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Hi, I have just published my first book; a Historical Novel that is based on my own Past-Life recollection during the time of the Roman Invasion of Britain. It is titled ‘A ROMAN AND A CELT – A MEMOIRS OF A PAST-LIFE’. This all came to me through a series of Dreams, but especially the first dream that set me wondering and seeking out the facts within. The book is of interest to those seeking Reincarnation material and those interested in Roman British history. Available though Austin Macauley Punlishers Ltd; Amazon and all good book publishers on-line or through book stores.

Lady April-Eliza


I would like to introduce myself, I am a Freemason. My soul purpose is to merge the ancient and modern world. Looking forward to contributing profound thought. First thread 8/16/18.

I am probably the supposed to be king of the planet

Hi, I am Brandon (Sword) in Arkansas (US) and I am extremely interested in genaeology. Unfortunately I am out of leads and now I spend countless hours and years pilfering through a great many credible stories looking for hunches. I’ve studied elements of extinct languages as a hobby over the years (don’t get me wrong, I don’t speak proto-Austronesian). I didn’t want to submit my DNA (Y analysis) so I used other means and actually pieced together some interesting coincidences but also each story leads to more and more dead ends and now I just read everything. I especially choose this site the past couple of months to thoroughly review because I probably do know a lot more now than the average user with a degree...and I’m just a cook at a stupid bureaucratic restaurant.  I’m actually a sous chef among other qualities but I make salads at where I am (by choice, by graciousness also but for real I’m great). I read, I learn, I teach, I might be wrong some but I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. I can’t tell you just yet what piques my interest because I’m yet to submit my DNA, there’s a great bounty here that pleases me and I’m too broke to get premium though I would if i had a debit card or PayPal which I refuse so...I’ll definitely read what I can get. Thank you for your many articles, I gladly spend my time perusing through them!  I’m very single and very handsome, just couldn’t make it to college yet darn the luck 

I'm new here

Hello all.

My name is Kieron and I've only recently registered on the site. I'm a Northern Ireland based photographer and I like to travel a lot. One of the reasons for coming on board is to see if anyone is working on a project (or knows someone) that requires a photographer. I'm always looking for adventure and would be happy to relocate.

I have a particular interest in history involving pirates and whatever else Lara Croft and Nathan Drake has brought my way.

Nice to meet everyone.



Hi, I live in Arizona, USA, and have two primary interests: native American past on both continents, and especially ancient civilizations (pre-dating conventional history) Ancient astronauts? maybe, but I prefer to believe that much more advanced humans existed and flourished on earth – possibly millions of years ago.

Oral legends of many native American tribes (and Austrailians) tell of series of past ‘worlds’ that existed on earth before our current era. How else can we explain so many of the stupendous megalithic sites? Conventional science needs to face the indisputable fact that bronze tools and stone hammers could not have built  Coricancha, Puma Punkuu or the great pyramids. 

Salve' & Greetings to All

So many interesting subjects on here, that I am happy to be a part of. I have a deep interst in Ancient Sites, stone circles, Iron and Bronze Age; the occult, myths and superstitions. This year I published my first book – a Past-Life story of life in Roman Britain that I have written into the form of a novel given as I had so much information come through from this memory of reincarnation. This is the place to find others with similar experiences.

Lady April-Eliza

My interest in Avebury

I am a photographer who is very interested in the idea that the Avebury monoliths contain carvings.   May I invite anyone interested to visit my gallery of photographs which explore this question:

Thank you

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Hello everyone. My name is Mary DeForest, and I am seeking information about the Hyksos. My question is: If you were a woman in the ancient world, would you rather live in a Hyksos society or an Egyptian one. I am writing a novel about Ariadne (the Cretan princess who, according to the popular story, saved Theseus’ life and got dumped). Her best friend was an Egyptian refugee, but I don’t know whether she is escaping from the Hyksos or the Egyptians.

Good Day!

One item of interest is the commonalities found with pyramids and ancient ruins across the globe. For example: Structure and shape of pyramids are significantly unique from one another, and quite fantastic to just look at (photos that is), but the the most intriguing question i ponder is of what they were built for, who designed these structures and if there is a connection between all of the people who built these and if so, what was their purpose or result in mind for building such structures. If these structures were able to produce some type of beacon, or were they built for spiritual purpose, etc...

Also, i love the theories about the pyramids, no matter how farfetched it seems.

Something I'd hope to see one day would be ancient ruins and pyramids alike.

Looking forward to dive in! Prost!

My Origins

Gulisano Law is a South Florida litigation and appellate law firm. Free Initial Consultation.

Gulisano Law is a South Florida litigation and appellate law firm. Free Initial Consultation.

Hello from Arizona

I was told about this site by Jan van der Crabben the publisher of Ancient History Encyclopedia. Since I was a little girl in Virginia, I have had dreams of living in Atlantis. As I grew older I saw other lives in dreams and visions where I lived in Egypt, China, and in fourteenth century Italy.I have always loved to read anything of ancient history, especially of Rome and the Etruscan worlds, I was fortunate to live in Italy for two years, while my husband was stationed there in the military. Recently I completed a manuscript telling about all these past lives and how those memories have influenced my present life, I am looking for a publisher who would be interested in this story from Atlantis to the 21th century.

Symbolism and Ritual Maths

Hi there! New member here that studies Qabalist ritual symbolism and math with a few decodes some will find of interest.

Wanna know more interesting

Wanna know more interesting facts about ancients

The Bible's Pre-biblical Origins

Permit me to introduce myself. My interest is in researching the pre-biblical origins of concepts appearing in the Holy Bible, both the Old Testament and New Testament, a subject I have researched since 1970 from a secular point of view. I have self-published two books on these aspects of this subject in 2010, available on the internet via various book sellers at Amazon.Com, they are _Eden's Serpent: Its Mesopotamian Origins_ and _The Garden of Eden Myth: Its Pre-biblical Origin in Mesopotamian Myths_. I also have a website that I publish my research to since December of 2000, and a presence on You Tube under the channel name of Walter R. Mattfeld. I am a retired educator, a teacher of History and of Geography, with a Master of Arts Degree in Education (1968 California Polytechnic College, San Luis Obispo). I am aged 76 years, born 1943 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I also have done Genealogical research since 1963 and have traced my roots to Germany and Spain in the 1500's. Some of my ancestors served in the Pennsylvania Militia in the American Revolutionary War (1776-1783). Others served in the Civil War of 1861-1865, again in the Pennsylvania Militia. I live in retirement at Orange Park, Florida.

Walter R. Mattfeld

I have questions

     I read a little of your profile. I noticed you wrote you believed in a loving god at one time, but now you don’t. I’m just curious what you believe. I’ll be honest. I know everyone was damned to eternal torment, without a chance of escape, before they even existed. I’ve known for more than 20 years. I’m 42 now. I’ve also been studying the lies of the Bible for many years. And I know none of the OT patriarchs, nor jesus, even existed. I don’t meet many people, ever, that know everyone is damned. I was just curious.



What do I believe now?

Today I now (aged 76 years, born 1943) understand that the findings of Science are correct, mankind evolved from primates (Darwin's Theory). There is NO God. There is NO Devil, NO Demons, NO Angels, NO Extra-terrestials (NO Aliens ever visited planet Earth). The purpose of all religions is to control people, via Carrot and Stick, or Rewards and Punishments. To mentally enslave their adherents via threats is how all religions operate. As regards the Bible, some of its individuals are pure fiction, some are real people whose stories are a mix of truth and fiction. Jesus was a real person, but stories about him are a mix of truth and fiction. Behind Adam and Eve, who are fictional characters, are earlier fictional characters, Enkidu, Adapa and Shamhat of the Sumerian legends (Epic of Gilgamesh). Behind Cain is Gilgamesh. Behind the city of Enoch in the land of Nod is Sumerian UNUG (URUK) in the land of EDIN. Behind biblical EDEN is the Sumerian EDIN. While it is true that Christianity presents everyone as damned, before ever being born, on the basis of the Garden of Eden myth, this damnation of humankind by God is NOT the understanding of Mainstream Judaism. The Sumerians understood man is a sinner because he was made in the image of sinner-gods, gods who engaged in rape, murder, lies, oath-breaking, incest with daughters, sex with animals, homosexuality, and who generally held man in contempt, having created him to be a lowly gardening slave, relieving the gods of the burdensome toil in caring for their city-gardens in the midst of the EDIN, giving the gods an eternal rest from having to grow their own food to keep themselves alive and not die of starvation (in myths the gods had fleshly bodies and could die of starvation). Man is to be a servant of the gods and provide them two meals, morning and evening, with food offering sacrifices at Sumer's temples, from the city gardens in the midst of the EDIN. In the Bible God is presented with two meals, morning and evening, by Levitical priests at the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem, just like a Sumerian god gets two meals. The Hebrews never questioned why their God who is immortal and cannot die, should need two meals every day. But the Sumerian gods had fleshly bodies and could die if they had no earthly food to eat. I began my research circa 1970 as a devout Christian (non-denominational Protestant, baptized Methodist) seeking to refute Science's findings but eventually realized from the study of biblical archaeology and the findings of Biblical Textual Criticism that Science was right and the Bible was wrong about Man's origins. (My self-photo, accompanying this reply, is from 1990, aged 47)

Walter R. Mattfeld


If you like being dammed, live that way. If you do not want to be dammed, do not be. G_d gives you that choice. That simple...


Evolution seems to have many of the same contradictions as Creation.When people say everyone came from Adam and Eve, I get several thoughts. 1. So, two of their babies were African, two European, two Asian, and so on. The two Asian children walked to Asia, African to Africa, and so on. It doesn't add up. And it would actually have been Noah's children.
As I wrote before I've studied the bible a lot. And no one that reads this has permission to use what they read, without my permission. Although I would gladly agree to the sharing of what I've learned with others for the purpose of monetary gain, but I don't want it done with me excluded. The numbers in the genealogies were originally an astronomical chart. I can back that up with SOLID evidence. The only names in the bible for which the same three ages are given are every name,Adam through Isaac. If the three ages are divided into columns, the sums are 2106, 9820 and 11926. Earth's gravity is about 9.82 m/s^2. √11926 is 109.206. The moons circumference is 10921 km. If four zeros are added to 11926, it is exact. It would make sense, because the third number in Adam's row is 930. 93 million miles from the Earth's semi major axis to the sun's. It's a decimal or two places off, but there are some explanations. Adam's row is also farthest away from Isaac's (60, 120, 180), which would represent Earth's axis.60 + 120 + 180 = 360. The ratios of the columns: 2106/2106=1, 9820/2106=4.66286, 11926/2106=5.66286. There are 466 560 000/ π square arc minutes in a sphere. The lowest (near) whole number ratios of the numbers is 3, 13.988 (14) and 16.988 (17). I realized those numbers are related to π. 3.14159. The digits of π must have other meanings. 3*10=30, 14+15.9=29.9. 3+14=17, 17. I could go on for a very long time. But it seems the only possibility is,the numbers and words were found later and mistaken for a genealogy. Except much of the story must have been in pictograph form. But originally, the names were just words,a story about creation. Adam was dust, Eve air, Cain light, Abel mist. They 'fell' to solid matter. Seth is the son set, Cain the son light, Abel the son missed. Cain is also related to writing (cuneiform, ciln). Seth to speech (air, saith). It seems religion was mixed into the story, they are where the two witnesses originated from. It seems obvious there was no garden in the original story, that people were born imperfect, a sort of a test. The written word/writer and spoken word/prophet are the two witnesses, ordained to give god's messages to the people. Abel is B+Abel. The tower was a symbol of lost communication and 'perfect' relationship with 'god'. I study constantly, I have hundreds of thousands of pieces of evidence just like this. 666 is related to rotation, evilness of the world's imperfection. 777 to forgiveness, the mark put on Cain by god. The NT was prophetic, those who love this world and sin have the mark. Lamek said, if Cain's killer is cursed 7fold, Lameks 77 (777). Jesus said, not 7 times, but 70x7. But to the NT authors, Jesus was each generation of the sons of god. The tribe of Judah represents the continued bloodline of the elect.When Tamar had his baby, his wife and two sons had died. He would have been childless.The third son was Selah, (Shiloh, the son missed). His return to Tamar would have been the end of the world, a return to a perfect relationship with God, by the elect. But the son of god giving his life probably refers to 'martyrdom' of christians. As far as if the NT writers (original) knew what the (OT) was, I'm not completely sure. In other words, was the bible written completely differently than many believe, and did the NT authors know it was an astronomical chart. Or did they also find a pictograph prophecy of the end of the world, and mistranslate it also. Anyway, if you want to give your opinion of my findings, please do.



Your numerology is is composed wrong, perhaps that’s why your frustrated. Try it in the manner of the ancients.


I am a British night photographer who is fascinated with exploring neolithic Avebury.   I am particularly interested in capturing the elusive prehistoric faces carved into the stones, a project I have been undertaking for roughly three years:




Glad this site exists. I have been interested in these topics ever since reading the book The Secret Universe by Aerik Vondenburg.


Fascinating and interesting

Many of my interests are covered on these pages, with so much more to discover.