Reconstruction of the Temple from Nebelivka, Ukraine. c 4000 BC Trypillian (Danube) civilization. 60x20m size. Based on information from "Temple on Nebelivka mega-site: reconstruction" by Nataliia Burdo, Mykhailo Videiko, Institute of Archaeology NAS of Ukraine, Kyiv. Source: Kenny Arne Lang Antonsen/CC BY SA 4.0

Ancient Ukrainian Megastructures Were Huge Community Centers

Archaeologists have derived volumes of new data from a series of ancient megastructures found in a giant prehistoric Ukrainian settlements. Maidanetske is a village located within the Talne Raion (...
Two planets in space, glowing mysterious nebula in universe.

Astronomers say Flickering of Distant Star Could be the Result of an Unearthly Civilization

It has been described as the most mysterious star in our galaxy. The star, labelled as KIC 8462852, sits between the constellations of Cygnus and Lyra, invisible to the naked eye, but visible through...