Giant Human Skeleton in Varna, Bulgaria

Giant Human Skeleton unearthed in Varna, Bulgaria


Archaeologists in Bulgaria have discovered the remains of what they have described as a “huge skeleton” in downtown Varna, a city on the shores of the Black Sea whose rich culture and civilizations spans some 7,000 years.

Sofia News Agency, Novinite, reports that the skeleton was found in what was once the ancient city of Odessos, a trading post established by the Greeks towards the end of the 7th century BC. Odessos was a mixed community made up of Ionian Greeks and the Thracian tribes (Getae, Krobyzoi, Terizi). Later it was controlled by the Thracians, Macedonians, and then Romans. The Roman city, Odessus, covered 47 hectares in present-day central Varna and had prominent public baths, Thermae, erected in the late 2nd century AD, now the largest Roman remains in Bulgaria.

Remains of ancient Odessus in Varna, Bulgaria

Remains of ancient Odessus in Varna, Bulgaria ( Wikimedia Commons )

Researchers have said that initial analyses suggest the skeleton belongs to a man who lived in the late 4 th or early 5 th century AD, a time when Odessus was an early Christian center.

Valeri Yotov, who is part of the team carrying out excavations there, is reported as telling local news websites that the size of the bones is “impressive” and that they belonged to “a very tall man”. However, Yotov would not reveal the exact height of the skeleton.



The remains were found near the remains of the ancient city wall and Yotov has suggested that the man may have died while working or during a ceremony held near the city walls.

“His posture, with hands laid on his waist and his body pointing to the east (head) and west (feet) is a clear indication for archaeologists he was buried,” reports Novinite.


It is not the first time that an over-sized skeleton has been found in Eastern Europe. In 2013, the skeleton of a giant warrior dating back to 1600 BC was found in Santa Mare, Romania . Nicknamed ‘Goliath’, the warrior measured more than 2 meters in height, highly unusually for the time and place, when people were of small stature (approximately 1.5 meters on average).  The warrior was buried with an impressive dagger that indicated his high stature.

Giant skeleton nicknamed 'Goliath' found in Santa Mare, Romania

Giant skeleton nicknamed ‘Goliath’ found in Santa Mare, Romania (

Featured image: The newly-discovered giant skeleton in Bulgaria. Photo by BGNES

By April Holloway


Why the article mention Macedonia? FURM as Macedonia exist after 1945 AC.

"Yotov himself says he sees nothing “exceptional” about the discovery of the skeleton."
"“There are no indications that this man was a vampire, an Atlantis giant, or anything like that,” archaeologist Valeri Yotov has commented jokingly, apparently referring to a host of discoveries in Bulgaria in recent years of impaled medieval skeletons, apparently to protect them from turning into vampires after their deaths.

A more realistic, though also questionable hypothesis voiced by some of the onlookers in the street is that the tall man might have been the victim of a crime back in the 4th century AD, and that the construction ditch was used to get rid of his body. However, the local archaeologists appear hardly intent on exploring such guesses."

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The Anunnaki and Nephilim grew up to 36 feet in height!

This information is suppressed or destroyed as it confirms the biblical narrative. Genesis 6 vs 5 speaks of these giants referred to as the Nephilim. I'll leave you go down the rabbit hole from there :) But what a fascinating read it is.


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