Viking explorers Source: diter /  Adobe Stock

Vikings Didn’t Just Pop into Canada for a Visit, They Stayed for Centuries

Do you remember that 1992 electro-techno tune by KLF America What Time is Love , which at the beginning declares this music is a 1000 year celebration of the Vikings of modern day Norway reaching...
Photo of “Hell Ant” in amber. Profile view of a Linguamyrmex vladi worker head. Paleontology Department of the American Museum of Natural History, United States.

Scientists Discover an Ancient Bio-Metallic Vampire Ant

A 98-million-year-old amber specimen collected from an excavation in Myanmar, formerly Burma, has yielded a new species of 'hell ant' with a spiky metallic mouth which it used to suck its victims’...
Fairy circles in the Marienflusstal area in Namibia.

Secrets Behind the Namibian Fairy Circles May Finally Be Solved

Hundreds of strange circular patches of ground where nothing grows can be found amongst the thick grass of the vast Namib desert. These bald spots apparently exist, and sometimes grow, for years...