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Shaman stones found in Panama

Old Shaman Stones, Panama

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In December 2012, a publication came out regarding significant findings in the area of Panama where archaeologists discovered shaman stones in a cave that date back more than 4000 years. The cave is known as Casita de Piedra (rock shelter) close to the town of Boquete. The significance of the find is that it provides the oldest evidence of shaman activity in history.

Twelve unusual rocks and crystals were found, their purpose which remains unclear. Archaeologists suggest that the stones were carried there but there is no proof of that, nor the way they were carried.

Archaeologists suggest that the stones were used for healing or for practicing shamanism. Some of the stones contained magnetite, a material with strong magnetic properties.

“A fascinating aspect of this find is that these are not ordinary stones but are rocks and crystals commonly associated with gold deposits in the Central Cordillera of Panama and Central America. However, there are no gold artifacts in the rock-shelter, and there’s no evidence that the stones were collected in the course of gold prospecting as the age of the cache pre-dates the earliest known gold artifacts from Panama by more than 2,000 years. But the collector of the stones clearly had an eye for unusual stones and crystals with a special significance whose meaning is lost to us.” Archaeologist Dickau Redwood said.

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