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A market has been closed down by a law on an 800-year-old charter. Source: Dmytro Surkov  / Adobe Stock ; Inset, Charter of the Forest (Public Domain)

Council Closes Market By Invoking 800-Year-Old King’s Charter

English law is riddled with ancient entries and charters pertaining to past worlds; and from time to time they emerge and catch out the unsuspecting. For example, it's punishable to gamble in a...
1,600-year-old Roman child coffin

Archaeologists reveal contents of 1,600-year-old Roman child coffin

A young girl’s body buried in the English countryside 1,600 years ago was a major find in 2013 because, archaeologists say, children of her age may not have been considered to have achieved full...
Two ancient skeletons found holding hands in medieval chapel

Two ancient skeletons found holding hands in medieval chapel

Archaeologists have discovered two skeletons holding hands at an ancient site of pilgrimage, in the newly-discovered Chapel of St Morrell in Leicestershire England. According to a news release in the...
Ancient dog prints and Iron Age mint in England

Ancient dog prints and Iron Age mint unearthed in England

Archaeologists excavating in Blackfriars, Leicestershire, England have uncovered ancient coin mould fragments , which they believe were used to produce the gold and silver coins of the famous...
 1,700-year-old child’s coffin

Treasure-hunters find 1,700-year-old child’s coffin in England

A metal detecting club in England has stumbled upon a 1,700-year-old lead coffin in a field in Leicestershire, two miles aware from the site of a Roman settlement and fort. The coffin is thought to...