Hueyatlaco: Defying Darwin’s Theory

Hueyatlaco: Defying Darwin’s Theory


Hueyatlaco is an archaeological site in the Valsequillo area south of Puebla in Mexico. The site was buried under the ash of the La Malinche volcano and was excavated in the 1960s by archaeologist Cynthia Irwin Williams and her team. What she found there was ground-breaking and ‘heretic’. She discovered that the site was inhabited by humans approximately 250,000 years BC. Just this on its own goes against Darwin’s theory and against mainstream archaeology which suggests that humans migrated to America from Asia at about 15,000 BC.

What archaeology suggests is that mankind started in Africa and then migrated all over the World and all of this in line with Darwin’s theory of Evolution. This means that according to archaeology there shouldn’t be any other place on Earth that mankind evolved independently and that includes America. So the hypothesis is that since primitive people didn’t have the means (e.g. boats) to travel to America they did so either by ice corridors of the North connecting Asia with America or by primitive boats for very small distances since archaeologists suggest that sea levels were much lower before the last Ice Age, and all of this took place in about 30,000 to 15,000 BC.



The site of Hueyatlaco was identified as a site where animals were hunted and butchered. The excavations that finished in 1973 have shown multiple different Stone Age tools from simple to more sophisticated items like scrapers and blades. Animal remains (horses, mastodons, camels, etc.) that were found were dated approximately to 250,000 (plus minus 60,000) years ago. It is also mentioned that there has been evidence of two primitive human skulls that were found about 100 years ago in the area and displayed in a museum in Leipzig. However they were destroyed during World War II so that statement cannot be proven anymore.

The method that was used for dating the artefacts was based on uranium radiocarbon dating conducted by the U.S. Geological Survey who sent a team of three members to date the site. Their confirmation created tension between the members of Irwin’s team who simply couldn’t accept such findings. Once the dating was confirmed the Mexican Government got involved and was very annoyed by the facts and as a result the Mexican army closed the site down and confiscated all artefacts and materials found at the site.

The Mexican archaeologist (probably Dr Lorenzo according to sources) that was now responsible, decided what would go public and what not. Who knows how many more artefacts were found by the Mexican Government that never went public. Under his command he asked the US ambassador that no American archaeologist would get involved unless the date was changed to an earlier date, and that is what was done - the US Geological Survey changed the date back to 35,000, the authenticity of the artefacts was questioned and the topic was buried.

The heresy of Hueyatlaco brought everything upside down, threatened to destroy the mainstream theories and suggested that what we know is probably completely wrong. But unfortunately people in power that have spent their lives supporting an idea cannot accept the possibility to be wrong, especially if they are considered experts in their fields and archaeology is one of those areas with such stubbornness and inability to look for the truth.

Archaeologists just tried to dismiss the evidence by saying that it is impossible and cannot be true. Even if they had the results in front of their eyes the denial syndrome wouldn’t let them accept the facts. Once again we see that whenever something questions the dogma of Darwin it is utterly dismissed as heresy and all supporters are prosecuted, loose their respect and even their jobs.

So the question remains. Who were the first Americans and where did they come from? How many cradles of humanity exist all over the world? We know that soon China is going to investigate human origins to investigate the possibility that humans may have started in Asia. Someone knows the truth and they keep hiding it effectively.

By John Black

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