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AI image of male shaman using herbal medicine for spiritual healing and sacred rituals.

What Kinds Of Drugs Were Used In Ancient Times?

Throughout history, the use of drugs has been closely linked to religious, spiritual, and social practices. Ancient societies often used psychoactive substances to transcend the material world and...
A limestone panel depicting two Maya Mesoamerican ballgame players. Usumacinta River area, Guatemala.  Source: Ada Turnbull Hertle Fund; Art Institute Chicago/CC BY 3.0

Hallucinogens Found In Ancient Yucatán Ball Courts Betray Maya Offerings

New research has shed light on the rituals surrounding the construction of a ballcourt in the ancient Maya city of Yaxnohcah. A collecting of botanicals, subjected to environmental DNA analysis, has...
An ancient Egyptian Bes vase once contained a potent hallucinogenic concoction. Source: Neuroshock / Adobe Stock /Overlay; Tanasi et. al / CC BY 4.0

Hallucinogenic Substances Detected in 2,200-Year-Old Egyptian ‘Bes’ Vase

An exciting new study has revealed long-hidden secrets contained within an ancient Bes vase dating back to Ptolemaic era Egypt. Researchers conducted exhaustive chemical analysis of the second...
Prescription drugs to combat stress and stay awake. Source: Victor Moussa / Adobe Stock

Drugs in War: A Long, Troubled History

When we hear the two words, “drugs” and “war,” used in the same sentence, we might think of the “War on Drugs” but what about drugs during war or drugs after war? Addictive drugs and armed warfare...
Amphora dating to circa 540 BC made in Attica, Greece, depicting bees from ancient Greek mythology. Source: The British Museum / CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

Getting Buzzed: The History of Hallucinogenic Mad Honey

Everyone loves honey. A delicious, sweet treat, it can be used in recipes, cosmetics, or as a sugar substitute. However, not all honey is made the same. This is incredibly clear in Nepal and Turkey,...
The Pegtymel petroglyphs depicting hallucinogenic mushroom-headed figures, which is evidence of the use of magic mushrooms 2,000 years ago in northeast Russia.          Source: Institute of Archaeology Russian Academy of Sciences

Russia’s Fascinating Remote “Magic Mushroom” Pegtymel Petroglyphs

Russia’s Pegtymel petroglyphs, 2,000-year-old artworks found in a remote area of Arctic Russia, have been revealed to show scenes of hunting, and ritual hallucinogenic mushroom use. The telling...
New study will help us understand more about ancient trippers by testing ancient teeth. Source: Line S. Larsen / Science

The Legacy of Ancient Trippers Stripped from Teeth

According to a 2019 paper titled Toxicology in Antiquity (Second Edition) , almost all of the Mystery Religions and cults of the ancient world “frequently, if not always, employed the use of...
Israeli town of Yavneh

Israeli town of Yavneh had thriving drug culture 3,000 years ago

Archaeologists discovered traces of hallucinogenic substances used over 3,000 years by the Philistines living in ancient Yavneh, Israel, revealing a drug culture that is believed to have revolved...
Tripping through Time: The Fascinating History of the Magic Mushroom

Tripping through Time: The Fascinating History of the Magic Mushroom

The psilocybin group of mushrooms, popularly known as magic mushrooms, shrooms or psychedelic mushrooms, is found in over two hundred varieties around the world. We know them today as a recreational...
Prehistoric people using hallucinogens in ritual

Prehistoric people used hallucinogens as part of sacred burial rituals

Unlike modern Man, the prehistoric people of Europe did not use mind-altering substances simply for their hedonistic pleasure. The use of alcohol and plant drugs – such as opium poppies and...