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How old is the Sphinx?

The conventional belief is that the Sphinx is 4,500 years old, but there are many researchers who see evidence that it is much older. For example, creation dates of 7000 BC and 10,000 BC have been suggested.

What do you think?

How old is the Sphinx?

I believe the water erosion marks around the base of the Sphinx date it at close to 10,000 B.C.

Professor Emeritus of Photonics

Chronological Failures

There is a tendency to make history older than it realy is. Anatolij Fomenko from the Moscow Lomonosow-University made statistical researches of the epochs of history and found out that they are all copies of the Habsburg epoch 1273 – 1648, only with other names. Forgery in the name of the Vatikan constructed our old history to justify the chronology of the Bible which is no historical work. Therefore not only one of the older epochs are relieable. Egyyptian history is very young. The reform of Julian calendar could only happen in the year 1350 AD. 230 years bevor the Gregorian. There must have been 3 reforms of the calendar before, datings of a solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse in the years before proofs. And the Big Flood, which marks are visible on the Sphinx surface, happened in the year ~1182 AD. In Egyptian history it was documented by papyri about the godess Sekhmet, the big destroyer of towns and temples. In Germany this event is handed down to posterity as “Die große Manntränke”, the great man-drown, dated 1348 AD, but in reality to late. Before the Flood the sun-year was only one month long, the Horus calendar proofs. According to it the Moon was born (renewed) at the beginning of the month, and in the second day the Sun was new born. Astronomically it is the day of winter solstice. Since the oldest times of humanity on this day the sun died and was new born at the same day. But as the Flood happened the circling of the earth axis round the pole of precession, former the magnetic pole, was slowed down probably by encounter of a wandering black hole, called planet x. A complete somersault of the globe happened, like Immanuel Velikovsy reported in his book “Worlds in Collision”. And then the year became gradually longer. The sun-year got more and more moons/months til Julius reached 12 ½ months. Therefore Noah could become 950 years old, Abram only 200.  The Sphinx could have been built one or two centuries before. Egyptian history is in reality not more than 600 years long, Heribert Illig (“Wann lebten die Pharaonen?”, When Did the Pharaos exist?) researched. Possibly are only 300.

K. Walter Haug
Cairn Research Society

The age of the Sphinx

I agree the water erosion marks around the base of the Sphinx date it at close to 10,000 B.C. I also believe, as did Edgar Cayce, that The Sphinx and the Great Pyramid were built almost simultanously at this point in history. I have myself studied the measuments of Sphinx and Pyramid for many years, and I have found very SIGNIFICANT similarities between the missing capstone of the Great Pyramid and the measurements of the Sphinx. I recommend you acquire a scientific calculator, and if interested, I shall teel you much about this.




I agree myst be much much

I agree myst be much much older it even bas ben Saïd that this is not it’s original placing it was Closer to the sea and maybe  there were 2 of them anyway thank you for all this in crédible Knowledge you share 




It probably started as a natural feature 10,000+ years ago created from a large stone by wind and water erosion, called a yardang; hence the evidence of water erosion. These are common in the desert and often sort of resemble a boat hull or rough animal shape. Early Egyptians would have embellished it to look like a lion, and later Khafre added his own likeness to make the “modern” Sphinx.


If the mystery schools are correct with their timeline and civlization disasters, then Era-I with Mu-I (400,000 – 100,000 BCE), Era-II with Mu-II and Atlantis-I (100,000 – 40,000 BCE), Era-III with Mul-III, Atlantis-II, and Egypt-I (40,000 – 10,000s BCE).  Era-IV with Mu-IV, Atlantis III, Egypt-II, and Greece/Anatolia-I (12,000s/10,000s – ~1987 BCE).

Era-III is known by the Ice Age and the solar/cosmic CME that slammed a plasmatic tsunami onto and around the planet, blowing the granite casing stones off the pyramids, vitrifying (glassing) other surfaces of statues, and deep blackening and burning (flaking) of other rock surfaces found all across Egypt, Europe, and at Peru.  Glaciers in the temperate zones of the northern and southern hemisphere were instantly evaporated into steam and gasses, with other melt waters rushing down rivers and into the ocean with sea rise events.


Era-IV is the biblical flood, capture of the rogue Moon, disruption of the upper stratosphere waters, that then rained down upon the planet, causing rising sea levels.

The Sphinx is of the period of Era-III of Egypt-I (40,000 – 10,000 BC).  This accounts for all its NATURAL weathering and wind/sand and water erosion on the feature.  Any sand build up on the Cairo plateau is in those times of post-10,000 BC and the digging out by the Egyptian pharaoh 1000s BCE, only to be covered up again in time, and only to be finally dug out and exposed in the 1900s CE.

The Sphinx is 12,000 – 42,000 years old, the same as the Cairo plateau pyramids.  There were never constructed by the dynastic Eygptians – but they were caretaken and had conservatorship by these later pharaohs of Lower and Upper Egypt, … as shown by the cartouches of Seti I and Ramesses II.  The same for all the Era-III temples and complexes at Karnak and elsewhere – that were also not made by the dynastic Egyptians. 

How old is the Sphinx

If this is sort of a betting-pool, until the actual date is known, here is my bet.

12,299 BCE

I understand that before the Pathenon on the Acropolis in Greece there were at least three earlier Temples to Athena, on the same ground, but destroyed, and then rebuilt or something else was built. In Mexico City, when exacavations were done, there were 7 earlier cities, each covered in gravel layers. Same with Troy, many layers below, and archiologists had to come back up to the most recent layer to excavate that civilization. So my question is what is the history of this ground or space, what was there, before the Sphinx.  My imagination tells me in 12,299 BCE the ground level was cleared flat to stone as a foundation for the current Sphinx to be built and with later repairs to that, from the ground up. But just contemplating that ground, I get a headache. What is beneath that ground level and what was its purpose or various purposes, down through pre-history? 

Best regards,

Spirit of Man


The Cairo plateau is basically naturally flat.  The area of the Sphinx has been dug into the limestone like a quarry, and the Sphinx sits inside and was constructed upwards from that depth of quarrying.  The head portion was of some above ground formation, and was left intact and then masoned into a face.  People say that the personage is of Khufu, which is totally bogus, when in reality looking at the face, and removing the nemes headscarf you see a conehead (which would be red-haired like mummies of Egypt and Peru) who were the truly ancient rulers of the past, in which the Atlanteans and Egyptians had their royal red-haired descent from (which also passed down into the Iraelites Joseph, Tribe of Manasseh and Ephraim, and the royal red-haired Judaic bloodline coming from the Anhkenaton and Tutanhkamon lines into Nahson, Prince of Judah, and Exodus tribal prince down to King David etc. 

How old is the Sphinx

Okay. Thanks.

How old is the Sphinx?

The River Nile flooded every year between June and September, in a season the Egyptians called akhet - the inundation. The Pharoah was the life of the people, They used a form of astrology for time and calendar and the prime star was the Kings star, Regulus,  in the constellation of Leo. At 08.00 on the morning of the summer solstice on 8th July bringing in the inundation allowing fertility of the soil in 3100BC, giving life , the rising sun was exactly on Regulus in Leo  on that day and facing the sphinx. Therfore the dating of the Necropolis is fairly accurate at around  3100BC to 2800BC, They were great astronomers and looked to the heavens night and day, they were also quite capable of knowing where on the zodiac and in the the decans where the sun was rising on the eastern horizon on a particular day despite day light obscuring the constellation.


Crichton E M Miller FCILT

The sphinx is the burial place of Naamah

The head of the sphinx is too small for the body. The pharaoh chipped it down to make his head. It was originally the head of Namaah (Genesis 4:22) who came through the Flood as Ham’s wife and inspired and instigated the post-Flood rebellion led by her grandson Nimrod/Herakles. It is probably her tomb.   Here’s my article on her from Ancient Origins:


Definitely made a long research of this topic, but many errors, including the possible selling of one’s book here (without approval ?).  Naamah is the wife of Noah.  The Noahics landed not in Anatolia (and Greece) but in the Americas.  It was in the days of Peleg and Joktan that the Noahics were scattered by the Elohim across the planet to various Fertile Crescents.  The Joktan-ites stayed in the Amerias (Central America Yucatan) while the Pelegite of the Hebrews and Israelites were planted in the Europe of the Celts (original Ur of the Chaldees) in western and central Europe.  Noah would be the Anu of Sumerian legend.  Shem is Shammash.  Arphaxad is the original RA.  Selah and Eber (Hebrews) follow.  Then in the 6th generation is Peleg and Joktan.  There are statements in the mystery schools that the wives of these 3 sons of Noah were: Astarte with Shem, Asana/Asenath with Ham, and Asgaia with Japheth.  The lineage of Ham to Nimrod happens BEFORE the Noahics are scattered by the Elohim.  This means that Nimrod was building towers (pyramids, mastabas) in the Americas … ie Mexico City Temple of the Sun, Temple of the Moon, etc before there was any dispersal of the population across the planet.  The lineage of Ham is Cush then Nimrod in the 3rd generation.  These people were ALL in the Americas before there were any 6th generations of Hamites in the Old World.  According to biblical timelines, now corrected and proved the Flood happened ~1987 BC, while this dispersion happened ~150 years later, or ~1837 BC.  The Greeks, mentioned by Herodotus, Greek-Egyptian Manetho (Amenhotep), and Josephus had a split of the Judaics after entering the Nle Delta of Egypt in the mid-1300s BC.  The Zaraites (“Osiris” name) and others left to go and found all the many proto-Grecian colonies of the Pelopponese.  The Pharez-ites (“Horus” name) stayed until the Exodus.  It is said this was 150 years before the Exodus.  The Exodus is now proven to be 1207/1206 BC with the Black Obelisk of Pharaoh Merenptah of Lower and Upper Egypt, and his brother Horemheb (Hor “A) and his son Horemheb (Hor “B”) who were the Ramesside rulers of the Nile Delta lands of the Egyptian slavery and Israleite Exodus.  150 years back from 1207/1206 BC is 1357/1356 BC.  All of the Greek and Trojan (cum Roman and British tribes) were founded in this 1300s BC period.  All such gods of these people would be the Judaics, as father Judah being Jupiter (Judah pater, Ze-u-s, Judah father).  Hera is Thamar.  All of the Hamites were those who massively remained in the Americas, and only of such few that were translocated into northern Africa and the Mideast LONG AFTER Nimrod.  There is much that needs to be corrected in this entire topic across gods, people, places, timelines, and connections.


My own research into the Americas leads me to believe Prince’s Post. Or at least a part of it. I have an image, taken by myself, of what appears to be an Ark filled with passengers on a mountain range in North America.

Age of the sphinx

The Sphinx is indeed 13.000 years old, for it was build after the deluge and in the age of the Lion.

Paul Zimmerman

Sphynx / Lion Origin Date

The primary cause of the erosion to the lime stone sphynx monolith is rainfall which causes a reaction to the salt crystals in the lime stone causing them to expand and in turn causes the stone itself over time to break and flake off, the distinctive bands in the stone are caused by wind erosion. New geoarchaeological evidence suggests the occurrence of heavy rainfalls until the end of the Old Kingdom of Egypt, circa 2200 BC. It is also known as the age of the pyramid builder builders spanning 2700 – 220 BC, I believe the construction of the Sphynx took place within this time period.

As for the Sphynx the disproportionate somewhat strange figure we see today, I think started out has a majestic lioness built by the ancient Pharaohs to represent Sekhmet who was the protector of the Pharaohs, The lion who was built by the early Pharaohs whose DNA was a mixture of ancient Egyptian and sub – Sahara’s African DNA, hence the Lion influence.

Egyptians today are mainly Caucasians and Arabs they originally descended from East Africans like Ramses 111 who is part of the Sub-Saharan Nilotic Afro Asiatic race of people.  

Paul Katz

I agree the Sphynx represents Sekhmet!

Thank you for this insightful comment. I’ve been astounded at the decidedly patriarchal interpretations I’ve read here. I’ve always considered the Sphynx to be female, and Sekhmet was the goddess of both war and healing as well as the protector of the Pharohs. The lion indeed was a strong symbol to the Pharaohs and their subjects. I too would place her origin in circa 2200 BCE. 

Scholar of Matriarchy

True age of the Sphinx

My understanding is that the current look of the Sphinx is not what it looked like when it was built. If one looks at the head of the Sphinx one can notice that the head is disproportionate to the rest of the body. The Egyptians were well aware of the human form (and lion form) and the correlation of body parts with the rest of the body. The head looks like it was changed at a later time to perhaps satisfy someone’s (Probably A Pharoah’s) Ego.Using precession, the Sphinx could be dated back to atleast 37,000 years ago at which time the Sphinx faces the constellation Leo.  Also, there was rumor of another Sphinx facing in the opposited direction as a companion. From what I understand the Sphinx was originally a lion.

True Age of the Sphinx

Dating the Sphinx

I thought I might elaborate when I see some of the comments on this subject, I have run my SKY MAP Pro again to check that I am not misleading the reader. In the Old Kingdom the only method of keeping time was by the stars, moon and sun, The method can be seen in the Old Testament, although writing and the Bible or Torah came much later it describes the method perfectly. Genesis V1.14 where it describes signs as part of the method and is recorded by Semitic peoples. It must also be remembered that to build a civilisation is one that must be ordered and order only comes from manipulating time. The civilisation we are discussing was also animistic. We also must take into account the precession of the equinoxes and disregard, Julian and Gregorian Calendars which are much later and flawed inventions while considering the signs that were important. To the Egyptians at this time the primary source of life is the sun. RA or later the Aten. For that reason, we must look at the position of the rising sun in the eastern horizon in the zodiac signs. The most important time was the summer solstice as it heralded the inundation of the Nile Delta. Because of the precessional cycle, the position of the signs changes at the rate of 1 degree every 72 years. On July 3100 BC on the summer solstice, the sun rose in the sign of Leo, in the autumn equinox in Scorpio, in the Winter Solstice in Aquarius and in the spring equinox Aries. In my 2001 book I described the Dixon Relics found in the Pyramid of Khufu and the small bronze hook as part of these relics which are in the British Museum which represents the zodiac sign of Aries. So, the 4 main parts of the year, at that time of the 3rd Millennium BC, were four zodiac signs in which the sun rose in the east and set in the west,


Summer Solstice (Inundation). Leo,


Autumn Equinox, Scorpio,


Winter Solstice, Aquarius


Spring Equinox, Aries. (Amen or Amun)

We must also consider that the sun passes through these zodiac signs at the rate of 1 sign every 2160 years, but at only one time was the sun rising in the Kings star in Leo of Regulus

When we understand this and aren’t led into flights of fantasy, getting our heads in to science we can date the Sphinx to between 3100BC and 2780 BC

Crichton E M Miller FCILT

The Age of Sphinx

How is it that a bronze hook, Dixon Relic, in Khufu connects to Sphinx? I missed that part.

I understand there are many more methods of tracking time. The human mind, the human spirit, the inundations of the Nile, chronological stories, tree ring data such as used to date the eruption on Thera to 1585 BC. I use tree ring data (aka Dentritology) on my farm, it was certainly available to anyone in that era. Just saying.

True Age of the Sphinx

In my opinion and study, the Necropolis, including the sphinx, is one unified construction built over a period of time that reflects the nature of time as measured by the stars, sun and moon, It should really be called a Temple Complex from more modern Latin Temple based in the word Tempus where time is observed and recorded. that recorded time is reflected in the constructions at Giza at the end of the Age of Taurus and the beginning of the Age of Amun (Aries) .Only when we understand the use of Astrologia as a measure of natural time,rather than the pseudo science of western Astrology and soothsaying that it has become,,can we understand the great acheivements of our ancient ancestors and the messages they left for us in stone, wood and word. It took an average of 300 years to build a Medieval Cathedral and it was such a cathedral in Padua, Itlay that had the first mechanical clock built in the 14th Century AD. The purpose of a church or a temple was also to measure local time and organise worship and festivals,the astronomical clock of Padua was built in 1344 and is one of the oldest clocks in the world still in working order and it is based in astrological symbols tracking the sun and the moon in natural local time. When we apply that knowledge and symbology, we can date the sphinx and the necropolis constructed over a period of three Pharoahs.

Major advances in architecture, art, and technology were made during the Old Kingdom, fueled by the increased agricultural productivity and resulting population, made possible by a well-developed central administration.. Some of ancient Egypt's crowning achievements, the Giza pyramids and Great Sphinx, were constructed during the Old Kingdom. Under the direction of the vizier, WIKIPEDIA

Crichton E M Miller FCILT

Incorrect Equinox

In 3100 BCE the Vernal Equinox was in Taurus, not Aries.


True Age of the Sphinx

You are are correct, I checked again  the sun rose in the sign of Taurus in 3100 BC.on the 14th April Julian according to my software, the sun appears to transit into the sign of Aries  6th April 2200BC on the vernal equinox at approximately at 6.16 am GMT  viewed at latitude 31 degrees north . This is interesting as at the same epoch the sun rises in Leo at the Summer Solstice.facing the Sphinx

Crichton E M Miller FCILT

Vernal Equinox

The issue is the Pleiades. Some considered it to be it's own constellation and part of the zodiac. Most attached it to Taurus. The Hebrews believed it to be the rump of Aries. So for them and possible Western Semites, the vernal equinox entered sooner. I suspect part of the reason for the change to Amun Ra as the supreme God was the procession of the equinox.


True Age of the Sphinx

Its quite difficult to associate the vernal equinox with the constellations, so calibration with natural time was and still is an issue, as not only does precession move the position of the sun in the zodiac at 1 degree every 72 years, it also changes the date of equinoxes and solstices in relation to the Julian Calender.Fundamentally, as you know, each equinox is that morning when the sun breaks the horizon due east, most researchers consider it was worked out which part of the consttelation of ecliptic zodiac sign by the constellation or decans that rose before the dawn light obscured the stars. Sometimes of course, Venus as the morning star..However there is speculation that the priests in the Old Kingdom had worked out that the planet was a sphere and were able to sky watch at midnight to know what sign the sun was in based on 360 degrees, What is due south at midnight is what its opposite is due south at noon.  For that reason, I feel that the Sphinx heralded the summer solstice as it was a most important time.I say this because the vernal equinox would not be the only sign that was important in the Egyptian calender. The issue when dating the sphinx should this be the case, is that the sun would have been rising in Leo for 2160 years, which could make  it much older than the rest of the Necropolis complex. Again this makes sense since later cathedrals took as much as 300 to 600 years to complete through many generations.. It was not until around 1500BC that the sun moved into Cancer at the summer solstice in July Julian. Of course, in our time it is between Gemini and Orion.  Dating with this method gives an age of the Sphinx as soemwhere between  5000 BC and 2200BC, personally and speculatively, I prefer  3200BC as the sun rose occulting the star Regulus, known as the Kings the same time as the summer solstice heralding the innundation giving life and food to the civilisation..

Crichton E M Miller FCILT

Age of Sphinx

What a totally delicious topic, as are all things ancient. Loving reading the comments. Will inject here my Biblical World View on this exciting topic. My belief is that it was built at the very beginning of the Noah pre-flood era. It has the head of a woman and the body of a lion. In Job 38:31-33 and Psalm 19:1-4 Deuteronomy 4:19-20, Amos 5:8 and what Paul is addressing in Romans 1:23 is nothing but revealing to us His plan. E.W.Bullinger has a great book on the origional message of God sending a Redeemer. E. Raymond Capt also has one that could be recommended. The story of the stars is an exciting one.  Allow me please on more comment as one previous comment mentioned it. If we go to Isiah 19:19-20(a) That is nothing but the great Pyramid. The book of Julilees tells us that Enoch built it. They guy that God “took” (took him where? Jasher tells us they had access to him when Noah was born). Adam Rutherford has a great study on this.

Love all the thoughts you folks have presented

Which Sphinx?

Which Sphinx? Recently found another in North America, of all places, with pics. No idea how old it is. In fact this is my first time mentioning it. I’ll add it to my “unearthedassets” IG page in case anyone is interested in giving it a look. But the one you refer to, in Egypt, I believe to have been erected at 10,500 BC. 

Age of the Spinx

I agree with above points #3  #5 #7 #11 and the missing piece is in #14. Ther is legend of a Lion King ruling over the middle lands.  I believe the ancient tribes bilt a state to honor him or them and when newcommers came to those lands they added to it over time. So I’ll ask you this who or what really was the Lion of Judah and the  Queen of Sheba. 



Lion of Judah

You made a question, that I wanted to answer alongside of this.  The ancient red-haired coneheads, with their flashy hair, resemble both the red sun with its vast outrays of light.  Look at a male lion with its surrounding mane, and these double symbols are held to be the same.  The definition of the Lion of Judah descends via the royal Egyptian Pharaoh line of the Amenhoteps – Anhkenaton – Tutanhkamon’s – daughter Anhkesenaton, marrying Amminidab (Amenhotep), father of (male name of Anhkesenaton) Nahshon.  The red-hair came down from these Amenhoteps.  They were the Lions of Kmet (true name of Egypt, Aegypt is a Grecian name for the Nile Delta region), of which they also claimed descent from the “gods” Elohim, the coneheads of vastly ancient Egypt all the way back before the Ice Age 10,000s BCE (of which the Sphinx is from that period of time).  It is when King-Emperor Solomon marries the Egyptian Pharaoh princess in the 970s BC that the Pharaoh passes over the entire Egyptian fleet, becoming the Solomonic fleet, … which later becomes the Knights Templar fleet … King David and his fathers, and those of his multiple sons have red hair as we see in the bible .. Absalom etc.

As for the topic of King-Emperor David and Bath-Sheba, this means that she is the Princess-Queen of Sheba, and that Sheba IS NOT that of the Saudi peninsula.  She was Mayan, Magi, … and from Central America as a Mihouican (Mexican) and from Xbalba, which has other names down through history of the 7 gold cities of Cibola (that the Spanish sought and fought over).  Xbalba is the ancient location of Nimrod (before the disperson of people by the Elohim) and the Tower of Babel (Xbalba).  This marriage created a massive plantary empire (bigger than the British Empre of modern times) of political and economic importance.  This is also the reason for David and Solomon shuttling the other concubine sons to the West Coast of the entire Americas with massive portions of the Israelite tribes from Alaska to Chile (the concubine sons names are those very Amerindian tribes we still see there, Aleuts, Inuits, Miwoks, Inca, Navaho, Hopi, Apache of the Incas, Inca, …).  It is then that Solomon marries up all the princesses and high noble women of the planet, to change over the entire former ruling dynasties of the world.  It is one of these that is that Bathildis, Queen of Sheba, that is Bath-ildis or Bath-aldis, which is easily seen as Bath-Atl-is or the Princess-Queen of Atlant-is (or Adam land).  Bathildis is also of the Americas.  Sheba is Xbalba, Babel, Cibola etc.  the land of gold (and silver) which is only found in Mexico (and that of the Peruvian Andes of the Nogah Incas).

Look across the entire globe, and there has to be geological and tectonic/volcanic processes for gold and silver to appear.  They DO NOT appear in sedimentary rocks.  This vastly removes vast portions of the globe from being such gold and silver sites.  The Canadian and American Rocky Mountains, American and Mexican Sierra Nevadas, and the Andes are American gold and silver locations.  Only in European mountains, the Caucausus, and the lands of Indian, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and China with the Himalayas does one find gold and silver there.

All the world’s royal dynasties (from those 1000+ wives and concubines) are descended from Solomon’s sons from that period downward.  The red-haired lineages would be these branches of the Lions of Judah.

The vastly ancient ruling red-haired Elohim coneheads ruling the planet are these Lions … down to Kmet, then into the Imperial Kingdom of Judah and Israel, and all of these branches.

The Sphinx as a Lion, implied to be the Lion astrological sign, is nothing more than double symbolism of the red-haired Elohim coneheads – with an African lion’s body, the once displayed red (solar) mane, and the face of a man.  It was later recarved and the nemes headscraft covered the mane (and if any facework was done for a pharaoh remains disputable).  These are the Lion coneheads and the descendant branches of the red-haired lion humanity.


Age of the Spinx

I consider my self to be an enlightened Jew and I don’t wish to cause offence. Here’s my THEORY. I bow to the points made in #24 about the redheads but some things may need clarification. The Ancinet Pharo’s of Egypt were new commeners from lands we can only speculate on. The Lion King was essentialy protector of tribes in a time when fierce creatures roamed much the same as the Great Wolf Lupa in Europe. The Pharos honored and assimilated him into their culture.The Lion King was the one that sat above all other chiefs/kings in that part of the work and bound them to him. I hold the belief that the Queen on Sheba (human) was given to a General of the Lion King the Great Leopard Sheba who protected the tribes near where Yemen is. The tribal girl or girls were raised by the Great Leopard as as a bond between the herself and the people she protected. So here’s the sentivie bit---King David was as much Isrealite as he was Egyption and when he was made King the Lion King moved made a stronghold on Masada. King David then became the Lion Of Judea, and his son King Soloman annexed all of the territories along the arabian Peninsula and sealed the deal with the Queen of Sheba. Or more improtantly the Queen of Sheba acknowledges the rule of King Soloman over her lands…..FOOD FOR THOUGHT THE ANCIENT WORLD WAS 3-DIMENSIONAL.


Queen of Sheba

In what became the marriage of King-Emperor David and Princess-Queen of Sheba (Xbalba), there were allowed colonies of Americans into the Mideast, as part of a cross-process of politics but also economics.  The more the sellers and buyers of international produce can be had – the greater the imperial economics of the state and population’s prosperity.  So setlting such Americans along the Saudi peninsula and Red Sea that links to the Indian Ocean and transPacific to the Americas, …. much like the British Empire and the East Indian (Tea etc) Trading Company in India and China … there were profits to be made by both continental regions.

And the leopard of Africa compares to the American cougar/puma/ … jaguar … of Central and South America.  Thusly, any leopard of Africa and the jaguar of the Americas are the largest feline carnivore (no lions in the Americas) would be the highest rulership symbolism.  This leads into the American jaguar, with expat Americans coming into the Mideast during the days of David and Solomon, would be these jaguar cum leopard colonies.  And it is stated that those lands became such lands (not of the earlier Hamite-Cushite Saudi peninsula Sheba and Dedan), but later became the expat Sheba/Xbalba population from America.  It is these 2 symbolisms, and the leopard second to the lion that the planetary imperial lion is over the continental jaquar cum leopard nation(s).

How old is the Sphinx?

It would be great to keep this on topic, How Old is the Sphinx? was the question and that is how it is dated, we need a Chair to manage this dont we?

Crichton E M Miller FCILT

How old is the Sphinx?

Age verification using a pendulum,that shows that the Sphinx is from 12000 BC thousands of years ago.

Cheops-Pyramide is 8 300 BC years old


Well there you go

Yup we have reached the consensus of nonsensus.  Pretty soon someone is going to be throwing bones, cutting out living cow’s hearts and watching blood splatters, using crickets and cockroach trails for interpretation.  Save me from all of this boohoo !

Sphinx Plausible Date Theories, Etc.

Does the influence of the royal Kushite Pharoah empire bear some responsibility towards the early construction of the Sphinx the part that lays buried in the sand?

Current archaeological research has connected ancient links between, Sekhmet, the Egyptian lion goddess who appears to be the feminine form of the lion Apedemek to the Kushite cult of the lion. This connection may belong to the pre-dynastic Egypt and as such indicates positively that the lion goddess could have been originally introduced into Egypt from Kush.

The Sphinx Monolith contains different microscopic remnants of the colour red on the face with hints of blue and yellow on the body. The earliest known reference to the use of Materials to make makeup (Colour/Dye) In ancient Egypt is 4000 BC. But if were to believe some academics wild speculation, that the sphinx and pyramids were once submerged under water then the age would be any body’s guess that would also give some credence to the theory that the Sphinx was a lion after all, in some manner of understanding.

according to ancient Egyptian’s devout worship to there gods and the myth and legends of  The mighty God OSIRIS who was said to have long blond hair and marblelike white skin,  the powers of resurrection and was said to be related to the Lion, and is also associated with being in charge of the water supply, The zodiac sign of Leo was chosen to signify the time of the year when lions go to the water’s edge to drink at the beginning of the rainy season, I no trying to tie these to fictitious events together is a massive leap and truly preposterous, myth and legends are just that and nothing more. but the flood I have had to have a rethink?

Archaeologist Sheriff El Morsi, who has worked extensively on the Giza plateau for more than twenty years, and his colleague Antoine Gigal, discovered a strange fossil at the Giza plateau.

The evidence led El Morsi and his colleagues to propose that the Giza plateau was flooded in the distant past by a surge.

Sceptics argue that the echinoid found on the limestone was exposed by erosion, and the fossilized creature was, in fact, part of the original limestone, formed around 30 million years ago. However, El Morsi explained that the creature was cemented, or petrified, in relatively recent time. The researcher indicated that the creature was found placed gravitationally on the floor and in almost perfect condition, located within the intertidal range of the lagoon. We can clearly see the pristine condition and the details of the perforations of the exoskeleton; this means that the sea creature must have been petrified in recent times.” El Morsi explained.

A well-preserved body from the pre-dynastic period in Egypt, circa 3,300 BC.
of the mummy “The Ginger” sheds light on the very early history of Egypt, and suggests that the original people who created the Egyptian civilizations could have had blonde and red hair. “The Ginger” mummy. Is kept at the British Museum where he is kept on display

The red coloured hair and the blond-coloured skin is obviously evident in some Pharaohs complexions whether it is in their makeup or hair die or their natural colouring as been found in evidence on several exhumed pharaoh mummies of national importance to Egypt’s history.

The Ramesside’s (the family of Ramesses II), believed themselves to be divine descendants of Seth, with their red hair as proof of their lineage. that Ramesses II may have been descended from a long line of redheads. 

But not only have the red-headed Egyptians have not only a scientific anthropological interest, but also have a great symbolic importance. Because in ancient Egypt, Legend tells us that the god Seth was said to have been red-haired, and redheads were said to worship the god devoutly.

The mummy of the red-haired Egyptian King, Ramses II, is on public display at the Egyptian Museum, Cairo. Forensics tests were done on Ramses, proving that his red hair was ‘natural’. Microscopic examinations showed that the hair roots contained natural red pigments, and that these red pigments did not result from the hair somehow fading, or otherwise being altered after death, but did represent Ramesses’ natural hair colour.

 Ramesses II DNA describes a fair skinned man near to Prehistoric and Antique Mediterranean period or briefly of the Berber of African (Amazigh).  

Egyptian Female Pharaoh:

Queen Hatshepsut, wife of Pharaoh Thutmosis II.
The mummy which Egyptologists have identified as Queen Hatshepsut is displayed at the Egyptian museum in Cairo. She ruled Egypt after Thutmosis’ death in 1520 BC. Her long hair and facial structure have been well preserved by the embalming process of the time. American Egyptologist Donald P. Ryan excavated her tomb, in the Valley of the Kings, during the course of 1989. Ryan describes the mummy as follows:

“The mummy was mostly unwrapped and on its back. Strands of reddish-blond hair lay on the floor beneath the head.” 

Yuya-(Joseph II): Biblical Joseph:
Egyptian Prime Minister during 1400 BC. Father of Tiy. Yuya’s blonde hair and Caucasian facial structure have been well preserved by the embalming process. He was married to Tjuyu, an Egyptian noblewoman associated with the royal family, who held high offices in the governmental and religious hierarchies. Their daughter, Tiye, became the Great Royal Wife of Amenhotep III.

The corrected timelines of the dynastic Egyptians

Modern and archaeological history of the dynastic Egyptians is WRONG.  This was found out with reading the genealogies written in the tombs.  Earlier than 1620 BC (Thera island explosion … and date of the biblical family of Terah and Abraham moving OUT OF EUROPE into the Mideast) there was the potential for a coherent pharaonic lineage.

The one document that says 90 days and 90 rulers is NOT A chronological rulership list.  It literally says what it is.  An accounting, like Marco Polo going around Kmet-land and listing all of the 90 small township rulers.  This is like taking all the California town mayors and lilsting them, and then demanding that California is more ancient than Egypt !!!  Its BS.  It is the same for these many governor-rulers.  This is one correction that must fit within the ~1837 – 1620 BCE period of the post-Flood.  Anything earlier happened BEFORE the ~1987 BCE (biblical chronology) Flood date.

There is new discovery that with the Thera explosion that the Mediterranean suffered a massive tsunami around the entire Mediterranean basin and ash cloud across Europe and North Africa.  This caused a massive migrations of refugees.  They relocated into the Nile Delta (not occupied by the Lower and Upper Egyptian pharaohs, and creating a new kingdom of the Sea Peoples, Hyksos, and those Hapiru/Habiru/Hebrews.  The Sea Peoples were those of the surrounding Mediterranean shorelines.  It is now found WHO the Hyksos truly were.  They were the Catal Huyuks, as the word Hyks-o-s is Grecian for a nation of peple – Hyks.  They lived in eastern Europe, Anatolia, Turkey.  The HEBREWS were in western and centra Europe (they were not FROM India !).  The ancient and original Ur of the Chaldees, Europe of the Celts, was in Europe.  It was later migrations that went further east in wave upon waves – and they in this post-Flood time period became the Sumerian and Ur-II civilizations of Sumeria and Kashmir/Kush India.

These Nile Delta rulers ruled from 1620-1295, 1292 BCE.  They were ousted by the 2 known genealogical branches from Khaemwaset :  the Amenhoteps and the Ramessides.  The Ramessides already ruled Lower and Upper Egypt, the Amenhoteps became the new dynasty of rulers we talk about of the Nile Delta.  The Nile Delta IS NOT Lower Egypt.  The Nile Delta is the delta, Lower Egypt is dry land on the Nile.  The Amenhoteps ruled down to Ay and his daughter.

We know from the genealogies painted on Ramesses II tomb that Merenptha (ruler of united Lower and Upper Egypt) and Horemheb “A” (father of Horemheb “B” first born and only son – biblical hint, hint) were the grandsons who then ruled at Ramesses’ death in 1213 BCE.  Horemheb married the daughter of Aye and the Ramesside dynasty ruled across the Nile Delta.  The entire land of Kmet was once more controlled by native Egyptians/Kmets.

It is wrong to state that Horemheb gave the land to Ramesses I, when it actuality it was Hor giving the Nile Delta up and abdicating to his great nephew Ramesses VI in 1187 BCE, great grandson of Merenptah.

Knowing now that these 2 dynastic branches are COLLATERAL and not linear, changes up all the dating.  It corrects all the lies of ancientness of Kmet.

Nowhere in this 1620-1295, 1292 BC period in the Nile Delta did these Sea People, Hyksos, and Hebrews construct any Sphinx.  The same for any Amenhoteps of the Nile Delta in 1295, 1292 BCE-1213ish BCE construct any Sphinx.  The Sphinx is ANCIENT – and has nothing to do with any pharaohs in the ~1987 BCE (Flood) – Grecian conquest of Egypt 330 BCE.

All the lies of modern and archaeological history be damned – including Carter’s putting Khufu’s cartouche on the only found insignia in the Great Pyramid and ANY of the many pyramids.  Carter be damned for his evil and causing further lies and heresies to be told about Kmet.

When you accurately and objectively read the ancient documents, and DO NOT allow anybody else to tell you what they say (self-interpretation) you find that the whole Kmet history and that of the Bible have exact correlation proving and cross-proving each other’s validity.  In this, the Sphinx is NOT post-Flood constructed.  And it goes back even further as proven by Robert Schock and other geologists into the 10,000s BCE.

And when you find the deaths of any Amenhotep/Tutmoses/Ankenaton/Tutankamon and the Ramessides, they were fighting other outsiders and dying, … OR they were having rival cousin rulership battles.  The Ramessides for the most part were fighting the Nubians, while the Amenhoteps were fighting the Libyans to the west, and the Canaanites to the east.  It is only at the time of Ramesses II (during the death of Anhkenaton and Tutankhamon) that Ramesses II starts fighting the Canaanites and Hittites.  Looking to see dynastic rivalries between the Amenhoteps of the Nile Delta and the Ramessides of Lower and Upper Egypt would show tit-for-tat revenge killings of the other cousin branch of the family … when one accurately looks at the re-corrected Kmet timelines of these dynasties.





There are many good theories and some convoluted explanations. But there is no proven explanation. Evidence throughout the world indicate we are not the first civilsation to have existed, or even just a highly technological nation/people,  that have past through history before falling to some catstrophic event. 

How Old is the Sphinx?

To understand how old the Sphinx is it is important to ask the questions, - who carved it, and why was it carved. The short answer to these is that it was carved by Eurasian migrants to the Nile Valley possibly in memory of an iconic sacred mountain in Azerbaijan, - Mt. Barmak or locally Besh Barmak.  The reason for migration was due to a cataclysmic flood that impacted the Caspian Sea and Eurasia around 9700 years ago.


To understand this it is important to acknowledge the existence of a precivilisation in Central Asia who had a tradition of carving large anthropomorphic images. These have been found in Azerbaijan, and in the Altai Mountains and are described in this abstract:


Like myself, Dr. Leonid Marsadolov, an archaeologist from the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, believes that the people who carved the Sphinx did so in keeping with a cultural tradition of carving zoomorphic images which are solar oriented.  See:

Marsadolov, L., 2005. Mt Ocharovatelnaia and Mt Siniaia in Altai: legends and reality. Folklore 31: 57-78.  Dr. Marsadolov agrees that Mt. Barmak may be the image that the original sphinx was carved to represent. (personal comment).  


For several years now I have been trying to encourage the scientific community to study a marine flooding event that impacted the Caspian Sea and Eurasia to a level of 222m or 730 feet above mean sea level.  The evidence for this is in Azerbaijan’s coastal landscape as strandlines and wave ersoion on two mud volcanoes.  In 2018, I made a presentation to the Azerbaijan Institute of Geology and Geophysics (GIA) who agreed with the geomorphological evidence of a cataclysmic flood.  What caused the flood is unknown, but the evidence is very real.


Such a flood will have had multiple physical, biological, chemical, and human impacts, which I have explored here:


This information has been shared with scientists studying the post Ice Age changes in the Black and Caspian Sea’s. While some have expressed interest in it, so far no one seems willing to investigate the evidence, consequences and implications of a massive flood.  


As water always seeks its own level then by extrapolating a 222m asl deluge across Eurasia, such a flood could be considered to be worldwide for survivors.  I suspect that this plus salt contaminated soil degraded the environment resulting in migrations to safer locations such as the Nile Valley.


What is of great interest here is that Sir William Flinders Petrie was convinced that the earliest Egyptians had an ancestral homeland in the Caucasus, which he described in his paper on the Origin of the Book of the Dead. Unfortunately, his peers thought this was a wild idea and considered it to be an eccentricity, for which he was forgiven.  Sadly, Petrie could not prove his theory and left it to future archaeologists to investigate.  

From what I have found, he was correct in his contention and had he known about the extent and nature of the flood, I feel sure his migration theory would have been better considered.  


It is also relevant to note that in the upper palaeolithic leading up to the Last Glacial Maximum, that Eurasia was also flooded with a large Mediterranean sized intra continental lake which I believe was caused by diverted Russian rivers. Geomorphological and radiocarbon evidence exists to support this theory in the form of a 50 km long raised terrace in Azerbaijan, and bulk mollusc samples obtained from terraces. In this case flooding occurred as a result of onshore ice sheets damming the discharge of major arctic flowing rivers in Siberia.  This led to the establishment of a huge West Siberian lake (Glacial Lake Mansi) overspilling into the Caspian and Black Sea basins.  This theory is detailed here:

It is significant to note then that ancient hunter gatherers would be able to navigate the extensive waterways across Eurasia in search of prey. In doing so will have learned astronomy and how to navigate by the sun and stars across open water.  Interestingly, Sir Fred Hoyle once said that to know the heavens so well the Egyptians had to have maritime expertise in their past.  


Egyptologist are convinced that their great civilisation arose in the Nile Valley. This is correct, and should not be a point of contention for migrations occurred in early Neolithic  times.


The GIA agreed the date of the flood could be determined using optical stimulated luminescence (OSL) on mud volcano sediments, but so far this has not happened.  Once a date is obtained, it should become the catalyst for further research on a cataclysmic flood (possibly Noah’s flood) which will have impacted humanity in so many ways.  This should provide a  timescale for migration and so provide an early date for the carving of the Sphinx. At around 10,000 years ago this would be long enough to create the water erosion features on the Sphinx enclosure. 


Indeed, the erosion on the enclosure provides an important clue to the original purpose of the carving, for the enclosure is an integral part of complex.  I believe the Sphinx was specifically positioned downhill from the Giza plateau to receive rainfall which collected in the enclosure. This in effect resulted in the Sphinx sitting in a pond, just as Besh Barmak once did with an elevated Caspian Sea level of around 126m asl, which is the height of the extensive raised terrace.  


Situated at Giza, the monument would also be a welcome sight for migrants entering the Nile Valley and a new land and begining.  This answers the question as to why the Sphinx was carved.  It also provides a way to date the monument.


If as I suspect the pond was an integral part of the complex, then it would have would have existed all through the early Neolithic wet phase in Egypt. This is important for there should be microflora and faunal fossil pond remains in the cracks and crevices of the Sphinx compound.  These can be radiocarbon dated.  In this regard it may be predicted that the Eurasian flood date should approximately correspond with the carving of the Sphinx.  These are two tests that I would encourage Ancient Origins to support.    

It seems evident then that ancient migrants carved the original Sphinx in memory of a sacred mountain on the Caspian Sea which from the Egyptian Book of the Dead may be the one Flinders Petrie regarded as the Mountain of Bakhua of the Rising Sun.  

There is much to study here.  


Europe-Asia Minor area

I concur with a lot here that has been said.

Watch the current series of Hunting Atlantis episodes 1 and 2 (currently).

It is to be readily noted, with good friend and ancient technology researcher Brien Foerster of Peru (and Robert Schock et al) that a massive solar/cosmic CME impacted the Earth during the Ice Age.  This was a HUGE plasmatic tsunami that decimated these glaciers existences.

There was an instantaneous evaporation of waters into the upper stratosphere/troposphere layer (creating the biblical upper heaven’s waters).  The massive and instantaneous de-glaciation of the planetary temperate zones northern and southern hemispheres had HUGE flood waters that raised up the sea level.

Vitrification (melting and glassing) of surfaces of Egyptian statues, and Peruvian buildings and other places still remain to be viewed.  The actual pyramids were superheated and both exploded their casings and were blown apart by the force of this plasmatic tsunami.  The Arabs and anybody before them DID NOT EVER harvest the casing stones from an intact pyramid.  They only used the fallen rubble for their constructions.  Even all the post-Flood ~1837 BCE “dynastic” Egyptian pharaohs of the Nile Delta did neither construct nor re-construct these devastated edifices.  Their own ability was AS CONSERVATORS of other intact ancient temples (Karnak, Thebes), statues (the misnamed giant collosi of Ramesses), the Aswan temple complex said to be done by Ramsses II,  and other places.  These were not constructed by these dynastic pharaohs as Egyptologists say.  The conserved and carved their names into them (Seti and Ramesses II etc).

This event happened in that 12,000s/10,000s BCE period, moving us from the Ice Age’s original lowered sea level at the point of the continental shelf intersecting the continental slope down into the abyss.

With the rise of sea level into the many valleys and deep civilization areas, sea water trickled in to such low spots, that eventually eroded into a river, and into a flood that filled up the entire sea, such as the Mediterranean as we know it. Such was the erosion and eventual overtopping and flooding of the Gibraltar Strait – as Dr Robert Ballard has found ancient civilization structures at deep points in the Mediterranean.  This happened in multiple wave events – not as a single massive flooding and inundation.  The Mediterranean is geologically shown to have been viable soil, layer of salt, soil, salt, soil, salt, ….

The Black Sea (once a massive freshwater lake like the Aral Sea) and the Adriatic Sea followed with SLOW floodings and sea level rise, into its current sea level.  The Caspian Sea happened after that.  The Baltics breaching happened in their own time.  Same for the Caribbean.  In later times the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea opened up.  It is interesting to note that the very possible existence of the Red Sea inundation was this 1207/1206 BCE Exodus event, when the Red Sea valley was overtopped and flooded in.  This is the same time period of Velikovsky and the multiple Venus flybys until capture by the Sun.

The biblical flood ~1987 BCE was some changes of this Ice Age disaster being modified, when the rogue moon was captured, creating a massive disruption of the upper heaven’s waters causing them to fall down onto the planet, massive geological tidal forces that caused (even today) 1-3 inches of geological uplift every time the moon orbits the earth and the underground aquifers were squirting up their artesian waters.  Here is the remants of that solar/cosmic CME when the final waters of the Ice Age were now risen up to modern day sea levels.

And we still have normative sea level rise (not due to manmade global warming BS from the leftists), with continued melting of the glaciers, in mini-warming periods (that we have now) and mini-glaciation periods (in the medieval days before the Reformation).  Modern sea levels have risen 3-4 feet even from the time of American colonial occupations of the 1600s.  Such is seen in the Nova Scotia Curse of Oak Island treasure series, and the island’s perimeter has been inundated at a higher level than what it was 400 years earlier.

What this means is that civilizations of the past, even as colonial religionists readily said.  There is the biblical account of our lineage of humanity with a date of 5000s BCE, … and there there are those pre-Adamites (not us) who existed.  There was no theological issue, even the discussion of life on other planets in galaxies, such as the Star People, Elohim, angles, ….  All these ancient edifices and megalthics were done in the days of the pre-Adamites.  It is only with the rise of “modern” archaeology and theology that everything must be crammed into the biblical timeline, and so muck up timelines of all these many ancient Fertile Crescents (not just the Mideast Tigris/Euprates valley) and civilizations that grew up around them, and expanded outward.

When you put all this corrected and accurate information together, you are left that the Sphinx and the pyramids are far older than the biblical timeline, and they could only have been constructed by such pre-Adamites and Elohim of those times.  Such would be the mis-conceived (and cave man in animal skins, homeless crappy hair and beards of apemen facial features of the Cro-Magnons, Neanderthals, and Denisovans.  They are now shown to have had actual streets and infrastructed town grids, with city blocks and corner buildings at the street intersections, way back into the 12,000s – 5000s BCE.  The same for finding pottery dated into the 6,000s BCE, when modern pottery is said to have been started 3,000s BCE by our humans.  (Hunting Atlantis episodes of the Black Sea and the Adriatic Sea).

It needs to be said, as it has not been said yet.  That the establishment of the original Egypt-I civilization (according to the mystery schools) was started FROM Atlantis-II colonists in 40,000s – 12,000s/10,000s BCE Era-III period.  With this solar/cosmic event and the instant end of the Ice Age, (1) further colonists came from the (Plato story) demise of the Atlantis-II civilization, and (2) that further waves of refugee Atlanteans-III civilization came into the recovered Egypt-II civllization in that 12,000s/10,000s – 5,000s BCE period.  Such are the recorded statements of Plato and the commentary told by the Egyptian temple priest.

It also needs to be said that the ancient royalty and nobility would be able to name their ancestors back for 13 generations.  The temple priest laughs and states his own ancestral lineage for 64 generations.  Given a potential 21 year of generations, then this temple priest is a descendant of such high Noahic and Elohim bloodlines … 21 x 64 = 1,344 years.  Plato talks with him in the days of Alexander the Great 300s BCE.  This means 1644+ BCE and earlier.  And if these generations are greater than just 21 generations, then this temple priest’s lineage would be such Noahics taken from the Americas (where Noah’s UFO mother ship ark landed), and they were planted in Egypt in that ~1837 BCE period “in the days of Peleg and Joktan, the Elohim scattered the people across the planet, confusing their languages.”  This temple priest’s ancestry continues to prove that biblical timelines and events happened in synch.  This then also gives dates to the pyramids and Sphinx being of such older constructions back into Era-III of Egypt-I (40,000s – 12,000s/10,000s BCE end of the Ice Age).

“Who” constructed the Sphinx is debatable.  The timeline window and geological weathering of the Sphinx’s quarrying area points to being constructed before the end of the Ice Age and this solar CME impacting the Earth.  The Sphinx was constructed before, during, or shortly thereafter this CME event of 12,000s/10,000s BCE.

It is also logical that the storyline of the destruction of Atlantis happened during this same time period, and the mention of catastrophic geological disruption, water and tsunamis, and sinking would have the same accounts of flooding during this CME event.  Atlantis-II could have been destroyed in this CME event, while the Sphinx was constructed before, during, and shortly thereafter this event.  Both have stories to tell, when Atlantis and its 10-nation empire can be found, and how they related to each other.

Ice-Age, did it ever happen?

Our science started in a terrific time, in the Medieval, when human understanding had to maintain against harsh doctrines, and it is no wonder that on this weak fundamentals big failures happened. The creation of an ice-age was one of these. The idea is not so old. In the time before relics of it like morains were attributed to the Big Flood. Now ice-core drilings should proof the ~12.000 years up to now. The glaciers of greenland are max. 3.366,5 m high. On this base geologists estimate 18 million years of growing. But in World War II lost warplanes were found more than 70 years later under 300 feet (91 meters) of ice. If you take this rate in acount (3366,5 : 91 x 70) you come to only 2590 years before present glaciers on greenland began to grow. Like Einstein said, all is relative.

K. Walter Haug
Cairn Research Society


The same applies to the Islamic Admiral Piri Rees Map of the 1400s (valid dates, valid map) that was said to be a compilation of any and all known maps of ancient times, as far back as Alexander the Great 300s BCE (and older).

The actual free shorelines of Antarctica that have only recently had GPR done on the continent and finding all of the mini-continent and major islands of this continental mass.  Glaciers and such glaciation from a single core is not a planetary-wide statement.  Greenies talk about the current wasting of the western ice fields of Antarctica as manmade global warming, but then refuse to even discuss (or acknowledge) that the even greater growth and expansion of the eastern ice fields of Antarctica out into the sea totally REBUKES !!! their opinions and false statements.

As the Ice Age and cosmic event happened with rising sea levels, and the upper atmosphere waters kept a planet under warming spells with glacial melts of mere centigrade degree changes on the paleontological planetary temperature chart, anything in the period of 10,000s BCE down to ~1987 BCE (bibical timeline chronology) of the Flood, without that upper water barrier and the cold of space, would then have started any cooling of the planetary temperatures and the restart of glacial formations and seasonal layerings after the Flood.  It is this 2000 BCE to 2000 CE period of 4,000 years that glaciation, even of the once green polar shorelines of Greenland, Iceland, and the open Arctic Sea with large tundra forests and shorelines of the 600-1100s CE, and Antarctica could have been temperate and unglaciated.  Only later would such cooling have created our modern polar extremes and glaciations.


The airplanes landed near the shore of Greenland, where snow accumulation is rapid, at about 2 m per year. Allowing for some compaction due to the weight of the snow, that accounts for the depth of snow under which they are buried. The planes are also on an active glacier and have moved about 2 km since landing. Ice core dating takes place on stable ice fields, not active glaciers

Snow accumulation was very

Snow accumulation was very fast in the time of cataklysm. Sages of many folks especially in asia tells that there was beside the Flood a global firestorm caused by the impacts of meteors and fragments of a comet following the black hole which heated the atmosphere. Hans-Jochim Zillmer described this masses of ocean water which evaporated and colided with the space cold comet ice. In catastrophic snow storms all of the present known ice developed very fast. No one can say, under such conditions, for what time a layer of ice stands for, one year, one month, one week or only a minute? 

K. Walter Haug
Cairn Research Society

When happened the Flood?

Sound human understanding tells us that the Sphinx could not have been built or shaped before the Egyptian dynasties in a time of hunters and collectors. It is necessary to keep the scientific basics in mind. This monument was created in context of the surrounding pyramids, especially on an axis to the Cheops-pyramid. Therefore the conclusion is the Sphinx is older than the Flood and the Flood is later than the building of the pyramids. Like prince said, lists of pharao names are not worth the stone on which they were engraved because every pharao had dozens of names. But two or three of this unproofed lists were the foundation of Egyptian history construction.

K. Walter Haug
Cairn Research Society

10,000 Year of Buildings

If man had the ability to build the Sphinx in 10,000 BCE (this is 3,000 years before Egypt had agriculture- good luck feeding those hunter-gatherers) there would be more buildings after that time and even before that time which could be easily dated. I don’t see the proof. If you plan on writing a peer reviewed paper, folks might want to leave out the Noah’s flood nonsense as well as Atlantis, aliens, and weird dating schemes. However, if you plan on composing pseudo-science for the masses, by all means include them and you can even quote disproven theories from Velikosky, a careening earth, and Smokey God hollow earth (aliens optional).


“WHO” says … as an authoritative person … that humanity were gatherers, turned into hunters, then hunter-gatherer peoples.  Such Cain (hunter) and Able (gardener) or Esau (hunter) and Jacob/Israel (gardener) .. are misapplied crap statements from modern academics.  Modern history, theology, and archaeology refuses, even harasses and destroys such proofs that go against their false temple priesthood world view.  And there are many proofs.  And to crap on the biblical timeline and accounts – only proves that your statements are invalid from the start, as previous to modern academics of the 1800s-1900s, these statements were held valid around the planet by the academics. Your comments are far below being abusive and arrogant-stoopid.  You only prove that being a troll only gets you a comment line on this website – more discoveries are being made arund the world – and academics is being challenged by real proofs against all of their conceptualized BS.  Leave off commenting …

The fact that disasters have (1) elites surviving intact and prospering, (2) other people surviving and able to recover in some fashion, and (3) the final group of totally destroyed peoples, … that you come up with various classes of high technology people and no technology refugees.  Continue this across multiple planetary disaster events, and there are many further classes that people survive or are destroyed.

NOT EVERYBODY (as an absolutist statement) was a gatherer, a cave or French underground cavern resident apeman, or a hunter.  There is no ancient statement that the ancient elites cared for these people (or not), or that everybody took their own self-responsibility and –accountability for themselves.

You can’t define high technology artifacts that are found, and how they were accomplished by the ancients, when in their world view everybody was a (lying) Out of Africa little jungle bunny.  Modern linguistics of Indo-Aryan language is wrong – it is Aryan-Indo, then Indo-Aryan language when Asian and Indian refugees came into the collapsing Roman Empire of the 400-500s CE.  There never was an Out of Africa BS humanity.  The real aborigines of AUS/NZ have their own legends that fit into the 5000s BCE (and have corroborated dates with other events).  The blacks were captured by the Indians and the start of the caste system.  Interbreeding created a third class.  The biblical Keturan Abrahamics were the Brahmins who became the leadership and further caste structures with interbeedings.  Groups of these peoples came back afte 400s years attempting refugee colonization into the Saudi peninsula and were rebuked.  They were accepted by the Nubians (at the time of Moses) if they would be loyal and fight against the Egyptians.  The Nubians were conquered and such mixed races were part of the many tribes that came out of the Exodus.  Other liberated groups went west into deep Africa founding Mali and TImbuktu.  Blacks DID NOT exist in Africa until this time period.   Even anthropology with all their skulls even show that the majority of such ape man to Home Sapiens are Australo-pithecus and very few African origins.  Anthropology, social anthropology, and all of the social(ist) sciences are bereft with glaring lies.  Same as the Egyptologists and the crap dyanstic timelines, when I discovered and corrected this with valid genealogies in the pharoah tombs and that of the ancient historians.  Crap academics.  So don’t act up with me about BS topics and have that leftist arrogance of superiority – when in reality you suck at actual facts ...  


Is there a common foundation of science at all?

If one leaves the solid basis of science he will land – yes – in crap. He will never know whats right or left, right or wrong, high or low. To avoid the free fabulated fields of phantastic one has to be disciplined in arguments and conclusions. Only claiming a simple statement is a lack of any understanding the facts. Egyptiologists have fabulated for centuries to create a history that is far beyond reality. The biggest fake of Egyptian history is the BS that pyramids were bulit in the Copper-Stoneage. Every little child that ever had a copper wire in its hand would know that this metal bows under its fingers. But the whole mankind is betrayed with this imputent lie chissels of copper would have formed the gigantic blocks of the pyramids. The pyramids can only have been built in the Iron-Age. And this period started not before 1200 BC in countings of official chronology, in reality maybe 2000 years later. The development of technology is ignored by the majority of archeologists and especially of egyptologists. There are ridiculous jumps in their unlogical time-line, Heribert Illig has worked out.    

K. Walter Haug
Cairn Research Society

The lies and fables of the academics

This became more and more apparent when finding and correcting Egyptology.

(1) The dating of linear Egyptology of the rulers is a lie.  When you have the 18th dynasty of the Amenhoteps (Tuthmosid dynasty) Nile Delta rulership as the period from 1550/1549 to 1292 BC … when in reality it was 1295, 1292 – 1213ish BCE … and was collateral with the 19th dynasty of the Ramessides 1295, 1292ish – 1213 BCE and downwards, you have removed 258 years of BS.

(2)  When you remove the lie of Horemheb “A” (of the Nile Delta) abdicating and giving the land to his great nephew Ramesses VI in 1187 BCE, … instead of the massive lying of Horemheb giving the land to Ramesses I in ~1295-1294, and 1292-1290 BCE that is another 108 years.

(3)  When you remove the entire 90 days of 90 pharaohs listing as an extended linear history of pharaohs – when in reality they were the local governors of the nomes at that time, you completely remove any time period that they want to claim for the ancientness of Egypt.

(4) When you properly account for the Thera explosion of 1620 BCE, and continental refugees coming into Haran/Syria, Canaan, and Egypt of the Nile Delta, and such colony of peaceful immigrating population into the delta land, and creating a kingdom that lasted from 1620 – 1295, 1292 BCE, this is real history of 325 years … with the connective and collateral  histories of the 18th Amenhotep dynasty and 19th Ramesside dynasty 1295, 1292 – downwards with other international histories and cross-corroborations.

(5)  Anybody then with common sense and attributing Khufu (Cheops) of the 4th dynasty with any pyramid said to be 2900 or 2600s BCE, must subtract any number of the many above lies and Khufu would be pushed down 258 + 108 (+ ...) 366+ years into the 2500s or 2200s BCE.

(6)  All the many lies that all of the original “said” dynasties of Egypt were linear, when in reality, such nomes and pharaohs were ruling at the same time in the Lower Egypt and Upper Egypt areas.  One can not even validate any true genealogies (to my validation of all of the many genealogies found in the pharaoh tombs) to make such ascertions of linearity.  It is much like the same 90 days of 90 pharaohs, and that dynasties of the 1st – 17th could be the same hodgepodge in a vastly shorter period of time.  There is no proof in any of the many king’s lists – that many lists contradict each other – and archaeologists and Egyptologists can’t/won’t admit such conflicts and have valid conflict resolutions about them.  They keep parroting the same “academically accredited this-is-the-story-and-we-are-sticking-to-it” mindset.

(7)  To attach the Sphinx to the pyramids, when the Sphinx is ~10,000s BCE or older is illogical.  The pyramids could be any age, but not within the Iron Age of 1220s BCE and younger, … and having a lost ancient technology of iron-working that could fit into the same time period of the Sphinx of those same Ice Age period, with a planetary destruction by a cosmic event.

(8)  No one still can state with valid credibility about all of the many distributed cored holes in granite, and other structures, that are known to be before any of our 1700s modern technology, and nobody of anybody was going into the Egyptian desert and coring holes in diverse spots for fun from 0-1800s, when the first actual modern history was started with the Napoleonic world wars and Egypt was invaded by French and English armies, and historians and archaeologists started digging through all this debris, that had been left in situ by all the ancient Arabs of all the many Islamic dynasties of 570-1800.

(9)  Egyptologists still can’t/won’t tell you how the pyramids were constructed – as they have no valid construction technology fitting their timelines and industrial phases they hold.  When they come to Baalbek or other megalithics, they remain quiet, and shuffled off into the darkness, and mumble something unintelligible about how such engineering was accomplished.  When confronted in open dialogue, like certain people above, they can only self-project that singular anomalies are not evidence, or that such massive anomalies are singular anomalies (and thusly able to be quickly discounted from actuality – like it is some statistics margin of error % !!!).  Yet if someone does present an aspect outside of their sphere of control, they go apeshit and yell bloody murder with personal character attacks against their accredited “religion” as a heresy, lie(s), no truths – but refuse to answer facts with facts.  Thus, a false religion, false history, false archaeology, false science is based upon faulty logic and opions versus what they demand as scientific proofs.  Such as “Doctor” Robert Schock being attacked by the Egyptologists et al – with all kinds of poo poohs, pfffts, character assassination, accreditation assassination, false nit-picking of facts … so they can go back to their false system of faith and beliefs.

(10)   Quarried (and hauled long distances of) red and black granite requires iron age technology.  It is not (current) ancient 1220s BCE or modern technology, and must be older and lost technology of the vast ancient past.  Sandstone and calcium carbonate limestone can be quarried with Copper Age technology of the dynastic Egyptians – and that period falls into those 1600s BCE and downwards period with reclaimed metallurgical production methods of copper, brass (copper/zinc), and bronze (copper/tin) alloy metals.

(11)  To even see ancient temple columns and statues of granite with such smooth polishes that we ourselves were barely able to accomplish in the 1800s, says that such polishing wasn’t done with diorite-hard hammer stones, but a higher technology that was lost through disaster and wars in the vast ancient past.

(12)  As such, modern academia refuses (and for good reasons) to dumb down the masses into believing we are evolutionary evolved shrews into apemen into Home Sapiens from Africa (BS!), that singular lines of evolution created fire, weapons, the wheel, statues, temples, megalithics all over the world (that we can’t even accomplish to this day) is sheer lunacy.  These people fall within a false system of religious and philosophical beliefs (doctrines of demons).  Even finding evidence that the Chinese were able to smelt out chromium in 0 CE in into chromium/iron sword alloys, that wasn’t accomplished until our late 1900s CE proves that ancient technologies were found, used, and lost multiple times around the planet.

(13)  To also only say that there was only 1 fertile crescent area of the Tigris-Euphrates (and Nile) for the evolution of all planetary civilization is also sheer BS.  There were many such areas on the planet in the past where humanity appeared and fluorished in these optimum zones (all before any period of biblical humanity) and such peoples were able to accomplish great strides and developments of technology and engineering in the past.  To have the arrogance that only our Homo Sapiens branch were the only people of the past and present having any possibilities for creating technology and engineering is sheer bogus.  There were ancients of whatever “origins” before us here, on this planet, who did have such abilities, and were using them with all these ancient wonders of civilization, art, science, culture, language, and commerce.

The ancient past (of vast ancientness) of the Ice Age and before hides many truths that shows the modern academia as the Planet of the Apes civilization, after previous human civilization that destroyed itself, and going back to a destroyed way of life and survival.  We still have yet to accomplish and achieve what these ancient knew, and did with that knowledge.

The truth is out there – and do not tolerate the intolerant Bs & Bs of the world stopping the truth from coming out.  I am intolerant of those who are intolerant of honest and objective truth-seekers.  Everybody should have that same mindset when talking about these ancient artifacts.


Stop trolling your atheism and false-science.  Hunter-gathers did not create these massive edifices.  Granite and diorite need actual iron and chisels (not copper metals or hammer stones) for quarrying and such-smooth features on Egyptian columns, statues, etc.  Dynastic Egyptians were using sandstone and limestone contruction, not granite and diorite with (now proven) first proof of iron-working in Anatolia and Egyptian statues 1220s BCE (which is the time of Ramesses II (dies 1213 BCE).  The Sphinx is old, 10,000s BCE based on geological and scientific valid dates.  Lost ancient technologies and high engineering of the ancient past can have any reason for the loss of artifacts, re-using, taking, and moving them from any discovery later.  ABSENCE OF EVIDENCE – IS NOT – EVIDENCE OF ABSENCE !  The ancients had higher technologies that were lost … and only in our late years of the 1700s Industrial Revolution have we even gained such advancements of technology and engineering – that we still can’t even lift up 200 tons quarried stones that were part of the pyramids, stonehenge, Avebury, (let alone other worldwide megalithics).  Your pseudo-science is palpable and faulty logic from any quasi-academic accreditation of a false system of belief – does not validate false authority and false science.

Stop the harassment

You crapped on the Bible and the Exodus, when in fact is is beyond doubt, that the Exodus was real.  The Black Obelisk on the Red Sea shoreline of black granite, was put up by Pharaoh Merenptah of Lower and Upper Egypt (grandson of Ramesses II, ruled 1213 BC -) … it states the story of the Exodus and they were glad to be rid of those Israelites.  Date 1207/1206 BC.  And the genealogies found in Ramesses II tomb, shows Horemheb “A”, sibling to Merenptah, married the daughter Nile Delta ruler Ay, becoming the Exodus pharoah, with single and only firstborn son Horemheb “B” (who died).  Genealogies, tombs, people, history, … reality check to your BS.

It was this finding that opened up the whole correction of the double lineages of the Nile Delta pharaohs (Thera explosion refugees of Sea Peoples, Hyksos (Catal Huyuk Anatolians) and Hebrews and the eventual Amenhoteps … and the united Lower and Upper Egypt Pharaohs (Ramessides).  It was Horemheb, losing his son at the Exodus, is the same one who abdicated in old age to great grandson of Merenptah, “Ramesses VI” in 1187 BC (not the BS lying Egyptologists to Ramesses I).  Only then was the total Kmet land was united as a single nation under a single pharaoh.

You can’t account for all the ancient technologies and megalithics (such as the 2000 ton massive megaliths of Baalbek and elsewhere in Peru)– and instantly dismiss any discussion – proving that you are scientifically illiterate and bankrupt – and a harrassing troll.

Your harassment and lies are intolerable … leave off commenting here.


.  Stop your harassing atheism and false attacks.

Biblical history can be shortend

Yes, I do believe in God, in the Holy Bible and its wisdom, in all the astonishing informations it is giving to us. But I do not believe in its chronology. The biblical history happened, but in much shorter time. If you look at the structure of the Bible you see 4 blocks, the Book of Patriarchs, the Book of Judges, the Book of Kings and the Book of Prophets. The last are arranged chronological parallel, but the others are sorted out in the time line to be a first and second period. In reality an ancient society had spiritual leaders like patriarchs, judges, kings and prophets at the same time. Ezra after the Babylonian imprisonment had the task to arrange all the Thora-rolls chronologically, and only he can be responsible for these big mistakes. You can shorten the Biblical history by telescoping to the period from ~1182 AD, the time of the Flood, to ~1342 AD, the end of the Old Testament.

K. Walter Haug
Cairn Research Society