Black Death at Tourinai

Study of Black Death skeletons reveals plague may have been airborne

An analysis carried out on 25 skeletons of plague victims discovered by railway engineers beneath London last year, has revealed that the Black Death was even more lethal than previously thought...
Trophy Skulls - Headhunters in London

Gruesome evidence of ancient Roman head hunters in London

A report in the Journal of Archaeological Science published earlier this year revealed grisly evidence of beheadings and brutality inflicted upon the Roman Empire’s gladiators, criminals and war...
Eagle eating serpent sculpture

Finest Romano-British sculpture ever found in London

Archaeologists have unearthed a breathtaking sculpture of an eagle devouring a serpent under London’s streets during preparations for the site’s redevelopment into a hotel. Reverend Professor Martin...
Oldest Globe of New World Carved on Ostrich Eggs

Oldest Globe of New World Carved on Ostrich Eggs?

A long-forgotten globe carved onto an ostrich egg and dating back to the early 1500s has resurfaced and may be the first ever globe to depict the New World. Purchased anonymously at the 2012 London...
Tool-Making Factory in London

Archaeologists Discover 9,000-Year-Old Tool-Making Factory in London

A 9,000-year-old Mesolithic tool-making factory has been found in London during excavation work to create a new 13 mile high-speed railway line. It is believed that the site, located alongside the...