Native America

View from the ruins on the Indian Mesa, Arizona.

The Indian Mesa: Commanding Views at Native American Fortifications in the Wild West

The Indian Mesa site is a historic area located in the wild and rugged Arizona landscape. With its spectacular views and, of course, its association with the Wild West, Arizona is a popular...
Unraveling the secrets of White Shaman Cave

Unraveling the secrets of White Shaman Cave

On the border between southwestern Texas in the USA and northwestern Coahuila in Mexico, is the archaeological region known as Lower Pecos River. It contains more than 2,000 archaeological sites...
A painting said to be of Lozen on display at the International Native American Memorial in Saint Augustine, Florida.

Lozen: An Intelligent and Brave Apache Warrior Woman

Lozen was a female warrior of the Chiricahua Apaches (known also as the Members or Warm Springs Apache) who lived during the 19th century. Apart from her prowess as a warrior, Lozen is reputed to...