Nephilim - Giants - Sons of God And Daughters Of Man

Are The Nephilim Really The Offspring Of Sons of God And The Daughters Of Man?

Who were the nephilim ? The word nephilim appears twice in the Old Testament of the Bible. They are first mentioned in chapter 6 of the book of Genesis and then again in Number 13:33. But their brief...
Shema’ Yisrael The God is One

‘God is One’: It wasn’t always like this in Christianity

Today followers of Christianity and Judaism have the belief that there is one God. And not only that, but the One of Christianity is the better than the One of other religions like Muslims for...
Belief in God programmed in Brain

Belief in ‘God’ is programmed in our brains

Old news but current. Back in 2009 a scientific study had shown that the belief in ‘God’ or supernatural force that is above everything is programmed in different parts of our brain. This is...