Photograph (top) and tracing (bottom) of an engraved human bone fragment found at Lingjing in China’s Henan Province. Source: Francesco d’Errico and Luc Doyon / Fair Use.

Oldest Human Bone Engraved and Painted By Hominid Found In China

In China a team of archaeologists has made a significant discovery after examining a human bone that may be up to 125,000 years old . They found a small bone that shows signs that it was cut and then...
Experts, using neurosciences, study the human brain’s reaction to ancient engravings. Source: E. Mellet et al. The Royal Society Publishing / CC BY 4.0

Neuro-imaging and Ancient Engravings Allow Experts to Understand Prehistoric Thinking

Researchers in France have used neuroimaging to monitor the impact of prehistoric engravings on modern human brains. To their astonishment, they found that the minds of modern people treat the...