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Hallstatt culture

Roman copy of a Hellenistic sculpture of a Gallic warrior. Source: Public Domain

Gallant Gauls: A Journey Through Ancient Europe

The story of the Gauls, ancient inhabitants of modern-day France, Belgium, Switzerland, and parts of Italy, offers a fascinating journey into a civilization often overshadowed by their Roman...
The clay figurine suspected to be a water deity discovered in Unkenbach, Germany. Source: Bavarian State Office for the Preservation of Monuments

Weird Hooded Prehistoric Water Deity Unearthed in Germany

For as long as humans have prayed, water has been a focus of divine adoration. Even the sight of water can spark wonder, terror and joy depending on whether it's a bubbling spring, the destructive...
Hallstatt, an idyllic lakeside town that was oblivious of its grandiose history as the birthplace of the Hallstatt culture until 1846.          Source: janoka82 / Adobe Stock

The Powerful Hallstatt Culture: Foundation of the Proto-Celtic World

The European Bronze Age was the cradle of many world-changing cultures and civilizations. As it shifted towards the new and revolutionary Iron Age , it saw the emergence of the famed Hallstatt...
Anglo-Saxon Settlement And Cemetery Complex Excavated In England

Anglo-Saxon Settlement And Cemetery Complex Excavated In England

A vast Anglo-Saxon settlement and cemetery complex has been discovered in England that is being called a “one of a kind” discovery. Not, however, because the site was found laden with gold and silver...