200,000-year-old Neanderthal remains in Tourville-la-Rivière in France

Archaeologists uncover 200,000-year-old Neanderthal remains in France

Scientists have discovered a rare collection of Neanderthal remains at the open-air site of Tourville-la-Rivière in the Seine Valley of northern France. According to a report in the journal PLOS ONE...
Ancient Human Fossils found in China - Zhirendong cave

Ancient Human Fossils found in China Challenge Out-of-Africa Theory

The origin of human beings (anatomically modern Homo sapiens) and their movement across the globe have been fundamental questions in human evolutionary studies for over a century. While the accepted...
LA Brea Tar Pits - Ice Age Fossils

Excavations at the site of richest collection of Ice Age fossils to resume

The LA Brea Tar Pits are a collection of tar pits in urban Los Angeles which contain the richest and most diverse collection of Ice Age fossils on record. Last year, the George C. Page Museum...
Neanderthal skull at Atapuerca - Spain

Ancient skulls belong to unknown species that preceded the Neanderthals

A new analysis of ancient skulls retrieved from a deep bone pit in the Atapuerca Mountains of northern Spain, suggests they belong to an unknown species that has characteristics of Neanderthals, as...
Gold Mining

The fight to save the ancient gold mine of Sakdrissi

In 2004, German archaeologists from Ruhr-University Bochum discovered the gold mine in Sakdrissi. Dated to the third millennium BC, it is one of the oldest known gold mines in the world and has been...
New DNA method

New technology will unravel mysteries of ancient humans and shed light on our origins

The last few months has seen the release of several ground-breaking research studies which are beginning to demystify our ancient origins. This included the first ever complete sequencing of a...
Hominids in Africa

Could Cave Findings Unravel Mysteries of Human Origins?

Archaeologists have just completed a 3-week excavation of the Rising Star cave system in the northwest of Johannesburg, South Africa, and the results are expected to be revolutionary. The dig yielded...
disappearance of stromatolites

Disappearance of World’s Oldest Fossils Solved

The widespread and unusual disappearance of stromatolites , the oldest known fossils on Earth, may have been caused by the presence of single-celled organisms called foraminifera. Stromatolites (“...
Scientists claim meteorite fossils indicate extraterrestrial life

Scientists claim meteorite fossils indicate extraterrestrial life

Scientists published a paper on January 10 in the online Journal of Cosmology in which they claim that a meteorite discovered in Sri Lanka contains evidence of extraterrestrial life. The paper,...