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Pergamon Altar of Zeus in modern-day Turkey. Right; one of the friezes from the altar.	Source: Left; cem/Adobe Stock Right; Miguel Hermoso Cuesta/CC BY-SA 4.0

The Pergamon Altar: Where Legends Come to Life

Nestled in the serene landscape of ancient Pergamon, a city that once flourished in the Hellenistic and Roman eras, lies a remarkable testament to human craftsmanship and religious devotion: the...
Depiction of the Sea People during naval battle with Egyptians as depicted on the temple of Ramses III in Medinet Abu, Egypt. Source: AlternatHistory

Ramses III Verses the Sea People & the End of the Bronze Age

The end of the 3,000-year-long Bronze Age was one of the most violent periods in history. Hittites and Egypt are usually cited as the last remaining major powers until a recently translated stone...
Xunantunich Temple . Credit: milosk50  / Adobe Stock

The Ancient Maya Apparition Who Showed the Way to Xunantunich

The ancient Maya civilization was one of the most remarkable of all the many Mesoamerican cultures, not only because they wrote books and were lovers of chocolate , but also because many of their...
Frieze discovered at the atrium of the Main Pyramid Huaca Garagay site.

Incredible New 3,500-year-old Chavin Style Friezes Discovered at Central Site in Lima

Lima Municipality archaeologists have discovered ancient, high relief friezes painted in several colors at Huaca Garagay site in Lima's San Martin de Porres district. Experts suggest that the newly...
Sechin Bajo, Peru: The Location of the Oldest Man-Made Structure of the New World?

Sechin Bajo, Peru: The Location of the Oldest Man-Made Structure of the New World?

Sechin Bajo is an archaeological site in Peru. This site is situated in the Casma Valley of Ancash, a region on the northwestern coast of that South American country. This site is believed to have...
Massive Maya Frieze

Archaeologists Discover Massive Maya Frieze Found in Guatemala

Archaeologists have discovered a giant Maya frieze in the buried city of Holmul in the Peten region of Guatemala. It depicts a mythological setting with a ruler sitting atop the head of a Maya...