Genghis Khan

Reenactment of Mongol battle

From Temujin to Genghis Khan: Battling Friends and Enemies in Life of Conquest – Part II

After his young wife, Borte, and family members were kidnapped by a rival clan, Temujin quickly used his new ally, Ong Khan. After entering Ong’s yurt, Temujin said, “We have come to ask you, Qan my...
Genghis Khan

From Temujin to Genghis Khan: Hard Life Leads to Path of Vengeance – Part I

It is obvious that Genghis Khan needs no introduction. Most know who he was. However, it would be unfitting not to provide some details concerning his early life and rise to power. According to the...
Magical Rings and Their Mystical Powers

Magical Rings and Their Mystical Powers

Treasures are not always large gold hoards or mountains of precious stones. A treasure can also be a highly precious artifact such as the Ark of the Covenant, the Spear of Longinus, and the Sword of...
This dragon head, unearthed at Xanadu, was attached to the end of a beam.

Stunning dragon heads found at ancient summer palace of Xanadu

Archaeologists have found some stunning artifacts during excavations of the famed palace at Xanadu in Inner Mongolia, including three ceramic dragon heads. Xanadu became the summer palace of Kublai...
Excavation of fortress established by Mongol conqueror Genghis Khan unearthed in Mongolia

Military stronghold for Mongolian Conqueror Genghis Khan Found by Archaeologists

Scenes depicted in a Chinese medieval travel book gave clues to researchers, helping them locate what is said to be a 13 th century military outpost used by Mongolian conqueror Genghis Khan. As...