Scientist dismissed after soft tissue found on dinosaur fossil


A microscope scientist working for California State University has been fired following the discovery that a Triceratops horn still contained soft tissue complete with bone cells “that look alive”, according to a report in CBS Los Angeles . The scientist, whose analysis of the Triceratops horn was published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal, is also an evangelical creationist, and claimed that the finding supports the view that Earth is 6,000 years old and that dinosaurs roamed the planet around 4,000 years ago. While the university claims the scientist, Mark Armitage, was fired for allowing his religion to interfere with his work, Armitage is suing the University for wrongful dismissal on the basis of violation to freedom of speech and academic freedom. 

Mark Armitage, a published scientist of over 30 years, was working at the Hell Creek Formation excavation site in Montanaa when he discovered one of the largest Triceratops horns ever unearthed at the site. According to conventional perspectives, the Triceratops is a genus of herbivorous dinosaur that first appeared in the late Cretaceous period, about 68 million years ago in what is now North America, and became extinct around 66 million years ago.

Example of a Triceratops horn

Example of a Triceratops horn. Photo source .

Armitage studied the fossil in the California State University lab using a high-powered miscroscope and was stunned to find soft tissue complete with bone cells.  According to Armitage, the preservation of such cells is a scientific impossibility if the dinosaur really walked the Earth over 66 million years ago. On this basis, he felt it was not unreasonable to open discussion with colleagues and students about the implications of such a finding being that the creationist perspective is correct and that dinosaurs existed much later than mainstream science maintains. The results of Armitage’s analysis of the soft tissue was eventually published in July 2013 in the journal Acta Histochemica . Nevertheless, Armitage was fired from the University of California, which he is now fighting in court.

“Terminating an employee because of their religious views is completely inappropriate and illegal,” said Attorney Brad Dacus of Pacific Justice Institute. “But doing so in an attempt to silence scientific speech at a public university is even more alarming. This should be a wakeup call and warning to the entire world of academia.”

While numerous examples of suppression of ‘academic freedom’ can be cited in which scientists have been discriminated against for presenting views that conflict with mainstream perspectives, Armitage made the ‘unscientific’ mistake of assuming that the dinosaur must be only several thousand years old simply because the process in which the cells were preserved was not understood by him.

In fact, the finding of the soft tissue is not the first of its kind.  Several ground-breaking discoveries in the last decade have revealed preserved soft tissue on dinosaur remains, such as the recent finding of 68-milion-year-old soft tissue from the bones of a Tyrannosaurus rex. However, Mary Schweitzer, a molecular paleontologist at North Carolina State University, who headed up the research on the T. rex remains, explained that the soft tissue was able to be preserved by iron in the dinosaur’s body, which preserved the tissue before it could decay.

The legal case surrounding Armitage’s dismissal opens up many important questions about academic freedom, whether science and religion can ever truly coexist in harmony, and what knowledge may be unravelled by the discovery of preserved cells in the remains of dinosaurs.

Featured image: A Triceratops. Source: BigStockPhoto

By April Holloway


The Bible is in complete agreement with science. true science that is.
The problem is that most scientists dismiss the Bible because of what they hear from Christians who get it totally wrong and do end up looking very stupid.
Like saying the earth is only 6000 years old. its ridiculous.
The earth could well be 10 billion years old and that would be in harmonoy with the bible.
How you ask? Ill make this short. in the beginning God created heaven and earth perfect.
Then a rebellion happened and God judged the earth.
Then some time later God came and reformed the earth and made it livable for man.
We dont know how much time elapsed. it could have been billions of years.
We know God created the earth not a ruin but it became that way as a result of judgement.
The account given in Genesis uses many nouns that have to do with the reforming of pre existing materiel. NOT CREATION. the creation happened long before.
this earth does have a deep history. much more than 6000 years.
if you dive into it with an honest heart you will see the Angels under lucifer making rebellion against God. the following judgement and a period of darkness and chaos upon the ruined earth.
then the reforming of earth and introduction of mankind.
Then the plan of redemption.
its a wonderful ride.

:) This is a fantastic post. I'm SOOO glad that someone can bring some logic into discussion. lol. Thank you so much for making the above comments, Skywalker.

If you don't mind me adding to it:

People forget that if we ALREADY knew the answers to all these things, then we would't NEED SCIENCE.

For religion, Science is simply a method of proving how miracles work, etc

For non religious believers, it's simply a method of proving how the world works in a functional, logical, organized manner. Key word: Logical

Essentially they are trying to achieve the same thing, so why can't people approach science with an open mind and accept new ideas, regardless of which stance they take? If we can't do that, we AREN"T scientists.

Proper scientific method requires falsifiable theories, which AT ITS CORE means that EVERY theory we hold 'true' can STILL be PROVEN FALSE in one way or another, and that very possibility that it could be proven false is why we continue to research the truthfulness and falsifiableness of a theory. Which, much of what we know about the history of the world is only in theory, based on assumptions that can be made based on findings in archaeology etc.

Even then, as technology evolves, so should our assumptions and theories. If we cannot ALLOW for our assumptions and derivative theories to evolve with it, then we are only shooting ourselves in the foot as far as making any real discoveries about the Truth. It's no different than the discovery of a round world instead of a flat one. Some people never let their theories evolve, but now we know that in fact, the world is very round, and not so very flat, and those people are kind of laughed at. "Oooh, hahaha, i can't believe they used to think the world was flat. Rain flowed dooown the slope of the earth and eventually fell off the earth? no way!" Well this is how people are going to laugh at us in the future, if we hold onto old theories because of pride and stubborn indignance.

Unfortunately for those who like to bash religion, the existence of god thus far, is left to Faith for proof, and thereby, that is a theory that is Unfasifiable, and therefore stands True until it can become falsified. But since we don't have that ability at this point in time, we must accept it as being 'True' until we can falsify it. And that is perfectly acceptable and would be the logical, scientific response.

For example, how fast would something fall to the earth's surface if you removed gases from the air which could cause friction/ resistance? Well, we can't remove air from the atmosphere to test that theory and so, what statements we could make in theoretical answer to that question would hold True until the time we have a way of actually testing the theory to prove that it is false.

If we insist on ignoring the inconsistency of Assumptions that are part of our Theories, or we do not utilize the full scientific method then we can no longer consider ourselves scientists with logical reasoning, but we become manipulators with rhetoric of our own choosing in order to push personal agendas. Politicians do this all the time, and we love to criticize them for it; so why is it okay for us to get away with it?

At the request of the editor of this website, I am posting my comment here. More serious studies & research need to be carried out with regards to things I mention here. Anyone who prefers to dismiss my opinion/theories are welcome, but they are in no way contributing to finding out the TRUTH & FACTS about the dinosaurs. We think we know so much about them, and that is so arrogant. I dont want this to be a discussion about either evolution or religion. They dont have their place in this discussion at all. ONLY logical, analytical, rational, openminded & investigative thinking is allowed in my discussion. Emotional bias not allowed. Cultural & societal conditioning/brainwashing not allowed to partake in this discussion.
One of the MAIN reasons why the truth about dinosaurs hasnt been discovered yet, is because of the reasons as stated above. I am not interested in debating what has been debated, and going in circles.

We need to look at LOGIC, FACTS, EVIDENCE already out there, and common sense as well as ancient history.
The truth about the dinosaurs dont need creationism or evolution theory to be found. The truth about the dinosaurs are completely independent of them. Unless you are specifically talking about the evolution of the dinos which is NOT the topic of this discussion at all. Go elsewhere to discuss that.

The LOGIC goes that there is ZERO evidence to indicate that ALL(100%) dinosaurs AND other species became extinct 65 million yrs ago. In fact crocodiles and sharks can be viewed as survivors from that period. How many others are there? If most or all animals died out 65 million yrs ago we wouldnt have the diversity that we have today regardless of whether evolution theory is correct or not. Go take a course on diversity of the animal kingdom... It is just plain BS and a huge LIE that ALL dinos died out 65 mil yrs ago. Or just plain stupidity, ignorance, incompetence, and so on.
In my opinion, the legends and myths of DRAGONS are actual historical accounts of dinosaurs who survived the mass extinction event. Their predecessors survived that event. If crocodiles could, then why couldnt others too. What about the pictures/sculptures of an obvious dinosaur like creature on one of the ancient temples in asia, amongst what is identified as modern day creatures? That temple is about 2000 yrs old. How is that possible? And that is definitely not the only example of that kind.
Are ALL the tales of dragons just pure fantasies, were ALL those people hallucinating? Were ALL of those people all over the world using magic mushrooms or maybe ayuwascha? NO. Fullstop. NO they werent.
Dragons were/are the last of the dinosaurs that survived. Simple. And most dragons were apparently killed off by people hunting them down because they were such a huge threat to villages. Surprised?
Are you surprised that the bible mentions at least two dragons/dinosaurs? Are you surprised that the ancient saying "Dragons Be Here" was used? It means UNCHARTERED TERRITORY. Now WHY oh WHY would they use THAT slogan to imply that it is unchartered lands?
Therefore it should come as NO surprise when people find fossils that contain intact organic material from the dinosaur that the fossil belongs to.
I'm not surprised at all. I know exactly what's going on...
The scientist in question only failed by trying to involve creationism in his discovery. Other than that, his opinion is 100% correct. Worst case scenario this dinosaur fossil he found is a couple million yrs old, just a couple. I doubt that though. Best case scenario it is barely a couple thousand years old, and in my opinion that's the most likely case.
There you go. I kept this short deliberately. Anyone who wants to challenge me on this go ahead. Either way, this is a discussion that is not held enough at all. What a damn shame. It's ridiculous really.
And we call ourselves an intelligent species!?

oop See Comments in given links

There also regularly are tv films with scientists as hero or victim who are persecuted or damaged by unsaid but utmost powerfull criminal parties and there is nothing they can do against it. Who posseses fimindustries and World media is no secret anymore. Could it be such tv movies are to signal academics to stay in consensus and obedience?

There also are daily lots of policeseries on tv but never We had or get any protection nor villans who treaten us are arrested or researched. Could this be to saturate our senses with suggestions of the opposite to reality and be to in reality hide even our bad situations and lots of crime?

Also what tv/politicians/politics and tv shows say and points out never correspondes with present situation in the streets or our real problems of the moment about which never a word is spilled on tv. Or the many new data about war holocaust slavery never are told but stil against all data the old consensus is kept.

About 60% of all science´s most popular theories and scientists are debunked and also there they in science and politics keep on holding on to the old propaganda and never speak a word about the new material or visions.

More very very expensive examples


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