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Beltane pagan celebration. Source: Karrrtinki / Adobe Stock.

5 Pagan Traditions That Will Leave You Spellbound (Video)


Beltane is an ancient Gaelic festival celebrating the beginning of summer and the renewal of life. The pagan traditions associated with it have survived through the centuries, with many still practiced today. Cattle spells, sacrificial offerings, and burnt offerings were used to appease the gods and ensure a bountiful harvest.

Fairies were also believed to be active, and rituals were performed to seek their favor. Courtship and marriage were celebrated, with couples pledging their love and commitment. The maypole, a symbol of fertility and vitality, was a central feature of the festivities. These wild and dramatic pagan celebrations offer a glimpse into a world of magic and wonder, inspiring fascination and awe to this day.

Top image: Beltane pagan celebration. Source: Karrrtinki / Adobe Stock.

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