [(hbar*G/c^5)^1/2]/alpha = 2.2372317(89) x 10^-42 cd
7) dark time: (hbar*G/c^5)^1/2 = 1.6325869(07) x 10^-44 s



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