Since before recorded history of Ireland there have been countless Ireland Invasions.

Book of Invasions: The Mytho-Historical Text About Those Who Came to Conquer Ireland

Written records of the history of Ireland did not appear until the Middle Ages. As a result, much of the early history of Ireland is shrouded in mystery. Megalithic tombs and other structures dot the...
Fairy trees serve as the gateway for fairies to travel between worlds.

How Credible Are the Superstitions Surrounding the Mystical Irish Fairy Trees?

A fairy tree is a type of plant found in Irish folklore. Such trees are believed to be sacred to the fairies, and some believe that they serve as gateways between this realm and that of the fairies...
Cliffs of Moher at sunset, Ireland. The Milesians were the last wave of invaders who came to Ireland.

The Milesians: Mythic Origins of the Ancient Irish

The Milesians are a legendary race of people mentioned in the Lebor Gabála Érenn (‘ The Book of the Taking of Ireland ’). According to this work, which attained its current structure during the 11 th...