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Lost History of Womankind

A great new book by Robert Morning Sky has been published describing the ancient and lost history of women. In this first volume a description of the creation of the male based religions that we know today is revealed. The book includes archeological discoveries, historical references and scientific and linguistic studies. Indigenous people are aware of this history which has led to genocide of this group of people.

Evidence of genocide of indigenous children in Canada:


Very interesting, thanks for

Very interesting, thanks for posting. One only needs to look back a few centuries in England and Wales (UK in general) to see just how women were treated as witches and heretics. It feels as if we're still quietly trying to heal from such persecution. 

Yes, this has been a

Yes, this has been a worldwide problem for thousands of years. We can expect the real history throughout the world to continue to be revealed. Much healing is ongoing and will continue. thanks

i think with each generation

i think with each generation we get a little better! but i often imagine how different the world would be if woman truly ruled the world!

love, light and blessings


i agree. we are getting

i agree. we are getting better with each generation.

Peace and Love,


Another view

Gosh. Men were interested in the female sexual organ. Who would have thought. The goddess comes primarily from the planet Venus coupled with Virgo. When Virgo was the astrological home of the summer solstice, the goddess reigned supreme. She slipped out of that position starting in 4000 BCE or so when the summer solstice went into Leo which caused all kinds of problems as it did every few thousand years or so.

Religious stories from the Mideast were based on a supreme Lunar deity who would copulate with Venus, the last bright "star" in the sky and she would give birth to the sun god and go on to become her son's consort also. This astrological story gave rise to crazy psychological theories about men wanting to kill their father to marry their mother, instead of the cute little girl next door. This is the basis for Christianity.

However, the Bible has no goddess, so right away we blame the guys. During the Early Bronze Age period there was the Great Famine which lasted 150 years or so. The most important event that took place on the planet that is not discussed in detail in any history book. For whatever reason, the famine was blamed on the goddess. In Egypt it was Hathor. In Greece it was Kore. Babylon blamed the perverse worship of Ishtar, which lead to the fire and brimstone destruction of two cities due to meteors. Only when Ishum pleaded to the god Irra did it stop.

Ishtar worshiped waned. Narum Sin attempted to revive it, to the dismay of the people. The original epic of Gilgamesh written in the Early Bronze Age deliberately snubs the goddess. She was added back into the tale in later editions. Ishtar the goddess was reduced to a demoness form. Virgo/Ishtar was the original wife of Adam. She remained in the garden in the original biblical story, i.e. Bible states man got kicked out of the garden. She became Lilith, the demoness form. The goddess  name "Eve" was added to the story at a later date (from Hittite Heva) and was made to look like Adam had just the one goddess (Virgo) wife by placing the name once before and after being kicked out of the garden.

The OT tales were written during a time when the goddess was on the oust. Adam, Cain, and Noah all had unnamed wives. It wasn't that guys didn't like women, it was because of they didn't play a role astrologically. Abraham's wife Sarah plays the first role because you need a barren woman for the constellation of Cancer. All barren and miracle virgin births in ancient tales center in that constellation.

The goddess did recover in other civilizations, but to the YHWH lunar worshiping Hebrews, she would be cut out. It wasn't that they didn't believe in other gods, they did. But the lunar god of Abraham from the city of Ur would be the one god that would be worshiped as opposed to all others. Cities each had a patron deity and when that civilization conquered another their god would become the supreme god over all. Babylon which ruled the area for many years was controlled by Amorite kings who were moon worshipers.

The goddess was at least in part, a victim of circumstance.