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Archaeological Discovery brings us Closer to Unravelling Mysteries of Stonehenge


A remarkable discovery in Stonehenge may hold the key to finally understanding its original purpose.

A team of archaeologists who have been working on the site for more than a decade have just revealed that more than 50,000 cremated bone fragments of 63 individuals, including men, women and children, have been unearthed from the Stonehenge site.

This suggests that Stonehenge was more than just an astronomical calendar, as most historians and archaeologists have believed until now.

The finding has also led to the revision of the assumed age of the site from 2500BC to 3000BC. 

One of the most incredible discoveries by the team relates to the nearby site at Durrington Walls where the team was able to uncover the enormous scale of the settlement, which would have had about 1,000 houses.  By testing bone fragments of cattle and pigs, it has been concluded that people travelled with their livestock to Stonehenge from as far away as the Scottish Highlands.

The mysteries of Stonehenge are by no means solved, but the latest finding has brought us one step closer to learning of its mysteries.

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