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Lascaux Cave Speaks....

The numerous enigmatic symbols found in the caves of Lascaux and Chauvet have long defied explanation. Some contend that they are drug induced doddles, other argue they were parts of a game board, but most think they are untranslatable, drawn as doodles by a bored Stone Age artist.

Now the mystery of Lascaux now appears to be finally solved by the discovery that all geometric patterns drawn at Lascaux and at Chauvet Cave align to the same set of astronomical values, values that astronomers use to predict the occurence of eclipses and measure time.

Michael Rappenglueck was not the first to suggest an astronomical link with the drawings found at Lascaux, but he did generate substantial press interest when he made the claim that a specific series of dots represented the exact position of the constellation The Norther Crown some 11,000 years ago, at Castilllo Cave in Spain. He then claimed that a series of 13 dots placed beside a geometric drawing of a square box represented the 13 sidereal months in the solar year, but he could offer no explnation for the presence of the square box located at the end of the dot series.

Now it is shown that the edges of this specifc square box are aligned at the top and bottom sides to the half sidereal month value of 13.66 days (drawn at an angle of 13.66 degrees), and the sides of the box are aligned to the 18.6 year lunar node cycle. This relates to the precession of the moon's orbital plane, and thus helps astronomers predict the location of eclipse events.

The overlap in angular distribution shown by the box, which shows a value consistent with the sidereal month, with the presence of 13 dots  previosuly argued by Micahel Rappenglueck to represent the 13 month sidereal period, suggests the theory that the geometrical patterns at Lascaux are indeed writing.

Loking further through Lascaux Cave the same sidereal month value is shown by the X drawn in front of the Pleiades Bull, and X located in front of the Chinese horse, and on other geometric patterns...

The 5 papers in the series are listed here

Lascaux Geometric pattern - Entrance to cave

Lascaux Checkerboard pattern

Lascaux Sidereal month pattern (Box and 13 dots)

Lascaux X patter located in front of Pleiades Bull

Lascaux X pattern located in front of Chinese Horse

At the circa 30,000 year old Chauvet Cave similar data is found in geometric artwork located deep within the cave, such as that seen in the Chauvet Spider, which shows similar features to the Khara Oasis Spider found very recently in Egypt.

The link to the Chauvet cave spider is shown below

The Chauvet Spider link can be found here